Unlike the simple magic food they had earlier, the souvenirs were different.

While the delectable treats had cost just a few copper Knuts per person, these items were in a different league.

The panoramic telescope, for instance, was priced at a hefty ten gold Galleons.

Aware of their financial constraints, Jerry understood that accepting these gifts would be a matter of pride.

Each member of the group, including Ron, declined Jerry’s generous offer.

Jerry persisted, suggesting, “It doesn’t matter; just take it as a loan and return it to me when you win the bet.”

His clever move was to frame it as a loan rather than a gift.

This appealed to their sense of pride, and they agreed.

Only Ron and Ginny hesitated to take the gifts from Jerry because even if they won the bet, they wouldn’t get much simply because their total fortunes only amounted to three Sickles.

Arthur, who had taken a loan against their upcoming winnings, reassured Ron and Ginny, patting them on the shoulders.

“It’s fine, take it! If it’s not enough, then I will figure out the rest for you!” He said with a warm smile, reassuring them both.

They could pick up the money when they needed it, and the rest could be settled later.

As night descended, the thousands of red and green lanterns adorning the trees surrounding the camp illuminated the path leading to the Quidditch pitch.

The sound of gongs could be heard from the distance.

As the moment approached, Arthur was filled with excitement, rallying the group to enter the stadium.

Everyone was equipped with their new medals and ribbons, following Arthur toward the enormous Quidditch pitch.

Jerry proceeded ahead and waved to his teammates when he spotted Coach Meier, who was waiting for him.

The team members wished him success, their words carrying the weight of their collective fortunes.

In the entrance wicket to the stadium, Jerry bade farewell to his friends and followed Coach Meier to the players’ lounge.

He adorned the red Quidditch uniform of the England team, preparing for the final game just half an hour away.

Picking up his broom, Jerry stood with his teammates, who were simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar.

The coach shared the pre-match instructions, and Jerry scanned the stadium for his friends.

His sharp vision allowed him to spot Hermione and the others, their heads in the midst of a massive crowd.

Amidst the bustling atmosphere in the stadium, with hundreds of thousands of wizards eagerly waiting, Jerry’s eyes focused on Hermione.

The game was yet to commence, and the scoreboard was a sea of flashing advertisements:

– Carlisle: A flying broom for the whole family! Safe, reliable, with a built-in anti-theft buzzer…

– Mrs. Skoll’s All-Purpose Magic Stain Remover: Removes stains effortlessly!

– Big Ben Wizarding Wear: London, Paris, Hogsmeade…

Jerry’s heart swelled with determination as he spotted Hermione among the multitude.

The cacophony of the crowd and the glitzy advertisements seemed to blur into the background as his focus remained resolutely on the game ahead and the friends who had put their trust in him.

“Ladies and gentlemen… Welcome! Welcome to the 422nd Quidditch World Cup!” The powerful voice of Fudge, the Minister of Magic, resonated throughout the Quidditch pitch as he initiated the pre-match address using an amplifying spell.

As Fudge’s words reverberated, the stadium erupted in an exhilarating wave of cheers and applause, the enthusiasm of the crowd palpable.

Flags representing various nations were unfurled, and the national anthems of the numerous countries played, filling the air with a sense of international unity and camaraderie.

Meanwhile, Jerry looked around, preparing for the captivating opening performance.

On the colossal blackboard, the last advertising message (Bertie Botts Flavor Beans—every bite is an adventure!) disappeared, revealing the initial score:

England: 0, Ireland: 0

“Now, let’s give a warm welcome to the Irish team!”

With a resounding “whoosh,” the Irish team soared onto the pitch, resplendent in their green robes and mounted on their broomsticks.

Behind them, hundreds of young Irish boys donning leprechaun costumes followed suit.

They circled the field, forming a gigantic green shamrock at the center.

The leprechaun impersonators gleefully tossed gold coins into the air, creating a gleaming spectacle as the gold pieces rained down, sparking excitement among the young wizards and witches. At the same time, the older audience members chuckled knowingly.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, a hearty welcome to the English national Quidditch team! And observe – it’s our unmatched Seeker, the invincible Mr. Jerry Carmen!”

Following the Irish performance, Minister Fudge’s introduction of the English team was delivered with even greater enthusiasm, emphasizing Jerry’s impressive track record and contributions.

As Jerry soared onto the field alongside his English Quidditch team, an arched rainbow emerged, enveloping the entire stadium.

Scores of magical flames, each radiating vibrant hues, ascended into the sky.

Remarkably, the stadium’s guardrails projected a luminous beam of light, magnifying Jerry’s image as he executed intricate mid-air maneuvers on his broomstick.

This enchanting display allowed every one of the 100,000 spectators to witness his performance in great detail.

“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!” In response, a multitude of devoted Jerry fans sprang to their feet, unleashing excited cheers that resonated throughout the stadium.

“This Minister really knows how to use the home advantage,” Jerry observed, slightly amused by the Minister’s shrewd tactics.

He recognized that even though strength was paramount in competitions, subtle maneuvers could still impact the outcome.

The entire Quidditch pitch had been constructed under the auspices of the British Ministry of Magic. With the venue situated in the United Kingdom, there was ample room for manipulating circumstances in favor of the home team.

In this instance, Fudge’s strategy was already evident as the English team, led by Jerry, seized the upper hand in terms of momentum.

If the teams were closely matched in skill, this advantage would significantly bolster the English team’s chances.

However, the English side’s players, apart from Jerry, were undoubtedly outmatched in terms of sheer talent, leaving a daunting challenge ahead.

Regrettably, the majority of the English team’s players fell short in comparison to their Irish counterparts, placing immense pressure on Jerry as the pivotal figure to carry their collective hopes on his shoulders.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the stadium was electric, and the home crowd’s fervent support elevated spirits, giving a glimmer of hope to the English team as they prepared for the grand showdown.

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Published On: November 25, 2023

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