“Of course, Ludo. What are the odds currently?” Arthur inquired with genuine interest when Ludo approached.

Holding his heavy bag of Galleons, Ludo responded with a grin, “Right now, the odds are 1.5, and most people still think that Ireland has a better chance of winning. If you choose England, your winnings could be higher. As for catching the Snitch first, most are backing Jerry Carmen. However, there are riskier options with higher odds, like twenty times in five minutes, ten times in thirty minutes, twice in one hour, and one hour later…”

In regular international Quidditch matches, the Snitch is typically released around half an hour into the game, and Jerry would decide when to catch it based on the score.

If England was in the lead, they could wait. If they were behind, it would depend on the point differential.

The odds offered by Ludo were calculated based on Jerry’s historical performance.

Given the formidable Irish team, the chances of Jerry catching the Golden Snitch within an hour were deemed slim, which is why his odds were favorable.

Arthur contemplated for a moment and then handed over two gold Galleons.

Although Ludo looked somewhat disappointed at the limited sum, he remained eager and turned his attention to Jerry and the others.

“Is there anyone else looking to place a bet?” he inquired.

Unbeknownst to Ludo, Jerry was wearing a mask, concealing his identity.

“They’re too young to gamble,” Arthur remarked before George and Fred, who were aspiring to open their own magic joke shop, stepped forward.

“We’re in for it! We’re betting thirty-seven gold Galleons, fifteen silver Sickles, and three bronze Knuts that Jerry will catch the Snitch within an hour,” they declared.

“Wait, Mr. Ludo, we need to discuss this,” Jerry interjected, suddenly changing the course of events.

He guided everyone into the magic tent, leaving Ludo outside in puzzlement.

Arthur held the two Jin Galleons, still unsure whether to hand them over, and the others turned their attention to Jerry.

“What’s going on, Jerry?” Arthur questioned his Galleons in hand.

“Do you want to make a fortune?” Jerry asked with a mysterious smile.

“How much are you talking here, Jerry?” George and Fred’s ears perked up with keen interest.

They were always eager to accumulate funds for their dream of opening a magical joke shop after graduation.

Betting all their money for a modest profit was appealing, as winning could immediately double their assets.

“I never told you this before, but I can catch the Golden Snitch as soon as it’s released, even in World Cup games. However, in order to avoid ending matches too quickly and causing rule changes, I deliberately delay catching the Snitch,” Jerry confessed, unveiling a long-hidden secret.

The revelation left everyone in a state of shock.

Ron, who was fervent about the game, mumbled in astonishment, “No wonder every time you manage to turn the tide of the game at the most critical moment. This is simply incredible!”

The Weasley twins instantly saw this revelation’s potential – they could bet everything on Jerry to catch the Snitch within five minutes, doubling their assets twentyfold.

Before Arthur even had to speak, the Weasley twins shouted in unison.

“That is fantastic, Jerry! We will splurge all of our fortune on you!”

Understanding Jerry’s intention, the Weasley twins realized they could go all in on the bet.

They wagered everything on Jerry catching the Golden Snitch within five minutes, knowing this would multiply their assets twentyfold.

If successful, this would result in them obtaining over 700 gold Galleons.

“Jerry, is what you’re saying true?” Arthur asked, excitement coursing through his veins.

The shopping list from Hogwarts included four sets of party dresses for his children, and with their tight budget, his wife Molly had been considering buying second-hand dresses.

However, if Jerry’s claim was true, it would increase their family’s assets by twentyfold, solving their financial problems.

“Don’t worry, I don’t joke about these things,” Jerry assured them, reinforcing the truth of his words.

Although Arthur might not have believed someone else, the trust they had in Jerry made his words convincing.

Jerry expressed his intention to retrieve the money and promptly Apparated away, assuring them he would return.

Witnessing Jerry’s commitment, Bill and Charlie exchanged a knowing look and Apparated to withdraw their savings.

Having worked abroad for years, they had accumulated some savings, which now seemed like a perfect opportunity to seize.

The prospect of multiplying their assets twentyfold would grant them the financial stability needed to establish families of their own.

Ron lamented, “I only have one silver Sickle.”

“I have two,” Ginny offered. She and Ron had occasionally earned money at school by selling gadgets they had invented.

While the Weasley twins often earned money through their inventive gadgets at school, their mother, Mrs. Molly, was responsible for their educational and daily expenses.

This meant they had limited pocket money, only having three silver sickles that they had accumulated.

Their mother had given them this small extra sum for attending the Quidditch World Cup.

Still, toward the end it’s not enough to have their fortune turned overnight with how much their bets amount to.

Hermione then declared, “I have a hundred gold Galleons to bet.”

She had received a hundred gold Galleons from her father to purchase school supplies in Diagon Alley.

This decision took Harry and Ron by surprise.

They had anticipated her disapproval of gambling, but now she was fully involved.

Her unanticipated involvement took the others by surprise.

On the other hand, Harry wasn’t as enthusiastic as the others about the betting.

He had inherited a substantial fortune from his parents, making him financially comfortable.

Ginny, who had an astute emotional understanding, wasn’t shocked by Hermione’s actions.

She recognized that love often led to unconventional behavior.

If it wasn’t for Jerry’s involvement, Hermione might have refrained from participating and instead given Harry and Ron a lecture about the potential downsides of gambling.

But with Jerry at the heart of it all, her feelings guided her towards a different course.

When you’re deeply in love, everything connected to the person you love becomes beautiful.

Ginny could only chuckle once again, seeing the two lovebirds without knowing have been showing their affection openly out in the open.

While Hermione might think this is a reason to get an amount of fortune, her decision was unconsciously triggered by her hidden feelings for Jerry.

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