Just as Jerry was about to leave the living room with the last bowl of tomato and egg soup, Mrs. Bailey emerged carrying Aisha a beautiful ice and snow crown. He smiled as he welcomed her and set the bowl of tomato and egg soup on the dining room table.

“Hello, Mrs. Belle. Good evening.”

“Good evening, Jerry. I also have a gift for you.”

When Mrs. Belle saw Jerry arrive, she swiftly reached into the chair behind him and pulled a guitar bag that had been packed.

“I bought you a new guitar because I heard Haas say that you appear to be particularly interested in guitars lately.”

When Mrs. Belle first met Haas, she also asked him about Jerry and Aisha’s interests. She then spent an entire day choosing the two appropriate presents for them.

“A new guitar?”

After a brief moment of shock, Jerry soon realized that he had already told Haas that he was greatly interested in guitars in order to keep him from learning that there was a guitar bag with a broomstick in the home.

“Yes, I have always enjoyed playing the guitar, and for a while I taught myself. I appreciate this present so much!” Mrs. Belle was also relieved to see how much Aisha and Jerry enjoyed their gifts.

She is actually just in her twenties, and she recently received her degree after three years of college. She is genuinely concerned that Jerry and Aisha won’t like her because this is the first time she has done something of this nature.

No longer her students, Jerry and Aisha are now Haas’s son and daughter. Some things have changed.

Fortunately, Jerry and Aisha are very mature individuals, particularly Jerry, who always keeps his sentiments in mind when speaking and acting. As a result, the atmosphere at this dinner is really peaceful.

Haas, who is almost 40 years old, handed them two bottles of perfume. Finding a young, attractive teacher like Belle is a gift from the luck goddess. He naturally wanted to assist him.

Aisha has consistently followed Jerry’s example, and Mrs. Belle even offered her an Ice Queen crown. Who could turn down an Ice Queen crown?

Naturally, Haas, he is the one who is most looking forward to having fun at home right now and has been working hard to brighten up the environment. Under such circumstances, this dinner is of course a joy.

Following dinner, everyone sat on the couch to watch TV while conversing. Suddenly, Mrs. Belle urged Jerry, “Jerry, why don’t you give the new guitar a try? I heard Haas about your guitar skills.”

Haas gave Jerry a quiet thumbs-up as he turned his head to look at him. Haas thinks Jerry is brilliant. He can pick up new information quickly as long as he is interested in it. Prior to becoming a master chef, he was interested in cooking.

Jerry must now be able to play the guitar very well because he previously stated that he was interested in it. Jerry’s jaw twitched as he observed Mrs. Belle’s expectant eyes and Haas’ complete self-confidence.

‘In my past life, I actually learned how to play the guitar while I was in college. Otherwise, I’d look like a complete moron right now.’ In his heart, he said to himself.

“What song would you like to hear?” He said as he removed the brand-new guitar from the guitar bag and tuned it.

“I want to hear music about wizards.” Aisha happily raised her tiny hand at this point.

“About wizards?”

Subconsciously playing the song from his previous life, Jerry suddenly remembered it.

Haas, Mrs. Belle, and Aisha were all in disbelief when the song concluded. It turns out that Jerry has weaknesses as well.


“You guys tidy up, then head to bed. I might not be able to return until much later when I drive Mrs. Belle home.”

Haas gave Jerry and Aisha his explanation. Inexplicably, Mrs. Belle’s face reddened.

Jerry nodded and quickly added a sentence nonchalantly, “Okay, if it’s too late, you can find a motel to remain outside, otherwise Aisha and I will be easily awakened when the door is opened.”

“Son, I appreciate your understanding. Thank you.”

“That makes sense, therefore I won’t return at night.” When Mrs. Belle heard that, her face began to turn red up to her neck.

“Aisha, Jerry, see you next week.”

Regardless of Hass, he knelt down and waved to Jerry and Aisha before turning around and moving swiftly in the direction of the elevator entrance.

“Mrs. Belle, farewell!” Haas instantly turned around and pursued Mrs. Belle after Jerry winked at her.

“Let’s go, we should get some rest as well!” Jerry shut the door after observing Haas and Mrs. Belle leave before taking Aisha to the bathroom and returning to their room to bed.


Twelve in the morning.

Jerry carefully opened his eyes, pulled the broomstick and wand from the guitar bag he had hidden beneath the bed, and slipped out of the house.

He will meet with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Hill tonight.

Despite his lack of familiarity with the Marvel universe, he is aware that S.H.I.E.L.D. is responsible for the formation of the Avengers in this reality. So he still attaches considerable importance to the visit from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Just that during the moment, he scheduled a meeting with the agent for a different time due to unusual circumstances.

Jerry got into his wizard costume in a deserted area and flew on a broomstick to the general area of the abandoned warehouse. Before riding a broom into the warehouse, he first circled the building but failed to spot an ambush.

“I’m really sorry, but I have an essential matter this evening.” Jerry stepped off the broomstick and bowed to Agent Hill who was standing in the warehouse.

Hill gave the broom a curious glance before shaking her head and saying, “It’s okay, I came here very abruptly.”

“Then no need to beat around the bush. I’m not familiar with your situation. Is there anything you want from me?”

Jerry started to get straight to the point when he met her since he didn’t want to talk too much with a professional agent because it would be simple to divulge some information.

“Your tone conveys apprehension toward me. Have you ever heard of our organization?” Hill posed a rhetorical question instead of simply responding.

“You are sharp.” Jerry apathetically shrugged.

“No, I’m simply really cautious of organizations like yours since you constantly ask for my secrets, which is quite risky. Don’t you think the name of your organization is too long?”

“It’s a long name, but we are currently working on it.”

She laughed and then said in a gentle voice, “We don’t want to know your secrets, but your behavior has caught our attention, and your ability may hurt the general public.”

“I recently discovered magic by chance, and I simply want to act morally when I can. What harm could it possibly do to society?” Jerry purposefully used an angry tone.

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Published On: March 10, 2023

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