As they strolled through the bustling camp, everyone shared stories of their vacation experiences.

On the whole, it had been a fantastic holiday.

Harry, in particular, felt like he was on cloud nine.

Gone were the days of spending his summers at the Dursleys’, enduring hardship and strict rules.

Now, he resided with his godfather, Sirius.

He no longer had to sneak around at night to do his summer homework, fearing discovery and confiscation.

He was no longer worried about being locked in his room and cut off from any contact with friends.

His life had taken a complete turn for the better.

He could now enjoy his vacation openly and without stress, easily tackling his vacation homework in the grand Blake family ancestral home.

Whenever he needed help, his godfather, Sirius, was just a holler away.

In his free time, Sirius eagerly introduced Harry to various aspects of the wizarding world, making up for the time lost during Harry’s years with the Dursleys.

“Harry, Ron, over here!”

As they continued their leisurely walk and conversation, an unmistakable voice rang out from not too far away.

Looking in the direction of the voice, they spotted Percy, donned in his Ministry of Magic uniform, enthusiastically beckoning to them.

Post-graduation, Percy had secured a position in the Ministry of Magic thanks to his remarkable academic record and his commendable school performance.

He had officially joined the ranks of the Ministry’s employees over the summer.

“We should head over there first; we’ll catch up with you later.”

Seeing Percy, Arthur, and Diggory decided to go in his direction.

Percy wasted no time in explaining, “This is our magical tent. Bill and Charlie have already arrived. You can go in and rest. I’ve got some work to take care of.”

As a recent hire at the Ministry of Magic, Percy was tasked with ensuring order throughout the massive Quidditch World Cup grounds.

He was kept rather busy.

The Ministry of Magic had provided the many tens of thousands of magical tents in the camp.

At first glance, these tents appeared small, only fitting one person.

In reality, the interior had been magically expanded with the Extension Charm.

These tents contained numerous separate rooms, bathrooms, and living areas. Everyone in the tent couldn’t help but be amazed.

“This place is huge!”

The tent’s size far exceeded their expectations, boasting over a dozen rooms, each meticulously decorated.

“These are some of the largest and most luxurious magical tents available, and we owe it all to Jerry for securing us this exceptional accommodation,” Arthur explained with a smile.

Admission to the camp wasn’t free for Quidditch fans; it required Galleons. The more you were willing to spend, the more opulent and spacious your tent would be.

In an effort to recoup the considerable expenses of hosting the Quidditch World Cup, the Ministry of Magic charged spectators for their tent accommodations, offering a range of options based on price.

While Arthur was entitled to a complimentary tent as a Ministry employee, it was nothing like the grand abode they now occupied.

Arthur, as a member of the Ministry of Magic, was entitled to a magical tent free of charge, but it would typically be a rather standard one with only three or four rooms.

As Arthur revealed, their present luxury was entirely due to Jerry’s contributions.

England had advanced to the World Cup final against Ireland, and it was largely thanks to Jerry’s exceptional Golden Snitch-catching prowess that they’d won numerous challenging matches and found themselves in this prestigious position.

The fate of the English Quidditch team’s championship hinged on Jerry’s Seeker skills and his ability to capture the Golden Snitch before the opposing team.

England’s Quidditch team didn’t match up to the Irish team in terms of sheer strength.

Jerry had informed Meier that he’d be staying in Weasley’s tent during the competition.

Meier acted swiftly, petitioning Minister Fudge for the most luxurious magical tent.

Given the gravity of the match, Minister Fudge quickly approved.

His tenure had seen numerous significant blunders, from the disappearance of Azkaban prisoners to the elusive Death Eaters.

Winning the Quidditch World Cup was a chance for him to restore his reputation.

As long as Jerry could lead the England Quidditch team to victory, he’d happily look the other way on many fronts.

Once Arthur explained this, everyone realized that the luxurious tent was arranged for Jerry’s benefit.

Nevertheless, the critical factor was that with such a spacious tent, they were no longer forced to cram several individuals into a single room, providing everyone the opportunity to occupy their own separate rooms.

With the spacious tent, they no longer had to cram into shared rooms, each of them having their own assigned space.

“Would anyone like tea? We have top-quality black tea on offer!”

In the living room, Jerry and Hermione joined the others who were enjoying tea and conversation.

Bill and Charlie, Ron’s elder brothers, rose to their feet, welcoming everyone with warm smiles.

They’d arrived from Egypt and Romania in the morning, having used Portkeys.

After the pleasantries, it was time to distribute the rooms. With their belongings stowed away, Jerry, Hermione, and Harry decided to explore the bustling camp together.

The Quidditch match wouldn’t take place until evening, but the allure of this unique gathering had drawn wizards from around the world to the area.

In addition to the Quidditch excitement, the camp featured a market filled with wizarding merchandise from various countries.

Some visitors weren’t even Quidditch enthusiasts; they came for the rare opportunity to acquire magical items that weren’t typically available.

As Jerry and the rest approached the entrance of the magical tent, a reporter from the Daily Prophet, Rita, intercepted them, clearly eager for an interview about Jerry’s recently published magic book and the innovative portal magic.

“Mr. Carmen, I’m surprised to find you here. I’m Rita, a reporter from the Daily Prophet. We’ve crossed paths before. I’d like to interview you regarding your groundbreaking magic book. How did you conceive the idea for creating a portal of this nature, a form of advanced Space Magic?”

Jerry waved politely as he considered Rita’s request but declined, “Would it be possible to conduct the interview after the Quidditch match is over? I’d appreciate it.”

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Published On: November 23, 2023

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