Deep within the remote reaches of southwestern England, Devon stood as a place of extraordinary seclusion, nestled near the shores of the English Channel, far from the prying eyes of Muggles.

In this tranquil setting, Jerry initiated his unique magical portal, carrying Hermione away from the entrance of Granger’s dental practice.

“What a massive Muggle-repelling Charm!”

Stepping out of the fiery portal, the duo found themselves on a seemingly barren lawn shrouded in a misty veil.

Jerry, however, recognized that this mist was no ordinary weather phenomenon; it was, in fact, a magical cloak designed by the Ministry of Magic to conceal wizarding activity from Muggles.

An array of Muggle-repelling charms had been meticulously woven around the mist’s edges to avert accidental intrusion by non-magical individuals.

The spellwork was impressive, as it not only transported them but also shielded the location from Muggle awareness.

Within a few steps, the mist dissipated, revealing a vibrant scene where countless tents of different colors and styles covered the entire coastline.

It was a bustling and magical spectacle akin to a grand wizarding fair.

The sight was overwhelming for Hermione, whose experiences with wizards had mostly been limited to Hogwarts and Diagon Alley.

However, the Quidditch World Cup had drawn Quidditch enthusiasts from all corners of the wizarding world, assembling tens of thousands of wizards whose enthusiasts for the Quidditch are unmatched, creating an atmosphere unlike any other!

The sheer magnitude of this gathering was unlike anything she had ever witnessed.

“Wow, I’ve never seen so many wizards in one place,” Hermione exclaimed, her eyes scanning the throngs of fellow witches and wizards.

“Woah! They are here!”

As Hermione marveled at the spectacle, a burst of spatial magic manifested in the sky.

Soon, several familiar figures plummeted from the air, letting out startled yelps before landing on the grass nearby.

However, they weren’t the expected quartet of Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Weasley Twins.

Following them, Arthur, Sirius, and Diggory, who had employed the floating charm, gradually descended.

“Good morning, everyone!”

Jerry and Hermione approached, extending greetings to each of them.

The meeting was expected, as Ron had sent them a letter days prior, alerting them to their plans.

Harry and Sirius arrived ahead of schedule, having left London for the Burrow before heading to the World Cup together.

The Ministry of Magic had placed a Portkey in the village of Ottery St. Catchpole near the Burrow, allowing for their smooth journey.

Turning his attention to Jerry, Ron couldn’t contain his curiosity. “Jerry, I read about your new Space Magic called a portal in the Daily Prophet. Is it true?”

Ron’s inquiry captured the interest of everyone present.

During the recent period, the talk of the wizarding world, apart from the World Cup, had revolved around Jerry Carmen and his groundbreaking book “Conjectures and Applications about Remote Portals.”

Currently, this magical tome has found its place on the shelves of numerous prestigious bookstores, attracting the attention of countless wizards who eagerly seek to grasp the mysteries it contains.

However, the complexity of the knowledge presented within has left wizards grappling with the question of whether the ambitious realm of space magic can indeed become a reality.

Although the Daily Prophet had featured this innovative work and made mention of the author, Mr. Jerry Carmen, who claims to have mastered portal magic, skepticism still lingered among the magical community.

Before Jerry had a chance to respond to their queries, Hermione, standing by his side, tilted her chin with an air of pride and spoke eloquently, asserting, “Of course it’s true. Jerry just used portal magic to bring me here from London. It was as simple as creating a ring of fire, and then we crossed through the ring of fire…”

Watching Hermione enthusiastically recount her first experience with portal magic and flaunt the special edition book gifted to her by Jerry, a warm smile graced Jerry’s face.

Hermione possessed unwavering self-confidence, and despite hailing from a Muggle family, she constantly aspired to surpass her wizarding peers through her own merit.

To be allowed to showcase Jerry’s accomplishments hinted at his significance in her life.

Harry, Ron, and the others displayed envy as they listened, for their initial encounters with Portkeys had not been nearly as smooth or impressive.

Traveling with a Portkey often felt like a jarring pull at one’s navel, thrusting them to their destinations, sometimes resulting in an erratic and awkward landing.

Their first-hand experiences paled in comparison to the seamless mastery displayed by Jerry and Hermione.

The adult wizards in attendance, namely Arthur, Sirius, and Diggory, harbored complex emotions.

They marveled at Jerry’s magical prowess, creating an entirely new form of space magic.

However, they couldn’t help but ponder the profound implications portal magic might hold for the wizarding world.

On the one hand, portal magic’s emergence promised to revolutionize wizards’ travel experiences, offering significant advantages to the magical community, especially in space magic research and development.

Yet, it also posed certain inherent risks.

Presently, wizards who wished to travel internationally were required to register with the Ministry of Magic, and strict limitations governed the use of Portkeys.

The advent of portal magic had the potential to render these constraints obsolete.

Given that it would be challenging to monitor every adult wizard using portals, it would become considerably easier for them to travel to foreign countries.

This transformation could mirror the Muggle world, where international travel entailed passports, registration, and commercial flights, yet now, anyone could traverse the globe effortlessly by opening a portal.

The implications for governments and various industries were profound.

Jerry had contemplated these potential consequences and didn’t view them as entirely negative.

“Not my problem. It’s not like they would easily replicate such Spells if we are talking in all honesty.” Jerry’s prideful remark, followed by his wide smug, made the others forget they would be insane to try one of Jerry’s Spells and succeed with it.

The wizarding world was often seen as conservative, and the removal of spatial constraints might draw its inhabitants closer together, fostering greater understanding and communication.

This perspective brought a different light to the matter.

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Published On: November 23, 2023

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