For Tom, he had just seen Jerry yesterday, but for Jerry, the last time he saw Tom was years ago. Breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron is bad. It’s only butter bread, bacon, ham and a fried egg.

There is no problem with it, only the taste that is the problem. The bread is too hard, the ham is too salty, and the fried eggs are too old. Maybe it’s because Tom is old, and his cooking magic is not good. So every time the food is made, there is some deviation in the taste.

However, Jerry was quite happy with it.

“It seems that in a few years, I should retire from doing this.”

Tom looked at his bar. Only three people were having breakfast, and I couldn’t help but sigh. He is getting older, and the business of Leaky Cauldron is getting worse. He should also retire to enjoy his later life.

“Tom, I’ll add my rent for another two months.”

Just after Tom thought about where to enjoy his later life, Jerry had finished his breakfast, came over, and threw a bag of Galleons on the table.

“Maybe not now.” Looking at the Galleons on the table, Tom’s eyes brightened, and he immediately changed his mind.

Jerry pushed open the door of the Leaky Cauldron and came to the streets of London. Originally, he wanted to book a house for one night because he planned to go to other places. But it’s no use now.

With his current strength, whether it is using a portal or Apparition, he can reach any corner of the Earth easily. Therefore, he can go out to other places during the day and then move back directly to the Leaky Cauldron at night.

“I’ll go to Romania first. It is said that there are more wild dragons and rich in variety.” Walking into an empty alley, Jerry disappeared.

In Romania, the place for wild dragons, Ron’s brother, Charlie Weasley, stayed there all year round to study dragons with a group of wizards. In the next period of time, Jerry’s ring world began to be filled with many new magical animals.

There are various types of fire dragons, and there are all kinds of rare magical animals that can only be seen in the book that Newt wrote.

For example, a Horned Serpent, a Nundu, a Wampus Cat, a Thunderbird, etc.

Of course, he did not really put all the magical animals into his world, but he just found a few and placed them in a special time-accelerating area to allow them to multiply and populate quickly.

In this way, it will not attract too much attention from the wizarding world.

If he went to Romania and he took all the animals away. It is estimated that there will be reports in the daily newspaper the next day about a certain animal theft.

At the beginning of August, Jerry had basically gone through all the recorded places where magical animals can be found and also swept through the magic streets of various countries in the world.

After breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron, he approached the corner alley behind the bar.

At this time, the corner alley is much more lively than before. At this time, a new group of wizards received their admission notice and came to the corner street to purchase school supplies.

Some senior wizards will also come at this time.

Two days ago Jerry wrote a letter asking Hermione, Harry and Ron. They decided to wait for Jerry’s Quidditch finals before coming to buy their things together.

Therefore, he came to Diagon Alley not to purchase school supplies but something else.

Through the streets filled with little wizards and pets, Jerry quickly came to the store of Dust & Mildewe, the most famous publishing house in the wizarding world.

His purpose today is to publish a book he took the time to make.

Although the magic of this world is basically not very helpful to him, he can rely on something other than books to enhance his reputation. After all, it was his first world to learn magic. He still hoped that in these years of life, he could help the wizards in this world as much as possible.

Although the magic of this world is not too strong, it is far worse than Fairy Tail’s world, where they have such Earth-shattering magic.

But the wizards of this world like to study and create new magic. The wizards in this world know that they can only get stronger if they expand their knowledge of magic.

However, the wizards in this world have limited magic in their bodies due to the limitations in their blood. Without the limitations of their blood, the wizard in this world can have the same powerful magic power as the mages in Fairy Tail world.

Therefore, Jerry intends to spread his magic knowledge to this world bit by bit and let more wizards study it.

Perhaps in the future, it will bring him some small surprises.

Of course, this is not going to be easy, and even if there are no surprises or rewards for him, he is still contributing to the wizarding world itself. Also, it allows his friends in this world to get a chance to learn more.

In a situation where he suddenly used magic out of this world. No one would question it, nor would the Ministry of Magic invite him because that magic was the one he invented and created in his latest book.

“Mr. Carmen, you are here. Please come in!”

Seeing Jerry pushing the door in, the publisher’s staff immediately brightened their eyes and enthusiastically took Jerry in.

This is a big customer of their publishing house. Their publishing house has big sales because of Jerry’s previous magic book.

“Long time no see!” Jerry greeted the manager.

The manager, who was calculating at this time, saw Jerry coming, quickly put down his work, got up, and greeted him with a smile.

“Mr. Carmen, welcome, welcome!”

Jerry took out a book he wrote without any further ado and handed it to the manager.

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Published On: November 21, 2023

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