“Your Majesty, are you sure you want to do this? “

The next day, Jerry was carrying a box of vibranium and looked at Prince T’Challa, who was standing next to King T’Chaka, wearing a black panther suit with a slightly surprised look in his eyes.

He planned to get the Vibranium and leave immediately, but he did not expect that T’Chaka warmly invited him to stay in Wakanda for a day, and before he was about to leave, he decided to let his son follow Jerry’s path and become an Avenger.

“I talked with Erik last night. Although N’Jobu was wrong, I feel we can do something about it. Maybe it’s time for Wakanda to go out.” T’Chaka sighed deeply.

The manslaughter of his younger brother made him feel very tormented all these years. He has always wanted to connect Wakanda with the world, but he has never been able to make up his mind. With Jerry’s arrival and his nephew last night, it made him understand that it is time for Wakanda to change.

His son joining the Avengers as the Black Panther might be off to a good start.

“Won’t your Wakanda council object to this?”

Jerry remembered that when T’Chaka announced yesterday that he would give him a pound of Vibranium, there were quite a few elders in the council who would probably upset about it.

T’Chaka smiled and shook his head, “It’s not that I haven’t done anything in these years. Plus it’s not the past, aliens have invaded, demons have come to the world, and many people already know the secrets of Wakanda. Our choice is the one that we’re sure for.”

“Tony Stark will be very happy knowing that you are willing to open up. When I talked to him about your technology before, he really wanted to come over and talk with you.” Jerry nodded.

About Wakanda’s information, he has already told Tony and others, but because of Wakanda’s tradition, they did not come to disturb them. If Wakanda decides to connect with the world, it will naturally be a good thing for the improvement of the Earth.

“When T’Challa is recognized by the outside world, I will establish a Wakanda International Contact Center in New York. Mr. Stark is welcome to come and talk to me at that time.” T’Chaka clearly has plans for the future.

It may be said that he has always had a plan. It can be seen from the fact that T’Challa was sent to an outside university to study at a very early time and accepted the ideas of the outside world.

“I’ll see you later when I have a chance.” Jerry reached out and grabbed T’Challa’s shoulder, and Apparated.

After Jerry left, the queen of Wakanda, Ramonda, was a little worried, “Is this person really trustworthy?”

In Wakanda’s intelligence department, the number of people who died at the hands of the Wizard was the most among all the Avengers.

Unlike other superheroes, when facing villains, they usually arrest and handing over to the police. Most enemies facing the Wizard are directly killed. So there’s understandable if there’s a lot of rumours about the Wizard in Wakanda.

This is also where Ramanda is worried.

“You know that he could come in here get it by himself alone, but he chose a peaceful way. This is not something ordinary people can do. I think T’Challa could learn more from him. In this way, the throne is in safe hands.”

Jerry can ignore their energy shields and leave with T’Challa directly, which means that he can also teleport in without their consent and take away the vibranium he needed But he didn’t do that. Instead, he came for a meeting, and took the time to bring a gift.

Therefore, he is trustworthy. At least for now.


After sending T’Challa to the Avengers headquarters, and handing it over to Tony for processing. Jerry left most of the Vibranium at the base and returned home directly.

Late at night.

Jerry analyze the remaining vibranium material, took out the Reality Stone, and began to manufacture a large number of it with the Transfiguration Charm. It may be because of the material, it consumes a lot of magic power to create one.

However, with the magic power in his body now, there shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, he didn’t use his magic power at all, but the power in the Reality Stone.

“Almost there!”

Looking at the several kilograms of Vibranium that had been created, Jerry nodded with satisfaction. He took out his golden armors, as well as several kilograms of Uru metal created by the same method a few days ago.

As his hand lifted, twelve sets of armors flew into the air immediately, and the Vibranium and Uru metal were divided into twelve equal parts, wrapping the twelve sets of armors together.

With his hands pinching his fingers, Jerry blew forward, and three different colors of flames spewed out of his mouth. It began to combine the sets of armor, Uru metal, and Vibranium together.

Jerry learned the most powerful alchemy and item making magic the elders of the Li family.

According to his current understanding, it is a flame with three characteristics of decomposition, fusion and sublimation.

Originally, he had been unable to control this flame very well. Because there are not many types of flame magic that he have seen before. In addition to normal flames, this one is different.

Until he went to the world of Fairy Tail, he saw various flames with different characteristics like Natsu’s flame, Totomaru’s flame and so on.

He has made great progress in the element, so that he can now perform this magic really well.

Under the flame, the liquidated Uru metal and Vibranium gold began to be gradually compressed and put into twelve sets of golden armors.

Immediately afterwards, using Images of Ikonn, he divided himself twelve times. While creating the armor on his body, he began to engrave each of the twelve armors with magical runes.

This time, he will not only create twelve sets of golden armors into magic armor, but also create a whole set of magic weapons.

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Published On: November 20, 2023

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