Jerry narrowed his eyes,

“Is there really no vibranium in Wakanda?”

T’Chaka still maintained that kind smile.

“More than ten years ago, a mercenary named Ulysses Klaw broke into Wakanda with his men, killed our guards, and stole all of Wakanda’s vibranium. I reported this matter to the United Nations long ago, and they sent people to help us arrest him, but he has never been caught.”

“Moreover, those vibraniums were also sold by Klaw to Ultron invented by Mr. Stark last year, and later created his own army. You should know this.”

T’Chaka’s meaning is very clear. Regarding the fact that Wakanda does not have vibranium, they are also a victim and have no longer pursued supplying vibranium for their needs.

In fact, Wakanda’s Council did not agree with the sale of vibranium. It was a step that T’Chaka made to try to bring Wakanda plunge into the global market.

As a result, the former guard commander and many Wakanda people died because of his younger brother N’Jobu and greedy mercenaries. The Council has prohibited Wakanda from trading with the outside world.

Therefore, he could only announce to the outside world that Wakanda had no vibranium because all the rare vibranium had been stolen by mercenaries.

The United Nations believes in Wakanda’s statement. After all, vibranium is a precious mineral.

In addition, in the eyes of the outside world, Wakanda is the most backward country in the world. The soldiers still use cold weapons, and their vehicles are horses.

Jerry looked at T’Chaka and smiled.

“I know what you mean. However, I also know that your Wakanda vibranium has not been stolen, or rather, the stolen part is only a drop in the bucket.”

“You’re hallucinating. You must have heard something from those mercenaries. They can’t be trusted, you know.” T’Chaka’s expression did not change at all, and he did not admit that Wakanda still had the vibranium.

Jerry didn’t intend to go around in circles and said directly, “You should know that I am a wizard with a very long tradition. I know more about your Wakanda than you think.

For example, nearly a thousand years ago, a meteorite landed on your land in Birnin Zana. “

After Jerry finished speaking, he snapped his fingers before T’Chaka could react. Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared in the sky. Immediately afterward, several lightning bolts with thick arms slammed down toward the seemingly barren grass below.

The lightning jumped into the air and was directly blocked by a huge energy shield. With the appearance of the energy shield, a strange city with ultra-modern technology and retro buildings was revealed on the originally barren grass.

It is the capital of Wakanda, Birnin Zana.

That layer of energy shield is the high-tech energy protective wall developed by Wakanda through the study of vibranium.

It can not only make the entire Birnin Zana invisible and cannot be discovered by the technology of any modern country, but it also has an extremely powerful defense that can protect the safety of the city.

Without waiting for T’Chaka to say anything, Jerry waved his hand and pointed to Birnin Zana, who appeared in the distance.

T’Chaka saw that Birnin Zana was directly forced out by Jerry, knowing that it was useless to say anything at this point.

“I apologize. We don’t want to be involved in the war with the outside world.”

“Understandable. To be honest, I don’t want to disturb Wakanda, but I do need some vibranium for research. Of course, I also prepared a small gift this time. “Jerry said with a wave of his hand, and he threw the two people who were hit with his magic.

T’Chaka exclaimed, “Ulysses Klaw!”

“Yes, this is Ulysses Klaw. The mercenary who killed your people and stole some vibranium. The one next to him is the child of your dead brother. He is planning to enter Wakanda again, compete with your son for the throne of the next generation, and lead Wakanda to war.” Jerry explained simply.

After watching “Black Panther”, he knows little about the secrets.

When T’Chaka’s younger brother, N’Jobu, was sent to the United States as a spy. He fell in love with an African-American woman while engaged in espionage and gave birth to his son Erik.

Due to his long-term espionage, N’Jobu saw the unfair treatment and low status of too many black people in the outside world. He hoped that Wakanda could lend a helping hand to the black people outside and help them.

This violated Wakanda’s code of conduct and was naturally ruthlessly rejected.

N’Jobu, together with Ulysses Klaw, sneaked back with his familiarity with Wakanda and stole Vibranium to make weapons and help his people in the outside world.

But it was finally discovered by them. During the war, a large number of Wakanda soldiers and civilians were killed by Klaw. When King T’Chaka learned of the incident, he personally arrested N’Jobu but killed him by mistake during the battle.

This is the story of Erik’s return to Wakanda for revenge.

Jerry wanted to buy vibranium from T’Chaka peacefully, so he asked Vision to locate Klaw’s location through the Internet, went for a trip to Busan, and took him and Erik, who were together.

“Thank you. In that case, please invite him to the palace below. I will give you some Vibranium as a reward for your help in Wakanda.” Hearing Jerry’s words, T’Chaka looked at Erik with a complicated look.

Given that he just dealt with someone who could disrupt the peace of Wakanda and his brother’s son, that would thwart the throne. He was inclined to help Jerry in this matter.

According to Wakanda’s intelligence department, the wizard is a bit different than it seems.

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Published On: November 19, 2023

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