On the border of Wakanda, inside a yurt-like building, Jerry patiently awaited the arrival of the current Wakanda King, T’Chaka.

As soon as Jerry revealed his identity, the captain of the border guard promptly relayed the news.

Wakanda took Jerry’s appearance seriously, and they quickly responded to the situation.

The squad leader escorted Jerry to the nearest yurt near the border, where he was told that the king would personally meet him shortly.

This arrangement didn’t surprise Jerry.

Given Wakanda’s secretive nature, he understood that the king wouldn’t readily divulge the true state of Wakanda to outsiders.

Thus, it was fitting for the reception to be held near the border.

While Jerry possessed the Transfiguration Spell and the Reality Gem, seemingly capable of conjuring anything from thin air by expending mana, there were still limitations.

For example, he could produce Vibranium items, but he couldn’t create the most basic form of Vibranium – the liquid Vibranium stock solution.

Jerry hadn’t seen or comprehended what the true liquid Vibranium stock solution looked like.

Transfiguration spells and the Reality Gem could craft items, but one needed at least some understanding of what they were creating.

It wasn’t merely about imagination and naming; it required a deeper comprehension, especially for complex objects.

Consider the Philosopher’s Stone from the world of Harry Potter. Jerry could alter it with his transformation spell and the Reality Gem, but only because he had studied and analyzed it extensively, gaining a certain understanding of its nature.

If he had never encountered the Philosopher’s Stone in the Harry Potter world and only knew about it from movies in his previous life, he wouldn’t be able to conjure it out of thin air.

Both the Reality Gem and Transfiguration Charms could generate matter through the expenditure of mana.

However, there were still inherent restrictions.

For example, creating a super bomb capable of destroying the entire Earth was beyond the realm of imagination, even with these abilities.

Vibranium presented a similar challenge.

While Jerry had seen Captain America’s shield and Vision’s Vibranium body, he had never encountered the Vibranium stock solution itself.

This would be proven to be ineffective because the replicated or, in this case, the conjured Vibranium from Jerry’s spell would crumble because the particles themselves were not something Jerry was familiar with himself…

While primarily composed of Vibranium, Captain America’s shield isn’t purely made of it. It’s crafted from an innovative metal known as Adamantium alloy, created by Howard Stark through the accidental combination of various materials.

This Adamantium alloy surpasses the original Vibranium in terms of strength and resilience.

That’s why when Thanos’s double-bladed weapon sliced through Captain America’s shield, it couldn’t be replaced with a new one using Vibranium and had to be obtained from a parallel universe.

Hence, the reason why Jerry wanted to get himself an amount of Vibranium metals to help him empower the golden armor.

Likewise, Vision’s body mainly consists of Vibranium, but it’s not exclusively Vibranium.

Dr. Helen Cho’s “Regeneration Cradle” and nanotechnology, among other substances, have formed a new alloy.

While not as unbreakable as Captain America’s shield, Vision’s body has biological characteristics, making him more than a mere machine.

Even the various weapons and technologies of Wakanda, despite being based on Vibranium stock solutions, involve fusion and transformation with other materials.

Thus, they don’t rely solely on the Vibranium stock solution.

This diversity of uses showcases that the Vibranium stock solution isn’t just surface-level indestructible; it possesses a range of versatile properties, including its compatibility with other substances, which greatly interests Jerry.

His goal is to blend the magical metal from the Fairy Tail world with God’s Realm specialty of Uru metal to enhance his armor.

Vibranium serves as an excellent neutralizing metal.

While Vibranium’s defensive capabilities are important, if that were his sole concern, he could have used Captain America’s shield without the need to visit Wakanda for the raw Vibranium liquid.

Jerry is confident about his visit because he doesn’t require much; even a single gram of Vibranium stock solution would suffice.

He can create more with his Transfiguration spell, the Reality Gem, and some magical research.

As a respected wizard, he expects Wakanda to be reasonable, especially since he recently fought a demon to save the world, a feat that should render him trustworthy.

If Wakanda refuses, he may consider alternative means, even resorting to Apparating directly to their Vibranium collection site to take some for himself.

With time, Jerry has come to understand that survival of the fittest prevails regardless of the world.

Strength commands respect, and power shapes the rules.

While peaceful and equitable exchange remains his preferred approach, he will employ other methods if necessary, even when dealing with those weaker than him.

“Oh, here they come!” Jerry exclaimed as he sensed the presence of others approaching him at an alarming speed.

After about ten minutes of waiting inside the yurt, Jerry sensed the presence of a massive stealth aircraft landing a few kilometers away.

Another five minutes passed before two bald, well-armed women drew back the yurt’s curtain.

An elderly black man in his sixties donned in Wakanda’s national attire walked in with a welcoming smile on his face.

T’Chaka, however, did not take Jerry’s presence lightly and returned the courtesy with humility.

“Welcome to Wakanda, Mr. Jerry. Though we are a relatively poor and overlooked nation, we still respect your visit. May I inquire to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” King T’Chaka asked with a warm smile while he signed for the soldiers around him to stay back.

Jerry didn’t waste time with pleasantries; he got straight to the point after he paid his respect by bowing to King T’Chaka.

“Your Majesty, I’ve heard that Wakanda produces a metal called Vibranium, worth ten thousand dollars per gram. I’d like to purchase a gram.”

T’Chaka’s initial response was a moment of surprise, followed by an embarrassed smile.

“Mr. Jerry, I’m afraid you’re a little late. More than ten years ago, I could have easily provided you with a gram of Vibranium. However, Wakanda no longer possesses any Vibranium.” King T’Chaka’s expression grew somber as he explained to Jerry.

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Published On: November 19, 2023

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