A week after the demon attack, everything had returned to a semblance of normalcy, except for occasional news reports reminding everyone of the recent incident.

However, this event had a profound impact on all nations, making them realize the significance of the Avengers as a global necessity.

In his final moments, the demon hinted that he was not the only powerful entity of his kind.

There might be others like him, which suggested that future threats from demons were plausible.

While humans had a propensity for internal conflicts, they demonstrated remarkable unity when faced with a common enemy.

Jerry leveraged this aspect of human nature to emphasize the vital role of the Avengers in protecting the world from such dangerous entities.

The priority was to maintain this powerful force rather than disband it.

As long as the demon threat loomed, it was likely that global conflicts between nations would subside.

Before leaving for a journey, Jerry informed Haas, “I’m going out for a trip, and I won’t necessarily come back tonight. You don’t have to wait for me for dinner.”

With that, he departed from the villa, Apparating to a secluded location.

Upon reappearing, he found himself at the border of Wakanda, an ostensibly impoverished country in eastern Africa but concealed the most advanced technology on Earth.

Wakanda’s wealth stemmed from vibranium, a rare metal discovered thousands of years ago when a meteorite struck nearby.

The Wakandans developed advanced technologies based on vibranium.

Wakanda concealed the entire country to safeguard its technology and avoid outside wars.

Occasionally, they sold vibranium at a high price, and even Captain America’s shield was crafted from vibranium bought by Howard Stark from Wakanda.

Jerry’s visit to Wakanda aimed to purchase some vibranium and upgrade twelve sets of golden armor with Uru metal, which Thor had brought back from Asgard.

The Ancient One would depart this world in a few months, and the new Supreme Mage, Doctor Strange, would come into power.

During that transition, the Dimensional Demon God Dormammu would threaten Earth.

Jerry wanted to test his current strength and determine his chances against Dormammu, who would invade Earth from his own dimension.

It was a significant test for Jerry to test his spells against Dormammu from all the power and spells he accumulated in his journey throughout the worlds.

Jerry felt that his current magical strength was not significantly inferior to The Ancient One’s, and he might even surpass The Ancient One in terms of spell power.

The Ancient One had relied on the power of the three Sanctuaries to repel Dormammu. Still, Jerry considered that he might be able to take on Dormammu without needing external help.

It was important to remember that his strength had been reduced when Dormammu left his dark dimension and invaded Earth.

Additionally, he still possessed the Power Stone and the Reality Stone.

Jerry’s decision to upgrade twelve sets of golden armor was part of his preparation to face Dormammu.

He wanted to increase his chances of success in the battle. While his physical body was strong, even stronger than Thor’s, it was still relatively his weakest point.

However, since becoming a disaster demon, his physical strength had improved significantly, and it might even rival his upgraded golden armor.

But he had used demon power for that, and his own magic power was still more potent.

The disaster demon was renowned for physical strength, not magic.

While the demon power in his body was considerable, it didn’t compare to demons known for their magical abilities.

As Jerry walked toward the Wakanda border, a group of Wakandans wearing cloaks and riding horses, resembling nomads, appeared before him.

The leading soldier, dismounting, blocked his path and said, “Excuse me, sir, the front is Wakanda, and non-citizens of our country are not allowed to enter.”

Jerry smiled politely and responded, “I’m Wizard of the Avengers. If you have any questions or need to speak with your king, please convey my message.”

Knowing that Wakanda was a highly closed country, Jerry had chosen not to Apparate directly into the nation.

Instead, he was politely requesting entry from outside.

He understood that with Wakanda’s advanced technology, the border guards would easily detect him as long as he didn’t hide using magic.

Despite their appearance, riding horses and wearing cloaks, these border guards were not as they seemed.

The cloaks they wore released energy protection fields, making them impervious to conventional weapons.

Their vibranium knives were incredibly sharp, capable of cutting through modern bulletproof vests and shields with ease.

The Wakandan frontier team of about a dozen soldiers standing before Jerry could easily outmatch even the world’s top special forces.

They were also likely to have reported the situation to the Border Guard headquarters using invisible drone-like devices.

In the event of a battle here, a significant number of Wakandan guards would likely be killed.

While Jerry didn’t see these guards as a threat, he preferred to resolve matters peacefully in line with his principles.

“The Wizard in flesh, Avenger!” the leader of the Wakandan squad exclaimed as he heard Jerry’s words.

His expression shifted from one of surprise to recognition.

Despite Wakanda’s relatively closed nature, they maintained control over external information, and they even had a dedicated espionage agency to collect information from the outside world.

Their citizens could also apply to travel abroad, as long as they were cautious not to reveal Wakanda’s secrets.

The leading squad leader had a sister who had recently gone on a trip to Sokovia with friends.

She had experienced a robot attack by Ultron and was ultimately rescued by the Avengers.

This experience had familiarized the leading squad leader with the Avengers, though he was taken aback to see a male wizard before him.

Observing the change in the squad leader’s demeanor, Jerry understood the situation and decided to transform it into Hermione’s appearance.

He said, “That’s right, exactly!”

The leader’s expression softened as he realized Jerry’s true identity, and he subtly signaled his team members.

The status of a wizard was not to be taken lightly, and the decision to allow entry was beyond the purview of a mere border soldier.

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Published On: November 19, 2023

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