“I think he’s still holding himself back. Otherwise, no one should be alive now. “Steve crawled out of the pit with difficulty, coughed, and replied to Tony weakly. Obviously, when Jerry attacked them, he held himself back a little, or they would not be seriously injured or even dead. In other words, Jerry was stronger than they thought. “I guess it’s up to her to finish it off.” Tony shook his head and smiled and sat down on the ground. Jerry didn’t say this, but they generally understood that this show was for the Avengers to no longer be monitored in the future but also to train Aisha, who had joined the Avengers. If she hadn’t joined the Avengers, Jerry wouldn’t necessarily have bothered to do this. It is precisely because of this that Jerry is powerful and terrifying. Tony and Steve have never regarded him as a threat. Mainly because of what Jerry has done in the past, and the other is because they feel that a person who is full of love for his family cannot be so evil in his heart. “I didn’t expect that there are still strong people like you. However, you can’t defeat me.” Jerry’s clone vomited a mouthful of blood and then looked at Aisha, who was still in the air, “Now it’s up to you!” Aisha was a little frightened at this time, looked at Jerry, and her eyes suddenly lit up. She just thought that everyone’s joint attack did not cause damage to the demon, and she was a little desperate. The demon had already spilled out blood, indicating that everyone’s attack just now played a role. Maybe the demon is now seriously injured. As long as she made a series of attacks, she may win. Everyone watching the live broadcast realized this and cheered for her. “Hey, is there any more powerful magic that can defeat the demon lord?” Aisha hurriedly asked the Four Auspicious Beasts that were guarding her. They glanced at each other, knowing that it was time to say the lines explained by their master. “Yes, the Great Carmen has a very powerful magic that can release a kind of ruthless ice that freezes everything. If you can cast it, the demon there can be completely frozen.” “That’s the powerful magic?” When she heard this, she was immediately excited. She didn’t expect that they knew something about such strong magic, but they hadn’t told her about it before. “This is the strongest magic of the Great Carmen. With your current strength, it is extremely difficult to unleash it, and the probability of success is less than one percent.” When Aisha heard this, her heart suddenly froze. There is only less than a 1% success rate, and she has no time to try it out. But if she doesn’t make a move, everyone will be killed. “However, it is not impossible to increase the success rate.” Aisha rekindled hope in her heart, “How to increase the success rate?” “It’s based on belief, you have to have a strong belief, and the rest is up to the spell. There is no specific spell for this magic. You can use the most familiar words and spells you know, which can greatly improve your success rate.” “My most familiar spell?” Aisha murmured, and an idea came to her mind instantly. When it comes to the most familiar magic spell, it is not the spell she used various magic in the past two years. But the magic spell she used to play with her brother every time when she was a child. She had recited that spell since she was a child and had recited it countless times. At that time, as long as she used this spell, the demon played by her brother would be defeated by her. As a child, she always believed that the spell existed. “Go on, read it out loud. As long as you believe it, you can do it.” “I’m unbeatable. No one can defeat me! “Jerry laughed and jumped up toward Aisha. At this time, she looked at the demon below. For some reason, she thought of her brother. She slowly closed her eyes, pointed the wand in her hand at the demon who rushed over, and chanted a familiar incantation: “At my command, the Ice and Snow that resides in a remote extreme cold region arrives here. Oh, the freezing blizzard! Whiten everything to resemble snow! Freeze Sealing Formation!” As her incantation fell, all of the mahjong tiles instantly flew out of her body and then turned storm and rained upon Jerry. The Auspicious Beasts also flew to the top of Jerry’s head. In an instant, a huge formation took shape, wrapping him in it. “What is this? What is going on? Why can’t I move?” Jerry screamed in panic as he did when he was a child as if he was really bound by a powerful energy. “In the name of the Snow Queen, I seal you, demon lord from the abyss!” When she opened her eyes, solid ice immediately began to appear under Jerry’s feet, and the solid ice quickly froze up. “I didn’t expect you humans to have such a powerful magic. I may lose today, but there will always be next time. I will come out and reign all over you.” In the last second, Jerry said his last line, and then an inexplicable smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Looking at the smile on the corner of the completely frozen Demon Lord’s mouth, Aisha was inexplicably stunned and then murmured in a low voice: “Ugh, what an ugly smile.” The demon lord fell to the ground from the air, turned into countless ice crystals, and dissipated in the air. The dark magic circle that had been in mid-air also disappeared at the moment when the demon shattered. The sky returned to its original again. “They did it!” At this time, all the people watching the live broadcast cheered loudly when they saw that the demon lord was killed. The Avengers saved the world once again.

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