“Do we really want to fight with all of our strength?” The battle was about to break out, and Thor joined the chat group.

“Jerry said to go all out, or they won’t believe us.” Steve tightened the shield in his hand.

Originally, he didn’t really like things like acting. He preferred real battles, just like he didn’t like to perform on the stage back then and preferred to be on the battlefield. But after being unable to do that for so long, he might go all out.

“Alright, I’d also like to know if we are all together to test Jerry.”

Tony started the latest development of Mark 46 with new and bleeding-edge technology. Although it was just a show this time, he wanted to see if Jerry was really qualified to be the supervisor of the Avengers now and in the future.

Therefore, he took out the strongest suit he had.

“Go and destroy them, my loyal army of demons!” With a big wave of Jerry’s hand, the densely packed soldiers waved their weapons and swarmed toward the Avengers.

“Attack with all your strength. Don’t let these demons enter the city!” Looking at the charging demons, Steve roared.

The two sides fought. Various attacks, such as laser guns, energy cannons, lightning, magic, shields, spider silk, etc., exploded.

The demons he summons are in the form of energy. Its main attack method is to use a weapon in its hand to carry out physical attacks and absorb the soul of the enemy after being defeated.

Jerry won’t let them absorb the soul of the Avengers, so the demons now rely on the weapons in their hands to attack. But even so, it made the Avengers struggle a bit.

“Hahaha, all of you can’t even beat the demon army I summoned. It’s na├»ve for you to try and stop me.” Jerry stood behind.

He must not let the Avengers handle the battle so easily. He had already made a decision in his heart. Except for his sister, everyone else had to exert most of their power to be able to fight on.

“Come on, Avengers!” As the battle heats up, everyone who is watching the live broadcast has their hearts lifted.

They looked at the screen nervously, cheered on, prayed, and were no longer upset about their existence. They were all looking forward to the Avengers breaking through the endless demon army and attacking the Demon Lord.

However, they could clearly feel that the Avengers were at a disadvantage.

Iron Man, War Machine, and Falcon flying in the air were smashed to the ground by a group of demons with the big hammer.

Hulk was trapped by hundreds of demons and got hit multiple times from every direction. If Thor hadn’t arrived in time to help, he would have been dead. Captain America, Star-Lord, and the Winter Soldier are also having trouble.

The only ones who were doing good were Aisha.

Because Aisha can not only release magic, but she has protection from the Four Auspicious Beasts so that the enemy can’t get close to her at all.

In addition, an Avenger didn’t participate in the battle. It’s the Wizard. He has been flying high in the sky from the beginning. The demon lord’s words made everyone watching the live broadcast mood drop to the lowest point.

“I can continuously summon an army of demons from hell. No matter how many you kill, it’s useless. You will die of exhaustion. When you die, my demon will kill all the human beings in this world and bring their souls to me.”

No matter how powerful the Avengers are, they will lose sooner or later. Not to mention that the demon lord himself has not made a move.

But just when everyone fell into despair, the Wizard in mid-air finally opened his eyes.

A light magic circle that was twice the size of the dark magic circle formed instantly, and countless white lights bloomed from the magic circle. Those demons disappeared under the illumination of white light.

“I used the strongest light magic to temporarily imprison all the abilities of the demon lord. He can no longer summon his demon army from hell and can’t escape. Take advantage of this situation and quickly attack him!”

Jerry stood above the magic circle, pressing his hands on the magic circle, looking like he was struggling to maintain the magic circle, and shouted to the Avengers.

All those who watched the live broadcast understood that the Wizard didn’t just stand there but was preparing a powerful magic.

Hearing that the Wizard could restrain the demon lord and his armies, a light of hope rose in everyone’s heart. Although, this kind of magic does not exist at all.

Jerry turned over an enlarged version of the Lumos Spell and then took advantage of the situation.

If he doesn’t do anything, he can’t explain why the Wizard doesn’t take part in the battle, and there’s no way for everyone to win this fight.

“I didn’t expect that there could be a wizard among human beings who can display such a powerful power. It takes such a pure, kind, and righteous mind to be able to use such magic. Who are you?” The demon lord, who was shrouded in light at this time, looked at the Wizard in the air with a shocked expression.

Hearing the demon lord’s words, all the people watching the live broadcast were suddenly in awe.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is that I spent ten years of my life perfecting all of my magic. You’re dead to me now.”

When they heard that the Wizard spent ten years on it, everyone lamented the greatness of the Wizard. Some people have made a secret decision in their hearts. If someone speaks ill of the Wizard in the future, no matter who it is, they are dead.

Tony crawled out of the dirt below, watching Jerry in the demon form and Jerry’s clones playing against each other.

“He really did that, huh?”

“It’s a good act. At least people would believe it.” Steve retrieved his shield and shrugged.

After this war, the Avengers should no longer be constrained by governments around the world.

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Published On: November 18, 2023

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