In a remote location on the outskirts of London. A huge magic circle with various mysterious runes suddenly appeared high in the sky.

The wind whistled, and the wind and clouds changed color. The strange magic circle made everyone who saw it for the first time tremble in their hearts. Under the magic circle, all the living creatures seemed to sense something and quickly fled into the distance.

Larger animals, such as snakes, mice, and dogs, and smaller ones, such as spiders, grasshoppers, fleas, and even earthworms, struggle to squeeze out of the soil. This unusual phenomenon was soon discovered by the government and military, who had been vigilant.

Today is the day the demon said he will reappear, and according to the words left by the demon, he may appear in any city on Earth. Therefore, today’s major cities are on full alert, especially the capital cities of various countries.

All people on Earth are also putting down their work today, waiting for this war that will determine the fate of mankind. In the current situation in the suburbs of London, as long as you are not a fool, you can guess that the demon must be coming.

“It’s here? Hurry up and inform Mr. Stark!” The General in charge of London’s defense looked at the huge magic circle and couldn’t help but curse.

There are so many countries and cities on the Earth, and it just happens that his city is the target.

Since it has already happened, they can only notify the Avengers as soon as possible according to the defense plan formulated by the United Nations and evacuate all nearby residents.

Fortunately, the place where the magic circle appeared is relatively remote, and there are really not many people living there.

At the same time, in the sky above the huge black magic circle. Jerry was in an invisible state, looked at the evacuated residents, nodded secretly, and began to cast magic.

“Images of Ikonn!”

In an instant, a figure separated from his body. Images of Ikonn is an avatar magic that Jerry had previously learned from Kamar Taj. Many physical clones can be made to form a favorable situation.

The clone and the main body share a magic power. But because it is a magical body, the defense is not strong, and if the main body is attacked, it will disappear instantly.

Previously, Jerry divided thousands at a time and carried out a large-scale attack. However, he didn’t use this to fight but to allow the Avengers to have their own moment defeating demons.

While manipulating the clone to open the portal to the Avengers base, he began using magic and became a demon again.

He chose London as the battlefield because he had heard Tony say that when the United Nations made the agreement, the United Kingdom was the one who heavily supported the agreement.

Now is the time to scare them and let their people experience the importance of the Avengers.

As for this huge magic circle that exudes a dark aura, it’s only for a show.

The main purpose is to prepare everyone in advance and also to let the people leave quickly so as to avoid accidental injury.

Although it is only for a show, it can’t be too fake. Whether it is a member of the Avengers who knows or does not know, when it comes time to attack him, they will definitely go all out.

He would do a counter-attack but don’t kill them. Only in this way can all human beings understand the importance of the Avengers and the degree of danger.

Even if someone knows the truth of the whole thing in the future and exposes it, it is estimated that most people will not believe it and will only think that it is an accusation.

“I am the demon lord from hell. Mankind, are you ready for your death?”

The huge black magic circle suddenly released a dazzling light, and then the terrifying demon appeared again. With the demon’s appearance, everyone found that a huge circle of fire also appeared in the direction opposite the demon.

Captain America with a shield, Iron Man in a steel suit, Thor with his hammer, Dr. Banner who turned into a Hulk, Black Widow in her suit, and Aisha with her wand.

As well as Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision and Winter Soldier, Star-Lord, Gamora, Nebula, Drax, Rocket, and Groot. Finally, the newly added Spider-Man and Ant-Man to the team.

One by one, they all came out of the fire ring one after another. Ant-Man was recruited by Tony to the Avengers just yesterday afternoon.

As for why Ant-Man was recruited into the Avengers easily, it is very simple. Given that he doesn’t have a good full-time job, Tony made him an offer to be part of the team and get paid a lot.

Ant-Man happens to be short of money, so he accepts.

“Demon Lord, we will not let you hurt any of us. The world will be guarded by us, and you should go back to your place.” Captain America held a shield, stood at the front, and said loudly.

Tony next to him couldn’t help but whisper in the communicator, “This line is a bit embarrassing. Thank God I’m not the one who needs to say it since Steve just does it naturally.”

“Since I became Captain America, doing all of those speeches and performances around the country in the name of the nation most of the time, in front of everyone. This is nothing compared to those embarrassing speeches I do.”

Steve’s expression remained unchanged, and he whispered back to Tony.

When he was forced to do that, he not only had to read a lot of scripted speeches but also danced along with them and performed stage plays. Which was more difficult than doing this.

“All of you humans are no match for me. Attack them!” Jerry laughed loudly, used the magic he learned from Jose, and summoned a large group of soldiers that looked like demons.

At the same time, Aisha silently took out her crown and put it on her head.

For some reason, she felt that at this moment, if she didn’t wear the crown, it just didn’t feel right when banishing those demons.

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Published On: November 17, 2023

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