“Peggy, did you hear that? A wizard can save you. You’ll be alright. Whether you want to return to life or continue on your path, a wizard can assist you.”

Steve approached Peggy’s bedside, holding her hand gently, his voice tender as he explained.

But upon hearing Steve’s words, Peggy smiled and slowly responded with the last of her strength.

“Thank you, Steve, but I don’t choose either. I’ve lived my life well with my own children and family. What matters now is you, Steve. I hope you can move forward, find your happiness, and leave the past behind.”

“But, Peggy, I…”

Steve attempted to persuade her, but Peggy lifted her hand and gently placed it on his cheek before he could finish.

“Steve, please don’t persuade me further. I made this decision long ago, even before Nick considered using S.H.I.E.L.D.’s biotechnology to extend my life, which I also declined. We shouldn’t be too greedy in life. I’m content to have seen you again in the last few years of this world. I’m happy to have you here with me until the end.”

“Alright, Peggy, I’ll be with you until the end.”

Steve held Peggy’s hand, a resolve in his voice, determined to respect her choice. Jerry, who had been standing beside them, let out a quiet sigh.

It was a rare quality to be willing to face death calmly when the opportunity for rejuvenation and extended life was present.

In Jerry’s eyes, such decisions were not within the realm of the ordinary.

While he himself had an insatiable curiosity and desire to explore the mysteries of the world and the universe, he understood and respected the uniqueness of each person’s experiences, thoughts, and choices.

Peggy’s serenity in the face of death could be attributed to her advanced ideological maturity and, perhaps, her ability to move forward after Steve’s disappearance.

Jerry had watched two T.V. series about Agent Carter in the world of the apprentice magician, one of which depicted her life after Steve was frozen.

It became apparent that after Steve’s freeze, Peggy had initially grappled with his absence but later moved on.

She achieved career success and love in her life, finding fulfillment.

Though it was a bittersweet ending, she ultimately had the chance to see Steve again.

If she were to regain her youth, it would mean they would be different people and not the couple they once were.

Jerry believed that Carter was fully aware of this.

“Peggy!” Steve cried for her name, but alas, she already passed peacefully with a calm look on her face.

After sharing her final words, Peggy passed away with a peaceful smile.

Steve, the renowned Captain America, wept for the love of his life. Despite the physical changes, his affection for Carter had never wavered.

“Steve, my condolences.”

Half an hour later, with Carter’s body being respectfully carried away by her niece’s arrangements, Jerry approached the still-silent and grieving Steve, offering a comforting touch on the shoulder and a few words of solace.

Steve, after taking a moment to compose himself, spoke to Jerry, acknowledging his efforts:

“Jerry, I’m sorry for making you come all this way.”

Jerry shrugged, finding the outcome quite favorable.

He contemplated the possibilities, knowing that Steve could utilize the time machine to visit the parallel universe where he had been frozen.

In that alternate timeline, Steve could still share a dance with Peggy, continuing a happy life.

He recalled how it had played out in the movie, where he returned to the main universe after Peggy’s passing, even bringing back the shield from the parallel universe.

These thoughts led Jerry to ponder the Pym particles that could venture into the quantum realm, recognizing the potential they held.

While his time magic and converter allowed for trips into the past, they had limitations in terms of how far back they could go, unlike the Pym particles.

However, his primary interest wasn’t time travel; rather, it was the prospect of exploring the quantum realm which fascinated him.

He wondered if delving into the quantum realm might offer insights that could aid in his magical ascension.

He shifted the conversation to Scott Lang, asking Steve, “Have you encountered someone recently who possesses the ability to shrink and become as small as an ant? I’m thinking of the hero known as Ant-Man. I recall that he might have crossed paths with the Avengers and taken the signal disguiser.”

Steve appeared surprised by this revelation and responded, “Yes, a man named Scott, who calls himself Ant-Man, came to our base to steal something a while ago. He had a run-in with your sister, Wanda, who used her magic to prevent him from shrinking, and we apprehended him. It was later determined by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony that he was a former S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist tasked with recovering a signal disguiser he invented. Tony is considering inviting him to join the Avengers. Do you know him?”

Without revealing much, Jerry simply replied with a smile, “I have some business with him.”

Without delving further into the matter, Steve suggested, “If you need to contact him, Tony has all the information about Scott. You could ask him for a way to reach out.”

Jerry nodded, then bid farewell to Steve, Apparating back to his New York villa.

The issue of exploring quantum space could wait, as the technology to safely venture into the quantum realm had yet to be developed, notably the device required by Dr. Pym.

Prioritizing their impending mission, Jerry decided it was best to complete their preparations for the show within the next two days.

Afterward, they would head to Wakanda to obtain the valuable Vibranium.

Once that was secured, they planned to utilize the Uru metal recently retrieved from the treasure house of God’s Realm by Thor to enhance their twelve sets of gold armor.

With the funeral service held in London on the following day, Jerry paid his last respects to Carter.

Then, on the third day, the long-anticipated battle between the Avengers and the Abyss Demon, a global event capturing humanity’s attention, unfolded as planned.

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Published On: November 17, 2023

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