“Three hours after 117 world leaders unanimously voted this morning to repeal the Superhero Regulatory Protocol, the U.N. Secretary-General issued a public apology to all members of the Avengers. Hope is rekindled that the Avengers will reassemble to assist humanity in overcoming the crisis posed by the Demons.”

“According to the latest reports, Iron Man, Tony Stark has responded positively, and the Avengers are willing to be the final and most potent safeguard for Earth’s safety. They have already begun to regroup. We will ensure our safety in just two days and fight to protect the planet. Everyone is rallying behind the Avengers’ reunion, the panic is subsiding, and life is returning to normal.”

In the living room of their New York residence, Jerry was engrossed in reading Fairy Tail comics while watching news reports on T.V. with Aisha.

He recognized that, for a long time to come, at least until their generation fades, nobody would be foolish enough to provoke the Avengers again after this incident.

“Oh yes!” On the other hand, Aisha was already excited and clenched her small pink fist secretly.

Since becoming a magician, the most formidable opponent she had encountered was the super-powered individual who once tried to control her mind.

This was promptly resolved with the help of Peter and the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

However, the Demon that had appeared this time was an extraordinary entity, and it was time for her, a magician, to truly showcase her abilities.

Unbeknownst to her, she would be fighting side by side with her idol, the wizard sister. The mere thought thrilled her.

Yet, for some unexplainable reason, Aisha couldn’t shake the feeling that the threatening warnings the Demon had uttered on the live broadcast day seemed oddly familiar.

From the moment he appeared to when he left, the tone of the speech pattern felt like it had been heard before.

She thought it resembled her brother, who often played the role of a devil lord when they were children.

However, upon closer examination, she dismissed it as an illusion.

Demons, she reckoned, were inherently sinister, and their speech was understandably malevolent.

Then, a thought crossed her mind, and she turned to Jerry with keen curiosity, “Brother, how’s your conversation with that girl, Hermione? Have you gone on a date yet?”

Jerry replied, “Things are going well. We haven’t met in person yet. By the way, I forgot to ask you, how did your final exam results turn out before the holidays?”

Aisha, her cheerful expression dimming, quickly waved her hand, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Oh, I nearly forgot, I invited Annie and Susan to a volunteering event today. Gotta go!”

Without waiting for further questions, Aisha leaped off the sofa, put on her shoes, grabbed her school bag, and made a hasty exit.

Jerry, unfazed by her abrupt departure, smiled and shook his head. “Well, can’t change that about her.”

He had stopped bothering about Aisha’s exam results. She had chosen the path of an Avenger, destined for a far-from-ordinary life, and that brought her happiness.

Now alone at home, since Aisha had left, Jerry resumed his comics reading.

Belle was at the hospital for a check-up with Haas and wasn’t expected home for a few hours.

Jerry was all alone, spending his time with reading before the mirror glowed. Captain America is calling for him.

“Steve is looking for me? That’s unusual.”

Upon noticing the glowing magic mirror hanging from his waist, Jerry knew that Captain America was trying to reach him.

“Normally, Tony and Thor are the ones who seek me out. Steve hasn’t contacted me since Nick was injured that year.”

“What’s going on, Steve? Another problem with the U.N.?” Jerry asked with a smile.

“No, Jerry, can you come to London now? I need your help to save Carter. The doctor says she’s dying!”

Steve, usually unyielding and resolute, had red eyes now, almost as if he’d been crying.

Jerry nodded and, using the magic mirror, Apparated next to Steve.

“Don’t worry, Steve. Take me to see Ms. Carter. I can save her.”

Jerry’s calm assurance filled Steve’s heart with hope.

Unlike the previous situation with Thor’s girlfriend, Jane, who had cancer, Carter didn’t have any disease.

Her condition was merely due to advanced age, her body functions reaching their natural limit.

In simpler terms, it was the end of her life, dying of old age.

In this situation, a cure was virtually impossible. But, holding onto a glimmer of hope, Steve reached out to Jerry.

When they reached the hospital’s special ward, the ninety-five-year-old Carter lay on the bed, on the brink of death.

Her niece, Agent 13 of S.H.I.E.L.D.S.H.I.E.L.D., Sharon Carter, was at her side.

“Steve, I have two options to save Ms. Carter. The first involves her drinking a special potion I’ve prepared, which would halt her decline and grant her another ten years of life. She’d need to take the potion every decade to sustain her life. However, albeit more slowly, her body will continue to age, and she’d remain bedridden.” Jerry explained while looking at Peggy with a sorry expression.

Slowly, he turned toward Steve, “The second option is more drastic. It involves ending her life, extracting some of her flesh and bones, preserving her soul, and then resurrecting her using special magic. Upon rebirth, she would return to her youthful appearance, with a life expectancy similar to that of a normal person.” He continued with a somber tone.

Jerry glanced at Peggy, one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D.S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America’s first love, lying in the hospital bed and explained the two options to Steve.

The first solution entailed using the magic stone to create the elixir of longevity and giving it directly to Carter, a straightforward method.

The second approach was more complex, utilizing the resurrection magic and potions he had learned from Voldemort.

The process involved reanimating a person.

Jerry had conducted extensive research and experiments, discovering that it was possible to achieve rebirth without the typical conditions of needing the bones of relatives, blood of enemies, and flesh of servants.

Instead, it involved using the deceased person’s flesh, bones, and soul, along with the rebirth potion and specific incantations.

Steve was taken aback by the options presented, especially the prospect of Carter regaining her youthful appearance.

He promptly approached Carter, outlining the two alternatives. While he leaned towards the second option, the ultimate decision lay with Carter herself.

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Published On: November 16, 2023

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