In the face of the President’s furious outburst, even high-level officials such as the Vice President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of State remained speechless.

The original agreement had been conceived by a group of individuals led by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State.

The group of military leaders, led by the Secretary of Defense, aimed to gain control over the formidable force of the Avengers.

Some among them even harbored intentions of subjecting the Avengers to human experiments in an attempt to replicate their extraordinary abilities within the ranks of the military.

On the other hand, the members of the Secretary of State’s faction were deeply concerned that the expanding influence of the Avengers might jeopardize their existing privileges or hinder them from pursuing their personal interests.

While the Avengers’ original mission revolved around protecting the Earth and upholding justice, these high-ranking government officials were primarily motivated by their self-interests.

Justice served as a superficial shield to placate the general public, but their paramount concern remained their vested interests.

For instance, when their interests dictated sanctions against a particular nation or the initiation of a war, the Avengers’ interference posed a significant inconvenience.

They repeatedly suggested to the President that the burgeoning Avengers group be incorporated into the official system and placed under their supervision, but the President vehemently rejected the proposal.

This refusal to align with the President’s stance had left numerous high-ranking government officials deeply dissatisfied with the new President.

Despite the President’s substantial authority within the nation, decisions conflicting with the interests of the majority of high-level officials were subject to considerable checks and balances.

Without the President’s approval, it was impossible to openly and directly control the Avengers.

Due to the global influence of the Avengers Alliance and the presence of individuals like wizards, Thor, and the Hulk, any direct confrontation with them would be catastrophic, and their actions could not be discreetly resolved.

Hence, a solution was devised behind the President’s back – a collaboration with other nations and their like-minded high-level leaders who shared similar apprehensions.

This clandestine effort resulted in the current regulatory agreement, a strategy designed to stir public sentiment, wield moral persuasion, and force the Avengers into compliance.

Their collective perspective was that success would be ideal.

Once these formidable Avengers were placed under United Nations supervision, they would be one step away from being supervised by them.

If this strategy failed, the current situation was also deemed acceptable. At the very least, the disbanded Avengers would no longer pose a threat.

However, they never anticipated that a formidable adversary would emerge less than a week after the Avengers disbanded.

Moreover, the Avengers, who had always championed justice, were reluctant to intervene once again due to their prior agreement.

“I don’t think there’s a need to be overly concerned. We can’t be certain whether this creature calling itself a demon is indeed a demon. Furthermore, despite its robust defense, its ability to cause significant damage to the city is uncertain. Our top combatants are enhanced versions of the Hulk, and they can potentially counter this threat.”

“We could potentially evacuate citizens in advance and take more time to study this creature. We might uncover its weaknesses and defeat it decisively. I’ve already arranged for General Ross, who has experience dealing with the Hulk. This situation might not necessarily be a bad thing. We may gain unexpected benefits if we can successfully eliminate this powerful creature and conduct experiments on its body.”

The Minister of Defense contemplated for a moment, and his tone grew more assured. However, as he finished speaking, the demon in the video, moving toward Washington, suddenly came to a halt.

“You foolish humans, don’t attempt to use your feeble power to challenge me. You should patiently await your souls being devoured by me. Today, I shall show you what true power is!”

With those words, the demon opened its mouth wide and directed its attention to a 400-meter-high mountain in the distance.

A colossal black beam of energy erupted from its mouth.

There was a thunderous explosion, and the mountain in the video simply vanished, leaving behind an abyss-like crater.

It’s worth noting that the most potent weapons in humanity’s arsenal are nuclear weapons, yet their primary effects consist of high temperatures, extreme pressures, radiation, and long-lasting radioactive contamination.

Provided you can sufficiently bury yourself deep underground, you can, to some extent, avoid their effects.

However, this demon’s filial piety represented a devastating attack. It would prove lethal unless you were hundreds of meters beneath the ground.

If unleashed within a city, it was likely to obliterate countless skyscrapers, causing extensive destruction.

“Now, our only option may be to employ small nuclear devices,” the Minister of Defense said through gritted teeth, voicing his suggestion with great difficulty.

Where he had previously held some confidence, observing the demon’s ability to easily annihilate a mountain made him realize that the previous plan to catch the creature with a high-rise building upon entering the city was utterly impossible.

Therefore, he proposed the most extreme approach—using a small nuclear bomb to preemptively strike the demon before it entered the city, minimizing potential harm.

“Hey, it’s finally here,” Jerry remarked as he watched the oncoming nuclear warhead.

He displayed no surprise at all.

Jerry had assumed the form of a demon this time, and the purpose of allowing Vision to control the network for a global live broadcast was quite simple: he wanted the world to understand that government military and weaponry alone were insufficient to protect them.

Even the most formidable weapon, a nuclear bomb, wasn’t all that effective.

The recent decimation of the military forces and the demon’s formidable display of power had already showcased his strength.

Now, he simply aimed to invoke despair in every human on Earth.


Jerry silently recited the incantation, and a black light flashed. His enormous demon body vanished instantly, and when it reappeared, he was already beside the rapidly approaching nuclear bomb in the distance.

Jerry had employed his immense demon power to Apparate next to the bomb.

Subsequently, he lightly gestured toward the nuclear bomb, and black smoke enveloped it, causing the bomb to disappear in an instant.

Jerry had not been sure whether the explosive power of a small nuclear bomb could obliterate Deliora’s form before trying it.

Thus, he had opted to play it safe, employing the demon’s power to cast a Transfiguration Spell, turning the nuclear warhead into air and eliminating any chance of it detonating.

At this moment, everyone who witnessed the situation through the satellite live broadcast felt an immediate sense of relief.

This demon possessed the capability to teleport and effortlessly neutralize a nuclear bomb.

How could they possibly contend with such a foe?

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Published On: November 14, 2023

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