Due to the disbandment of the Avengers, Aisha will no longer be able to go to the base for training and missions. Because of the United Nations regulations, she can no longer go out to fight crime as before and can only stay at home during this holiday.

However, she is not very worried about the disbandment because before, Steve told her that it was only temporary. The Avengers will not be disbanded so easily.

“It’s almost time to execute the plan.” After Haas returned, Jerry checked the time and turned off the computer in his hand.

“I have something to go out and come back later.” After saying goodbyes, Jerry left the villa and Apparated in place.

When he reappeared, he had come to the suburbs 100 kilometers away from Washington. He chanted a spell, incited magic power, and began to change.

After a while, his body changed for a while, transforming into the appearance of Deliora. Now, he can’t use the power like Mirajane, but receiving a portion size of Deliora’s power is not a big problem.

“I am a demon from hell. I will devour the souls of all human beings!” After adding an Amplifying Charm to himself, Deliora’s unique demonic voice spread out from around Jerry’s mouth.

Feeling that the effect was not bad, he shouted all kinds of scary words while striding toward the direction of New York City. The time is now 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and the sky is dark, so the 18-meter-high demon that Jerry transforms into can be seen by anyone.

It was also quickly spotted by vehicles driving on the nearby highway.

Because of the Amplifying Charm, his voice traveled quite far. Even if many people did not see him, they would subconsciously drive towards him when they heard the voice, wanting to see what happened.

“Oh my god, is that a demon?”

“What happened to this world? There were angels first, and now there are demons?”

“Is this the police? I saw a huge demon, and it said that it wanted to destroy human beings. I’m not lying to you. I’m not on drugs. He’s walking towards Washington. Hello? Don’t hang up!”

“Quick, take a photo and post it on Facebook. I must be the first to take a video of the demon. I’m going to be popular!”

When they saw the sudden appearance of the demon, most people were so frightened that they turned around, ran away, and called the police. Some weirdos carefully followed with their mobile phones and took videos.

Jerry pretended he didn’t see it. He needed these guys to spread the video on the Internet.

About 20 minutes later, when they were still 50 kilometers from New York City, gunships and tanks finally appeared.

“That was quick.” Facing those gunships and tanks, Jerry was not afraid at all.

The most powerful aspect of Deliora is its abnormally strong physical defense and recovery ability. Among modern weapons, except for the possibility of nuclear bombs, ordinary technological weapons cannot break his defenses at all.

But even a nuclear bomb poses no threat to Jerry. Although he transformed into the appearance and possessed all the abilities of Deliora, he was not just Deliora. He was also an almighty wizard.

Therefore, all his magic can still be used as usual.

Jerry didn’t even break a hair after the bombardment.

He took a few big strides to the front of the tanks, lifted his foot, and kicked all the tanks, and all the soldiers in the tank were dragged out by him. As for the helicopters in the sky that fired missiles and machine guns at him, he didn’t let them go.

Waving with his claws, those helicopters were destroyed instantly, and the soldiers inside were thrown into the ring world by Jerry.

“These human weapons are useless to me at all. I can easily devour all of your people’s souls.”

In less than a minute, the army that was urgently dispatched to intercept them was wiped out. He continued to stride toward Washington.


At the same time, the video of a demon attacking Washington quickly spread across the Internet. An unknown person also broadcasted the current live situation to the whole world so that everyone could see the scene of the huge demon easily crushing the army.

At this time, the most urgent meeting was also being held in the White House.

“What’s the situation now?” The President asked with a solemn expression.

The Ministry of Defense opened the satellite live video with some embarrassment, “At present, a large number of troops we have mobilized have been wiped out. The demon captured all the soldiers, and the powerful missiles launched at a distance didn’t have much impact. He is still continuing to go forward in this direction.”

“Since our weapons can’t deal with that demon, has the Avengers been notified?” The President continued to ask.

The Secretary of State got up awkwardly, “Mr. President, the Avengers have disbanded because they didn’t sign the agreement. I just contacted Tony, who said he was on vacation and didn’t want to help.”

“Thor also disappeared. It is said that he was disappointed with us and has returned to Asgard. Captain America, Dr. Banner, and the other Avengers have all disappeared after the previous press conference and can’t be contacted.”

“As for the Wizard, our people couldn’t get close to the area around his house at all.”

“Looking at the good things you’ve done. I said at that time, don’t make that agreement, but you still pursuing it. Don’t you think I don’t know that you made the agreement? You fear the Wizard, you fear the Avengers, and you want to take them into your own hands.”

“Well, the Avengers now disbanded. Does any of you can handle the demon that is still on its way here?” The President threw the report in his hand at the secretary.

As the newly appointed President, he cannot decide many things alone. He just took this opportunity to rectify it according to the Wizard’s plan.

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Published On: November 14, 2023

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