“Immortal?” Hearing Jerry’s words, everyone gasped.

They know that Jerry is amazing, and every time he appears, some new magics and skills amaze them, but immortality is too much. In mythology, that is something that only gods can do.

Even in Asgard, Odin, and Thor, their longest lifespan is expected to be 5,000 years.

However, looking back on Jerry’s past and his various performances, it does not sound like something he couldn’t do.

“Jerry, you managed to convince me that maybe we really shouldn’t have signed this agreement.” Tony and the other were successfully pulled back by Jerry’s words.

Jerry is there mainly because he has always played an important role in everyone’s mind. Since he does not agree to sign the agreement, the agreement will definitely not be signed. Although everyone has not said it explicitly, they all have a certain number of pressures in their hearts.

If it was another person who said the same thing, they would probably not listen to them outrightly.

“Now, the most important question is. If we all decide not to sign the agreement, the United Nations will take certain measures against us. What should we do then?” Black Widow raised her concerns.

They may have thought they could fight the Avengers by watching their families or their self-proclaimed army.

The Avengers can kill aliens and criminals, but they can’t kill the police and soldiers who are ordered by the politicians. Moreover, not all of them are selfish, and some good people really think the Avengers would be better off being supervised.

“It’s simple, leave it to me. Don’t look at me like that. I’m not going to kill them.”

Jerry told Tony, “You should hold a press conference and say that the United Nations requires the Avengers to be supervised and regulated by them, and they must sign the Agreement, or we’re not allowed to do anything.”

“Continue by saying that we didn’t want to be pawns in the hands of those politicians, and we didn’t want to sign an agreement, so we’ll disband the Avengers and return to our normal lives. As for the rest, leave the rest to me.”

It is very simple to solve this problem peacefully, letting everyone in the world know the importance of the Avengers and know that the Avengers are needed.

At that time, those people from the United Nations would cancel the agreement, apologize, and ask the Avengers to regroup.


A week later.

“Jerry, Aisha. I’ll take Belle to the hospital for a check-up. Do you have anything you need? I’m going to the supermarket and buying something when we return.” Haas stood at the door and asked.

Belle’s due date has been less than a month, and Haas will take her to the hospital for some routine examinations whenever she is free shortly.

“No need, be safe on your way there.” Jerry paused the video on the computer and replied.

Aisha was lying on the sofa, eating potato chips and looking bored. When the door to the living room was closed, Aisha turned over and jumped up from her sofa, then strode to Jerry’s sofa and said,

“Jerry, did she call you? How are you guys doing, and when will you go out on a date?”

Jerry is about to re-click the video with his hand, “We’re just talking. It’s not bad. How did you know her?”

“Oh, I do volunteer activities with Anne and the others before. She was very kind, and I got to know her at that time. I feel that you guys are quite a match, and she didn’t have a boyfriend yet. So I guess both of you will end up greatly.”

Jerry’s eyebrows trembled, and then he pinched Aisha’s face and said with a smile, “Thank you.”

“You should be. Let me tell you, you must be quick when it comes to dating. If you have a good conversation, you go on a date, go shopping, and then take her home after that!”

Jerry bounced off, “Don’t worry about it. By the way, why have you been staying at home lately these past few days?”

“Oh, the volunteer activities have ended recently, and I don’t know when it will start again.” Aisha sat up again.

Regarding the agreement, there has been a lot of commotion on Earth during this period of time. As long as the TV is turned on, it will always talk about that topic.

Tony held a press conference six days ago and clearly refused to sign the agreement. Therefore, the Avengers have been disbanded, and all the Avengers have returned to their normal lives and must not use their abilities to do anything.

Most of the people on Earth, under the guidance of public opinion deliberately driven by local governments, have expressed their opinions. A lot of them protested the UN’s decision to the Avengers.

However, due to the coercive measures of local governments, this voice was quickly suppressed.

The Avengers have saved the world many times. They are the superheroes in their hearts. But most of them will only stand up for the Avengers without involving their interests.

Because they are ordinary people, not superheroes.

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Published On: November 11, 2023

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