Early in the morning at two

Slowly, the door to Jerry’s room was pushed open, and a tall, hunched-over figure entered the room and walked like a sneaky thief. At this moment, it was Haas, his adoptive father.

“Is it possible that I’m overthinking things?” Haas couldn’t help mumbling to himself as he observed Jerry splayed out on the bed with half of the quilt kicked off.

After quietly exiting the room once more and closing the door behind him, Haas picked up the quilt to cover Jerry. Shortly after Hass departed, Jerry, who was laying on the bed, slowly opened his eyes.

“It appears that I must devise a strategy to entirely allay Haas’ suspicion!”

Jerry’s five senses were apparently in a highly sharp state when he was sitting on the couch earlier because he hadn’t switched off the “Refreshing” ability, making it simple to recognize Haas’ suspicion. He decided against going out to get red stars tonight out of an abundance of caution.

Haas did indeed check the room at night, as was confirmed. This also implies that Haas began to doubt his identity once more.

It’s not even that he doesn’t trust Haas. It is clear from the most recent school bus hijacking that Haas prioritizes his and Aisha’s safety over justice and his responsibility as a police officer.

Even if Haas were aware of his Wizard status, it’s unlikely that he would inform anyone or accompany him to the police station to register his identity. Haas, though, is really just a regular person. For the average person, safety increases with knowledge.

Even if Haas doesn’t admit it, once he learns that Jerry is a wizard, there is no way to know for sure that other people won’t be able to find out from him. If it’s not Jerry’s enemy, it’s alright, but Haas and Aisha will be at risk if it is Jerry’s enemy.

So, it’s best to allay Haas’s concerns for the time being rather than telling him. But what if Haas’ reservations are entirely unfounded? He is not yet proficient in the Forgetting Curse.

After thinking about it carefully, he gradually had some plans in his mind.


At the dining room table in the living room the following day.

“Why do you have two dark circles under your eyes, Dad?” Aisha pointed at Haas’ eyes while eating the browned, fried dumplings with flakes and questioned innocently.

Haas took a drink of his oatmeal and said that he stayed up late last night since a colleague had called to report the case. Jerry chuckled.

He basically returned home at three in the morning each night, waking up at seven, or sleeping for four to five hours each night.

But because of the “Refreshing,” he always goes into a deep sleep when he goes to sleep. Sleep efficiency is not on par with that of the average person, and children have rather strong minds.

Haas is getting close to 40. He is in his mid-life. He doesn’t go to bed until around two or three in the morning.

“Dad, since you and Mrs. Belle are already dating, could you kindly invite Mrs. Belle to dinner tonight?”

After a brief moment of shock, Haas instantly expressed his relief, “Okay, because it’s Friday today, I’ll leave work early. I’ll book a table in advance and take you and Mrs. Belle out to dinner.”

It was time for Mrs. Belle to visit and get to know the two kids in a different way now that they already knew about his relationship with Mrs. Belle and get to know her better.

Jerry promptly shook his head when he heard the words and said, “Going out to eat is not wise. The phrase “The ultimate level of hospitality is a family dinner” appeared in a book I once read.”

Jerry said, “Mrs. Belle will soon become one of our family. Of course, there will be more hospitality when eating at home!

“But…” Haas hesitated for a second, Jerry will have to work hard for the family supper because he doesn’t know how to cook.

“Do you believe the meals I prepare are not as delectable as those at the restaurant, Dad?” When Jerry noticed Haas hesitating, he appeared to be irate.

“How could it be? Which restaurant can my son’s food compete with? I’ll let Mrs. Belle know right now, and I appreciate you for that.” Haas quickly waved his palm in the air.

“It’s not difficult. After work in the evening, don’t forget to call me. I’ll start the dishes ahead of time so I’ll be practically finished before you and Mrs. Belle get home.”

The plan will fail if he dines out.


5:30 p.m.

*ring, ring, ring*

The living room’s telephone rang out of the blue.

“Jerry, dad is calling right now.” When Jerry heard his younger sister Aisha calling, he hastened to the living room from the kitchen where he was chopping ingredients.

“Dad, I see you’re off work, good to know. Let me start getting ready.” Jerry grinned and answered the phone before approaching Aisha.

“Do you want ice cream that can restore magic strength, Aisha?”

“I want one! Didn’t you and dad say I can’t eat that right now?”

Jerry’s statements caught Aisha’s attention as she was “flying” on a magic broom beneath the air conditioner, but she quickly expressed uncertainty.

Since she has a meal coming up and snacks are not permitted before meals, Jerry and Haas have mutually forbidden her from eating sweets during this period due to her dental problems. However, Jerry established the rules long ago.

“It’s not that your brother loves you. See if it’s been that long since you last had one. Simply put, do you want one?” Jerry embarrassedly coughed.

“I want one!” Aisha still has faith in Jerry.

After all, Jerry served her coffee yesterday while his father wasn’t looking.

“I went out and bought you ice cream, but you mustn’t tell dad. If not, you won’t be getting it again in the future!”

Jerry quickly left the room with the guitar bag after realizing that the only gap had been closed.


6:30 in the evening.

Haas, who had previously picked up Mrs. Belle, was in a good mood as he navigated the city’s highways in his police vehicle. A piece of news broke at this very moment from the vehicle radio.

“Hello, I’m Lucy, your reporter. Half past six is now. Citizens have reported that Wizard has returned since the most recent fire event. He is currently on a broomstick saving an elderly man who unluckily fell into the river. We should support him!”

Haas’s heart raced upon hearing this information, and he pressed the gas pedal.

“Why are you driving so quickly, honey?” The unexpected acceleration startled Mrs. Belle, who was riding in the passenger seat.

“It’s getting late, I worry that Jerry’s dinner will be ready soon and we won’t get there in time.” Haas casually explained.

Mrs. Belle nodded, her face displaying surprise, “I didn’t anticipate Jerry to be so well at both school and household chores at home. While he is only eleven years old.”

She sighed and said to Hass, “You should have notified me sooner, so that I may help out by getting there early.”

“Jerry refused. He promised to prepare a table of Chinese food himself as a welcome present in honor of your arrival and I don’t know if you know how to cook Chinese food.” Haas explained.

“I suppose that is true. I think my cooking skills could be inferior to Jerry’s. Do you think I can be a good mother?” Mrs. Belle experienced a brief moment of sadness.

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Published On: March 9, 2023

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