Hearing Jerry’s words, everyone opened their mouths, not knowing how to answer for a while.

It is true that if all those people are killed, there will be no agreement. But it is unreliable and impossible. They are the Avengers and superheroes who maintain justice. Everyone has their own views. How could they just agree to kill them all?

For Jerry’s suggestion, Steve could not accept it. Of course, everyone thought Jerry was joking at this point.

“I also think it’s ridiculous to sign that agreement, and killing all those people doesn’t seem very good. But I’ll support you if you really want to do that.” Among them, if one person takes it seriously, it would be Thor.

As the successor of Asgard, he lived for 1,500 years and often fought in the Nine Realms. It is estimated that the blood on his hands is not as much as his. Moreover, Asgard had a very strict class system.

According to the thinking of Asgardians, the highest status must be Odin, followed by other members of the royal family, then ordinary Asgardians, and finally, all kinds of humans and creatures from other worlds.

Therefore, in the eyes of the Asgardians, the Earth belongs to the lower realm that needs to be protected. The status of the Earth people is naturally not high in the eyes of normal Asgardians.

However, after Thor came to Earth, he developed feelings for this place. His view was a little different from normal Asgardians. He became an avenger out of a sense of responsibility.

Therefore, if he really had to choose, Jerry is his good brother, who had helped him many times. The others were high-level officials from various countries, and he would choose to stand beside Jerry.

“That’s a good proposal, but we are not murderers. I am just worried about the future. When there are more and more Avengers in the future, can we guarantee that we will be like now? If all countries in the world are monitoring together, at least the future Avengers will not deteriorate.” Tony only took Jerry’s and Thor’s words as a joke.

Jerry wasn’t joking at all, but he explained it anyway, “Tony, this is a very realistic question. If the Avengers are ordinary people, there is nothing wrong with what you said.”

“But the Avengers are not ordinary people, and it is a very absurd thing to let a group of ordinary people who like to intrigue and play various conspiracies manage us.”

“Even if we all signed an agreement, if the deteriorating behavior you mentioned really occurs, what can they do? Can they stop it?”

“Let me give another example. If one day Thor is going to deteriorate and he wants to destroy the world, what can those people do to Thor? In the end, it’s up to the rest of us to stop Thor together.”

“When the Avengers can maintain their original intentions and protect the world, they will not be able to mess with anything. There may be a situation like the previous S.H.I.E.L.D., infiltrated by Hydra, and you think you are obeying their orders to save the world when it’s actually not.”

“Therefore, they are not qualified to be the overseers of an organization like the Avengers. “

Hearing Jerry’s words, Tony was silent because he had no way to refute what Jerry said.

“Tony, let me ask you one more question. If there is another situation like the alien invasion of New York before, it’s more serious and bigger than last time. There are two options.”

“First, directly use nuclear bombs to kill all the aliens coming to New York. Second, all of us Avengers are dispatched to kill them, but there is a high probability of failure. Those aliens could attack other cities and countries as well. What do you think the U.N. will choose? “Jerry asked again.

Tony came to the answer almost without thinking, “They will definitely choose to blow up the whole of New York and the aliens.”

From the perspective of the United Nations, if sacrificing a city and its people can save everyone else, then it’s a good choice.

Jerry smiled, “But what will you do in that situation?”

Tony was silent again.

Because he knew that not only him but all the Avengers would choose the second one without hesitation, just like in Sokovia.

“It seems that you already have the answer in your heart. We and the United Nations are not the same. Even if we signed an agreement, we wouldn’t help as many people as they wanted. If you’re really worried about a future Avengers going bad, I have a suggestion.”

Jerry looked at Tony’s face and knew that he had basically been persuaded.

“What’s that?” At this time, not only Tony everyone else sat up straight.

A smile appeared on Jerry’s face, “It’s very simple. I will be the supervisor. All of you are not my enemies. I will deal with whoever changes their course in the future, and you know me, I can deal with a lot of enemies.”

After thinking about it carefully, they felt that this could be it. As can be seen from the Sokovia incident, Jerry is not only powerful, but he has a lot of things to do at his expense.

He can completely destroy the current Avengers.

He does not participate in the internal affairs of the Avengers and only comes to help when they really encounter problems that cannot be solved. Most of the time, he lived his personal life and learned more magic.

He is indeed very suitable to be the supervisor of the Avengers.

“But what if you die later?” At this time, Tony asked a new question.

It is good for Jerry to be the supervisor now, but if Jerry is dead in the future, who else can handle the entire Avengers like Jerry?

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I have become immortal because of magic. Unless the entire universe is destroyed, you don’t have to worry about me dying of old age. “Jerry spread his hands.

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