“Oh no, it’s over!” Jerry covered his forehead.

Given that Quill’s mouth is no worse than Peter’s, everyone in the conference room now probably knows it.

At this time, there was a burst of laughter in the conference room, it came from the Avengers team, Quill, several Guardians of the Galaxy, and Coulson’s squad.

“Peter, it’s not good to do things like that. Don’t do it again in the future.” He patted Peter on the shoulder and secretly threw a Quietening Charm at him.

Jerry walked to the conference room with Thor.

Peter thought, “I don’t know why she is so scary.”

“Hey, Jerry is here!”

The people in the conference room were watching the video and laughing. When they saw Jerry appear, they quickly closed the video with a serious expression, as if the laughter was not from them.

At this time, Jerry really wanted to be alone and forget all about it, to erase all the memories of these people. But forget it. After all, he has already been laughed at, and putting the Forgetfulness Curse will not help. When someone recovers his memory, he will be laughed a second time.

However, for a guy who dares to gossip about him, he feels that he still needs to be punished slightly. Jerry waved another Quietening Charm at Quill, but this time, the effect was not a month but a year.

“Since everyone is here, let’s start!” In order to ease the awkward atmosphere at this time, Tony quickly turned the topic to the point.

They were also afraid that Jerry would give them a spell on Steve and the others since they watched the surveillance and triggered their memories to be relit again.

Jerry waved his hand and sat down, depressed.

Tony put away his smile at this time and said in a serious tone, “Everyone should have seen it on T.V. recently that the media’s public opinion is leading towards something. While the Avengers are preventing disasters, we are also creating disasters, and while saving people, we also hurt some people. The Avengers should and need to be regulated by the entire world so that these disasters can be avoided.”

Hearing Tony’s words, everyone fell silent.

Indeed, the Avengers have been protecting the world’s safety since its wake against some existences that ordinary people simply cannot deal with. But the Avengers are not gods. When preventing disasters, there is no guarantee that everyone can be saved. There will still be sacrifices.

It’s just that without their efforts, there will only be more casualties.

“Continue.” Steve could already see that Tony wasn’t done talking yet.

Tony also struggled for a while and finally took out a stack of documents, “Two days ago, officials from the United Nations found me and brought me this.”

Everyone raised their eyes and looked at the stack of documents. The words “Superhero Supervision Agreement” were written on it.

“This is an agreement jointly signed by 117 countries in the United Nations. To be precise, 80 countries agree, and 37 countries oppose it. But in the end, the minority obeyed the majority, and this agreement was created.” Tony explained.

“Our country must be the first to agree to this kind of thing, and those politicians are probably not happy with our actions.”

“Sam, you’re wrong this time. As far as I know, when the agreement was first proposed, the Secretary agreed to it immediately. But what surprised me was that the President strongly vetoed all opposing voices. But in the end, the number who supports this motion is just too many.” Tony shrugged.

The other people present were also a little surprised because this was too inconsistent with the style of their nation.

Only Jerry knows that this is because the current President is the former vice president, and his daughter was cured by Jerry. Naturally, he will do anything to the Avengers since Jerry is there.

“None of these matters. What matters is, should we sign this agreement?”

Tony glanced at everyone, and his face became a little dignified, “The United Nations has issued a notice that all those who do not sign the agreement must be forced to retire, or they will be arrested as criminals.”

“Only those who are willing to sign an agreement and be regulated by all governments around the world can perform tasks at their expense. “

The entire conference room exploded as soon as Tony’s words came out.

It was mainly divided into two sides of opinion. One was the faction that resolutely disagreed. The reason was simple, it could lead to a situation where things like the S.H.I.E.L.D. incident all over again.

The current Avengers are pure in terms of goal. They would go rescue anyone without hesitation after discovering the problem. But once the agreement is signed, whether it’s about the mission, where do they go, and what kind of mission they were doing. It is not they who decide it, but the United Nations.

It is uncertain whether what they will do in the future will be good or bad.

It was originally an alliance everyone voluntarily formed to save the world, but it would change once the agreement was signed.

The other group is to agree. Tony, Vision, and Rhodes agreed to it because they thought putting a layer of restraint on the Avengers could prevent them from doing any more problems in the future.

Black Widow was a bit hesitant given most of the Avengers members had a family and their information would be leaked if they were in the hands of the United Nations. But she is on the side of agreeing to the agreement.

“Jerry, what do you think?”

All of them looked in Jerry’s direction. Jerry is the most powerful member of the entire Avengers, and everyone else is no match for him. In the eyes of everyone, his choice is the most crucial one.

“What? Oh, maybe kill all the people who proposed this agreement. If we kill all of them, there will be no such agreement. If we don’t have this agreement, we don’t need to choose whether to sign or not.”

Jerry sat there, not caring about everyone’s quarrel because he was thinking about how to deal with Aisha’s situation after this.

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