“Brother, look at you now. You can even get the attention of The Wizard!” Seeing Jerry looking down at her few photos while Aisha’s heart was full of expectations.

She is completely confident because her brother’s appearance is above average, and even her two best friends said it multiple times. It’s just that she deeply understands the characters of her two best friends and feels that her brother deserves better.

Such as the idol she has always admired.

Moreover, this is simply killing two birds with one stone. Not only finding happiness for her brother but also using her brother to get her idol on her side.

“When was this taken?”

Jerry looked at a few photos, including a photo of himself sitting elegantly on the sofa, drinking coffee, studying hard with a book, and his body while training. There was a picture of him taking a shower in the bathroom, shrouded in steam, and he was speechless.

“I’m sorry, I have to go. I can’t, sorry!”

Darcy knew Jerry’s true identity, forcibly restrained herself from laughing, and quickly turned around and ran towards the bathroom. She was afraid that if she stayed for a few more seconds, she would be unable to hold back.

“I still have something to do. I’ll go back to the conference room first.”

“Tony, I’m going with you as well.”

“Me too, today’s training is done for me.”

“I seem to have left something in the plane. I’ll go get it.”

Seeing that Darcy was leaving, Steve, Coulson, Sam, and May also quickly made excuses and turned around. As professional agents, they have all received professional training and generally do not laugh, but the current situation is really unbearable.

However, when several people turned around, something happened.

This embarrassing moment of his was instantly discarded in their mind, and they forgot about it. In their memory, Aisha just gave Jerry a gift. Darcy seemed to go to the toilet to get her makeup done, and everyone else had their own business to leave.

Therefore, they left the training room according to the excuse they just made.

Now, only Jerry, Peter, and Aisha are in the training room.

Jerry breathed a sigh of relief.

Although it is only a temporary solution, it will do for a while. The Forgetfulness Curse is not really able to completely forget something. It is easy to recall it when it is stimulated, and there is also Elsa.

But at least temporarily, this matter can be kept from being exposed before he leaves. After he leaves, everyone could forget about it.

Seeing that everyone except Peter left at once, Aisha was also at a loss. Under normal circumstances, they should have another hour of training before it ends.

“Aisha, I’ll think about it!” In order not to make Aisha sad and for some possibility in the future, Jerry replied and put a few photos of himself into his pocket.

Seeing Jerry put away the photo, Aisha’s eyes lit up again, and she quickly took out the paper and pen, “What is your phone number? Let me note it, go back and ask my brother to call you so that you guys can meet and get acquainted when you have the time.”

“How about this? Just give me your brother’s phone number, and I’ll call him.” Jerry only has one number, and it will be exposed if he tells her about it.

Aisha thought for a while, wrote Jerry’s phone number on the paper, and handed it to Jerry, “Here it is!”

“I’m going to Professor Jane. I’ll talk to you next time.” Taking over the phone number, Jerry Apparated and disappeared in place.

Aisha murmured happily, “Okay! I’ll go back and tell my brother at night. He will definitely be very happy.”

“I still have a lot of things to say to Miss Wizard. I also want to thank her for saving his life, and I also…” Peter looked at Jerry, who disappeared and complained beside Aisha, a little disappointed.

But after seeing Aisha taking out the mahjong tile with the word “quiet” written on it again, he ran away in fright, “Mr. Quill has something to do with me. I’ll go first!”

“Stay away from her in the future. That’s my sister-in-law!” Aisha raised the magic wand in her hand.


“How did it come to this situation? Fortunately, I just changed their memories. Otherwise, all of them will know about it, and Tony and others will laugh to death.” Jerry Apparated to the base medical room and shook his head helplessly.

“Jerry, there you are. I was going to find you. Jane fell asleep after drinking your potion. Are you alright?” Thor was walking around in the medical room, saw Jerry appear, and hurriedly stepped forward.

Jerry glanced at Jane, who was lying on the bed. Her face was obviously paler than normal, and she said with a smile, “Don’t worry, this is normal. She will probably sleep like this for three days and wake up three days later. She’ll be recovered by then.”

“That’s good to hear. Thank you so much, my good brother!” Thor finally breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that Jane was all right.

Jerry patted Thor, “Come on, let’s go to the conference room. Tony seems to have something to tell us.”

The two chatted while walking and walked towards the conference room of the base.

“Peter, why are you here?”

At the conference room’s door, Jerry looked at Peter, who came out of the conference room, and a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

Seeing Jerry, Peter became excited again, “Miss Wizard, Mr. Thor, I came to Mr. Quill, and he said he wanted to teach me some tips for getting along with my mates.”

“What did you say? Did you tell him what happened in the training room?” Jerry asked tentatively.

Peter scratched his head in confusion, “I talked a lot with Mr. Quill about what just happened. But Mr. Quill was acting strange and suddenly burst out laughing. I asked him, and he didn’t say anything, and then he sent me out.”

“Just now, when I left the conference room, they seemed to say that they need to look at the CCTV room or something.”

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