Back to Magnolia, in Jerry’s house.

Jerry stood on the magic experiment table and quickly constructed a black magic circle. In an instant, black magic that could devour life, magic, and soul flew out of the magic circle.

He controls the magic to a goat tied to the opposite side, the still struggling goat. It instantly devoured its soul, flesh, and blood, leaving only the dry skin that seemed to have been exposed to the sun for several months after death.

“The power is not bad.” Jerry nodded in satisfaction.

During the week of the council’s trial, he didn’t do much. But he quietly sneaked into the council’s dungeon, where they arrested Jose and Aria, who was still seriously injured, and brought them into the ring world.

Jose’s magic can devour a creature’s life, magic, and soul. Aria’s Airspace magic can manipulate the air around it. Although it depends on sneak attacks, the effect is remarkable.

The magic of these two people was something that Jerry had never touched before. Of course, he couldn’t just let it go. It was precisely because of Jose and Aria’s disappearance that the council could finish their trial quickly.

“Mirajane looking for me?” Jerry was about to continue experimenting with several other magics when he suddenly found a crystal ball on the table next to him lit up.

The magic crystal ball is a magic item that the mages in this world use to communicate remotely. In order to notify Jerry in time, Mirajane gave it to him two days ago. Inputting magic power into the crystal ball, Mirajane’s image immediately appeared on the crystal ball.

“Jerry, the guild master is looking for you!”

“Did Natsu and the others break something again?” Jerry asked.

Mirajane replied, “They went home with Lucy. They haven’t come back yet. The guild master said something else and wanted to talk to you directly.”

“Okay, then I’ll be there in a moment.” Jerry froze for a moment, then nodded and closed the crystal ball.

Fortunately, he was also planning to take some time to chat with Makarov.

He has been busy in the ring world, torturing Jose and Aria about their magic. He did not go to Makarov and put forward the idea that he wanted to learn Fairy Law.

Now Makarov is looking for him, and he just happened to mention this incidentally. In the Fairy Tail guild, Jerry knows that if there is something, it is best to say it directly rather than hide it.

So after he changed his clothes, he Apparated directly to the guild.

“Good morning, Mirajane. Where is the guild master?”

“Jerry, you are as fast as always. The guild master will be waiting for you in the office on the second floor.” Seeing that the crystal ball had just been extinguished, Jerry’s figure appeared in front of her. Mirajane then pointed to the second floor.

On the second floor.

Makarov looked at the financial statement that was already in deficit this month and poured a mug of beer in distress,

“Come on, why did this kind of thing happen right before I wanted to retire?”

“Guild master, it’s me, Jerry.”

Hearing the sound from outside the door, Makarov hurriedly shoved the financial statement into the table and then laughed, “Jerry? Come in!”

“Mirajane said you have something to call me?” Jerry pushed open the door and asked Makarov.

Makarov put down the mug, and his expression became slightly more serious, “Yes, I have something very important to discuss with you.”

“A very important thing?” A trace of doubt appeared on Jerry’s face, and he decided to wait for Makarov to finish talking about the important thing.

“Jerry, it’s been a month since you joined the guild. What do you think about our guild?” Makarov didn’t say anything immediately but instead asked.

Jerry nodded.

“It’s very good. Everyone is sincere and united. The atmosphere of the guild feels very comfortable and lively.” What he said here is the truth, and it can be regarded as the feeling of more than a month.

When Makarov heard this, the smile on his face suddenly increased, and his tone became excited, “Yes, the idea of ​​our guild at the beginning of its establishment is to have a guild where everyone can trust each other, help each other, and harmonious like a family. In the guild, everyone can choose the path they believe in.”

“It is a very good way to do things.” Jerry nodded again. He didn’t know what Makarov was talking about now.

After Makarov finished speaking, he jumped off the table, stood opposite Jerry, stared at Jerry, and said slowly, “Jerry, are you willing to get along with everyone in the future?”

“Yes, I will.” It felt strange that Makarov asked that, but since he was so serious, he quickly nodded and answered.

“Are you willing to help your guildmates when they encounter difficulties in the future?” Makarov’s speech suddenly accelerated.

“Yes, I will.” Jerry nodded.

“Are you willing to stand up and contribute your strength when the guild encounters an enemy in the future?” Makarov continued to ask.

“Yes, I will!” Jerry continued to nod.

“Are you willing to help the guild become better and better?” Makarov spoke faster again.

“Yes, I do!”

“Then are you willing to serve as the fourth Fairy Tail guild master?” Makarov’s mouth was so fast that people couldn’t understand what he was asking.

“Yes, I will. Wait, guild master. What did you just say?” Jerry just nodded but subconsciously realized something was wrong and stared at Makarov.

“Okay, since you are willing. Then everything is clear. I will officially pass on the position of guild master to you in two months. I will slowly spread the news during this time to let everyone adapt to it.”

Makarov jumped up and patted Jerry on the shoulder. Regardless of his still in shock and having no time to react, he turned his head and ran towards the door immediately, as if he were afraid that Jerry would stop him.

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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