Makarov considered retirement a long time ago. The successor he first considered was his son Ivan Dreyar, but he had caused harm to the guild, so he had to be ruthlessly banished from the guild.

Later, he took into account that Gildarts would continue his position. But he forgets that idea. Therefore, he stayed until now and has not retired.

However, looking at it now, many people in the younger generation have grown up, and it seems that this matter can be considered again.

His grandson, Laxus, is an S-class mage, and his strength is really high. As a guild master, there is no problem in that part. However, after thinking about it for a while, he immediately crossed it out.

There is no problem with his strength, but there are other problems. If he were the guild master, and it is estimated that the Fairy Tail guild would be disbanded.

After Makarov eliminated his grandson, he thought of Mystogan but was quickly excluded. While strength is not a problem, there is another problem. He is basically unreachable or uncontactable, how can he be the guild master?

In the end, there are some other mages like Erza.

However, Erza was with Natsu and Gray a few days ago and destroyed half of the city. He instantly felt that Erza would not be a good choice either.

Looking at it this way, it seems that he can’t retire so easily.

“All the injured people have been healed. We can open the portal to send everyone back.” As Makarov was distressed about his future successor, a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Turning his head, he saw that it was Jerry.

“Oh wait, there’s you.” The moment he saw Jerry, Makarov’s eyes lit up.

In terms of strength, Jerry has defeated four S-class mages in a row and can draw a tie with Jose. In addition, Jerry is able to clean up the mess for the guild members with his magic, his healing magic that can heal injuries, and space magic that can teleport over long distances.

If Jerry becomes the guild master, with Jerry’s magic, he can really retire without any worries. The most important thing is that according to his observation, Jerry has no worrying characteristics at all.

Although Jerry has only joined the guild for a month, he has become friends with all the mages in the guild, and everyone also likes Jerry very much because of his magic.

Jerry made the greatest contribution in the battle with the Phantom Lord, and his strength is obvious to all. He will definitely not let down the guild members.

There is also another reason why he is a good candidate. He does not like to venture outside like Gildarts and most of the members of the guild. He is a person who can sit and stay in the guild for a long time.

It may be because it was related to how he just joined the guild and doesn’t do many things, or he has his own reason not to take tasks. But compared to what he could do, this is not a big problem.

The principle of the Fairy Tail guild is that as long as you join Fairy Tail for a day, you are like a Fairy Tail member, just like the others. With so many years of experience and experience, it can still be seen that Jerry has no problems.

So, the only thing to consider now is. Would Jerry accept it?

Don’t look at the many candidates he analyzed just now. But among these candidates, he knows that no one except Laxus really wants to be the guild master. These people simply can’t live in the guild and prefer to perform tasks outside to improve their strength.

Moreover, Jerry’s character is very similar to the previous and 2nd guild master, Precht, who likes to research and learn all kinds of magic. Precht passed it on to him because he thought the position of guild master was too much.

“It seems that we still need to think of a plan.”

“Guild master, what are you thinking?”

When Jerry watched Makarov turn his head to see himself, his eyes lit up. He fell into deep thought and immediately waved his hand in front of him. For a powerful mage like Makarov, Jerry would not use Legilimency because it is easy to detect.

Therefore, he didn’t know how Makarov had just been brainstorming in his mind.

“Oh, nothing. Thank you for your hard work. Please open the portal, and let’s go back.”

Hearing Makarov’s words, Jerry nodded and didn’t think much about it. He just thought that Makarov was happy because he used his magic to heal everyone’s wounds.

He turned around and opened a portal to Magnolia.

Now, he really wants to learn Makarov’s magic trick. Of course, he needs to show it more. By doing these kinds of service, when he goes to ask the Fairy Law magic, Makarov may agree to teach him directly because of the value he has shown.

He must learn the Fairy Law magic, an area-based magic that can instantly defeat many enemies. However, he still wanted to use peaceful means as much as possible to learn this magic, rather than any other violent means.

After all, this month at the Fairy Tail Guild is actually quite interesting. The atmosphere of this guild did have some influence on him. But if peaceful means won’t work, he would have to use other means.

If he fought Makarov, he would be able to knock him before he exerted the Fairy Law magic.

In this way, except for some people who needed to do some investigation, most of the guild’s mages returned to the guild through the portal.

A week later, the council finally gave the final verdict for the Fairy Tail against the Phantom Lord guild situation.

Due to the provocation of the Phantom Lord Guild and the threat exposed by Jose, the council decided to dissolve the Phantom Lord Guild.

Fairy Tail reacted too violently. Although it did not dissolve, they were fined and had to pay a lot of money using the guild’s savings.

According to Mirajane, Makarov cried and fainted in the room when he heard the fine.

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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