“You are all here!” Jerry Apparated next to Thor and noticed that, apart from Thor, familiar faces like Tony, Steve, and Dr. Banner were mostly present in the house.

“Not everyone, though. Your sister Aisha and little Peter are at the base, and we left Sam to train with them. Barton retired and went home, so we didn’t inform him,” Tony explained with a nonchalant shrug.

After learning of Jane Foster’s terminal illness, Thor took her to the Avengers base for treatment.

With Dr. Banner, a top biologist, and Hansen, who had created the Extremis virus, along with other biology experts from S.H.I.E.L.D., they had hoped to find a cure.

Unfortunately, Dr. Banner’s treatment plan had the potential to turn Jane into a female Hulk with a dual personality, which wasn’t a desirable outcome.

Additionally, Dr. Hansen’s Extremis virus wasn’t a stable solution and couldn’t effectively target and cure cancer cells.

With limited options, Thor had turned to Jerry, hoping his magic could cure Jane’s cancer.

“If it doesn’t work, we might have to turn Jane into a female Hulk,” Thor said with a touch of sadness.

“Little Peter? Peter Parker!” Jerry expressed surprise at the mention of Peter Parker.

Tony inquired curiously, “Yes, Peter Parker, a young man whose body underwent a mutation after being bitten by a spider. He calls himself Spider-Man.”

“Much like your sister, he also fights criminals in the city. However, he struggles to control his abilities and can sometimes cause problems. So, I brought him into the base to train alongside your sister.” Tony continued.

Jerry connected the dots and recalled that Aisha had mentioned meeting a new friend who was friendly but had a sharp tongue a few days ago.

Clearly, this new friend was none other than Peter Parker, the young Spider-Man.

“Sounds like he’s quite the character and even rivals Quill’s humor. Are all people named Peter like this?” Gamora, who had been standing nearby, chimed in with a hint of annoyance.

She remembered how the young Peter had been fascinated by her alien identity and had pursued her curiously when they first met, acting like an inquisitive child.

“Hey, Gamora, cut little Peter some slack. I think we make a great pair. Now everyone calls us ‘little Peter,’ and that’s pretty cool, right?” Peter Quill proudly brandished his elemental gun in a pose he considered to be cool, to which Gamora responded with an eye roll.

Thor, however, refocused the conversation on the pressing matter at hand. “Jerry, should we not be discussing how to cure Jane? Do you indeed have a way to heal her?”

Thor eagerly poured a large glass of beer and looked at Jerry with hope in his eyes.

Jerry smiled and nodded, then retrieved a pre-prepared potion and handed it to Thor.

“Have Jane drink this potion; she should start recovering in a few days,” Jerry advised.

Thor’s face lit up with joy and relief as he accepted the potion.

His beloved Jane would no longer be compelled to transform into a violent female Hulk, and their future together seemed brighter.

“If you want to show your gratitude, perhaps you could find me some Uru metal when you have the time. I need it for some research I’m planning,” Jerry suggested.

His twelve sets of golden armor were generally impressive but lacked hardness.

The Libra armor, in particular, had failed during testing due to excessive magic power output.

Jerry planned to acquire Uru metal and Vibranium during his next visit to the main world to explore potential upgrades.

Uru metal is an exceedingly rare material found in the Nine Realms, primarily produced in the realm of the Dwarves.

Many of Asgard’s most renowned artifacts, such as the Eternal Spear (Gungnir), Thor’s Hammer (Mjollnir), Loki’s dagger, and the Destroyer’s Armor, have been crafted from this remarkable metal.

Thor happily agreed, “No problem. Once Jane is well, we’ll have a wedding, and then Allfather will permit me and Jane to return to the Divine Realm. I’ll personally retrieve some Uru metal from the warehouse for you.”

As the future heir of the Divine Realm, accessing the warehouse to obtain Uru metal wouldn’t pose any significant challenge for Thor.

The only hurdle he currently faced was his restriction from freely returning to Divine Realm.

However, this obstacle would become irrelevant once Jane made a full recovery.

According to Divine Realm regulations, their marriage would necessitate a return to Divine Realm for the blessings of the Father and the Mother.

Observing Thor’s excited departure with the potion, Jerry turned to Steve and inquired, “How’s Aisha’s performance?”

Steve nodded approvingly before expressing some hesitation, “She’s doing exceptionally well. She’s inherited your magical abilities, can seamlessly integrate into almost any team, and displays remarkable combat talent.”

“Recently, she teamed up with little Peter to handle a dangerous individual named Kilgrave, who possesses the ability to control people. However, she’s been insisting on seeing you as if she has something important to discuss.” Steve continued.

Jerry contemplated the situation and decided to transform his appearance into that of Hermione.

His current transformation wasn’t the mere illusion transformation he had used previously; it was a genuine transformation akin to a Magus’s transformation.

This improvement had come about after he had discovered a similar magic book in the Fairy Tail Library and enhanced it with his own magical principles.

Jerry had honed his transformation magic thanks to witnessing Ultear’s abilities.

Steve was about to lead Jerry to observe Aisha’s training when Tony’s face displayed a mixture of concern and uncertainty.

He interrupted, saying, “Jerry, before you go, there’s something vital I need to discuss with all of us Avengers.”

Jerry paused for a moment, a sense of what was coming washing over him.

Nevertheless, he offered a reassuring smile and remarked, “I’ll be right here. Take your time, Tony.”

Jerry caught on to the likely topic and continued with a reassuring smile, “No problem!”

Hearing Jerry’s confident reassurance made Tony feel a bit at ease.

It was apparent to Jerry that Tony’s internal turmoil was likely related to the Sokovia Accords incident.

While Jerry’s intervention had prevented significant casualties in Sokovia and had ultimately saved the city, the emergence of Ultron and the growth of the Avengers team had left various government officials worldwide uneasy.

As the highest-ranking officials in major governments, they were accustomed to holding significant influence globally.

However, the rise of the Avengers and other superpowered individuals disrupted the established order.

Without proper oversight, these officials couldn’t feel at ease.

Jerry knew that recent news hinted at the brewing tension surrounding these matters.

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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