“This magic!”

Feeling the warm light that enveloped the entire city, Jerry’s eyes glared. As a person who is proficient in the magic of several worlds, Jerry has a certain understanding of almost all the magics that appear in this world.

Although the forms are different, the principles are the same. It’s like the magic of various elements, the magic of time and space, and so on. So, as long as he knows a small part of it is different, he will be able to master that magic very quickly.

Just like Erza taught him, he can use it like Erza, and now he has almost mastered the magic that he asked Mirajane for. However, the Fairy Law magic that Makarov cast in front of him gave him a very different feeling.

He can understand the principle of light magic contained in it, but the main component of this magic is not only light magic but also a deeper kind of magic that he has never seen before.

After the huge magical light caused by the Fair Law dispersed, everyone found that as long as the mages were related to the Phantom Lord guild, they were all knocked down this time, including Jose as well.

But for all Fairy Tail mages and ordinary residents in the city who haven’t had time to evacuate, nothing happened to them.

In other words, Makarov’s Fairy Law instantly and precisely wiped out all the mages of the Phantom Lord but did not hurt anyone else.

No matter how powerful the magician’s control is, when magic is cast, the magic can hit the enemy and their ally. It is impossible to only hurt the enemy and not hurt his ally at the same time.

Just like when he casts a fire spell, he can try to avoid many people as much as possible. But it is impossible to hit the enemy and the civilians at the same time. Moreover, this is not one person but the whole city.

Another point is that Jose was one of the Ten Wizard Saints, and it was also very strange that he just knelt directly at the moment when the rays of light enveloped him. With Jerry’s strength, he can defeat Joseph, but it needs a lot of magic.

In this way, if he is the enemy and Makarov used Fair Law, will he also be knocked out?

“This magic is interesting.”

After seeing the effect of the Fairy Law, Jerry suddenly became very interested because he felt that if he could learn this magic, it might greatly help his strength.

Not like the armor and turning into a demon, which is used to save lives at the last critical moment. But the kind of tricks can directly determine a battle’s outcome.

After defeating all the Phantom Lords in one move, Makarov shook his body slightly, then immediately shouted to everyone with a big laugh, “This time, the Fairy Tail won!”

At this moment, all Fairy Tail mages, wounded or uninjured, all cheered. Fairy Tail will be the Kingdom’s No. 1 Mage Guild from today onwards!

“To everyone who was injured can come to line up for treatment, and then we can go back!” Jerry fell from the sky and then shouted.

Two minutes later.

While Jerry was still performing magic treatment for Fairy Tail’s injured mages, a huge magic circle appeared over the city again. It’s just not an offensive magic circle but a large teleportation magic circle that he has seen once.

After the magic circle disappeared, countless knights of the council appeared on the top of the mountain. They quickly surrounded the entire mountaintop, including all the Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord guilds.

“This is troublesome.” When Makarov saw the people in the council appear, his face suddenly collapsed.

However, he smiled again when he saw who was leading the group.

“Yajima, I didn’t expect you to be here!”

“Can you stop messing around like this? Because of this guild battle, the council has been mad. Several members had advocated the desolvation of your guild.” Yajima shook his head helplessly.

When Makarov heard that the council was going to dissolve their guild, he immediately dragged Yakima aside and explained the ins and outs of the matter.

After hearing this, Yajima breathed a sigh of relief and waved his hand to order the Rune Knights to arrest all the Phantom Lord members, “If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“Thank you for your help.”

Makarov patted Yajima on the shoulder. He knew that Yajima must be afraid that other council members would directly sanction Fairy Tail.

Yajima shook his head and looked at Makrov with some worry, “We’re friends, and although I have left the guild, I was once a member of the guild. I will try my best to say good things about the guild at the council. You can’t use that magic trick anymore, or something will happen sooner or later, so I suggest you should retire early.”

It turned out that Yajima was also a member of the Fairy Tail Guild when he was young, and Makarov, Goldmine, Rob, and Porlyusica were the strongest team of the Fairy Tail Guild that year.

Later, Makarov took over as the guild master of Fairy Tail, and Yajima entered the council because he was tired of fighting. Porlyusica lived in seclusion in the forest to the east of the guild.

Rob was in the Tower of Heaven, became Erza’s magic teacher, and died to protect Erza.

Goldmine and Bob chose to leave the Fairy Tail and go out for a run. Grudomaine and Bob are now the guild masters of one of the most famous guilds in the kingdom, the Quatro Cerberus and the Blue Pegasus guild.

Therefore, apart from the Phantom Lord, the kingdom’s top guilds are inextricably linked with the Fairy Tail guild.

Hearing the words of his friend Yajima, Makarov also fell into contemplation.

He is already eighty-eight this year, and it is time to choose a suitable successor.

But who?

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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