“It’s done!”

Sealing the last large mass of Makarov’s magic, Jerry Apparated in front of Happy and began re-fusing the magic into Makarov’s body.

“If that’s the case, you shall die!” At this moment, Jose’s roar suddenly came from below.

Sensing the powerful dark energy below, Jerry continued to control the cup to fill magic with his mind and turned to look at the battlefield below. It turned out that Jose saw Jerry had recollected Makarov’s power, and if he didn’t act, the situation might really be reversed.

He didn’t care to keep Makarov but burst into full force in an instant, using dark energy to temporarily control Ur and Erza so that they could not interfere with him.

His hands condensed terrifying dark energy and released his ultimate magic. The magic that devoured souls and life was overwhelming in the direction of Jerry, Happy, and Makarov.

That powerful energy and suffocating sense of oppression made all the mages who were still fighting below stop their hands in horror. Regardless of the result, the terrifying coercion alone made the non-S-class mage’s body tremble and instantly lose their will to fight.

At this time, Jerry looked at the energy and was very serious. The Leo armor on his body was instantly replaced by Libra, the currently most powerful offensive armor.

Punched out, activating the Fire Dragon Spell on the entire arm. In an instant, tens of thousands of cursed flame dragons uttered a thunderous dragon roar and overwhelmingly greeted the magic.

Countless explosions sounded, and the white clouds over the city were all pushed away by the airwaves generated by the explosion. The terrifying magic collision frightened most of the mages from the two guilds below.

The two magics that collided at this time, as long as any of the magic’s target is directed at the city below, there is only one result.

The entire city was completely flattened.

“I didn’t expect you to have such strength. It’s no wonder that Gajeel, Sol, Totomaru, and Juvia joined forces.” The aftermath of the two magic bombardments dissipated, and Jose looked at Jerry with a solemn look in his eyes.

“What? Gajeel and the three elements teamed up and lost to him?” Listening to Jose’s words, the Phantom Lord mages showed their shocked expressions.

Who is this person? He was able to defeat the four S-class mages of their guild and was able to take the all-out blow of their guild master.

In their eyes, Jerry has always been a good-tempered mage who studies and often uses time magic to help them deal with the aftermath. Sometimes, they even think that Jerry should go to work in the Magic Bureau of the Kingdom, where mages like to study magic in the laboratory.

They also felt that the strength of Jerry would not be too bad, but they never imagined that he could compete with Jose. However, just as Jose’s voice fell, there were actually cracks in the Libra armor.

The Libra armor instantly shattered into a dozen pieces.

“Its strength is still a little bit worse, and it can’t bear too powerful an infusion of magic power. It seems that after I go back, I will find time to go to Wakanda to get some Vibranium.” Using Levitation Charm to float Libra’s armor fragments, Jerry thought to himself.

The material of the armor made in this world greatly enhances the increase of magic power and various magic effects, but in terms of its own strength is still a little worse. The magic output of the intensity just now is already the limit that the armor can withstand.

“Now let me see how you can resist my death storm!” Seeing Jerry’s magic armor shattered, Jose’s face showed a smile again.

The fire magic that could be compared to his magic just now was obviously cast by the magic armor. At this time, the armor shattered, and even if Jerry’s power was not low, he could no longer use such strong magic.

He will send Jerry and Makarov to the ground in the next blow.

The mages of the Fairy Tail guild saw the moment Jerry’s armor shattered, and their hearts were trembling. However, they forgot one thing.

“Didn’t you forget that what I’m best at is actually Mending Magic?” Jerry looked at Jose in surprise and cast a Mending Charm on Libra’s armor. The armor was instantly repaired as before and put on him again.

“Jerry, leave this one out for me.”

Just when Jerry smiled and was about to try other armor, a voice full of anger suddenly sounded behind him. It turned out to be Makarov, who finally absorbed all of his magic power and returned to his normal state.

Jerry thought for a moment, then stepped aside and stepped back. Maybe next, he might be able to see the rumored Malaloff’s strongest magic.

“Jose, do you ever think before you do anything?” Makarov landed opposite Jose on the top of the mountain and asked angrily.

Jose laughed when he heard this, “Thought anything? You were the one who kept bragging about being the best guild in the Kingdom, but after all these years, hearing your reputation around, it’s a joke for your guild to have that title.”

“I took over a task from the Heartfilia Family to brought back their daughter, Miss Lucy Heartfilia. I can justifiably destroy your guild and take the opportunity to get the Heartfilia Family in my hands.”

After laughing, he teleported behind Makarov and activated his strongest magic.

Makarov shook his head, “Jose, you are helpless. If that’s the case, then I will not back down.”

A giant magic circle that enveloped the entire city instantly appeared above everyone’s heads,

“Fairy Law, Activate!”

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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