“Guild Master, hold on a moment; this is quite sudden, and it seems like such a decision shouldn’t be made in haste!”

Seeing Makarov on the verge of leaving the office, Jerry quickly reached out, grabbed the back of his collar, and gently placed him back on the desk.

Of course, it was a playful gesture, as Jerry had only been with the Guild for a month, and it was far too early to consider him as a potential Guild Master.

Furthermore, Jerry never aspired to become the Guild Master.

While Fairy Tail might be the most powerful Guild in the kingdom, he wasn’t the type to seek leadership.

External power, to him, was always secondary, with personal growth being his primary focus.

He also had plans to explore other places, like the renowned Magic Development Bureau, or visit Bisca and Alzack, the gun magic experts from the West Continent.

Thus, the position of Guild Master held little appeal for him; his true passion lay in magic.

It seemed Makarov could see the disinterest in Jerry’s eyes regarding the position.

He stood on the desk and placed a hand on Jerry’s shoulder, speaking earnestly, “Jerry, even though it’s only been a little over a month, your contributions to the Guild are indelible.”

“You’ve repaired the buildings damaged by your fellow members, eased the Guild’s financial burdens, and even helped resolve council-related issues. If not for your efforts, not only would my life have been in jeopardy, but the entire Guild might have been dismantled due to Joseph’s conspiracy.” Makarov continued.

He paused, then continued, “Your contributions are certainly noteworthy, and I believe that with you as Guild Master, Fairy Tail will continue to prosper. You don’t need to be modest.”

“But, Guild Master, I… I never even thought about becoming the Guild Master…”

Jerry was about to decline, but Makarov cut him off mid-sentence, clearing his throat.

“Ahem, and as the Guild Master, you’ll have access to the guild’s deepest secret library room, where you can study a plethora of… extraordinarily potent magics passed down by previous Guild Masters,” he emphasized the words “plethora” and “extraordinarily potent.”

Jerry hesitated. “Even so, I… I believe that contributing to the Guild is my duty as a guild member. Besides, assuming the role of Guild Master feels somewhat disrespectful to you, Guild Master Makarov.”

“Rest assured, Guild Master, I will accept this responsibility and strive to make our guild stronger and better.”

Jerry, originally inclined to refuse, swallowed his words upon hearing Makarov’s offer.

After all, it was only the position of guild Guild Master; it wasn’t a monumental responsibility.

Mirajane handled most of the Guild’s matters during meetings, and he could easily use his space magic to manage interactions with other guild leaders and council members without wasting much time.

Though troublesome for Makarov, handling the Guild’s finances and resolving disputes were relatively minor issues for someone like him.

If anyone dared to threaten the Guild, he could deal with them directly.

Upon deeper reflection, the position of Guild Master didn’t seem as burdensome as he initially thought.

If he decided he didn’t want the role, he could always pass it on to another guild member, as Makarov had done.

After all, he would have access to incredibly powerful magic in return.

Makarov hadn’t anticipated Jerry’s swift change of heart, and he was momentarily taken aback.

He had expected some resistance and had prepared to employ convincing arguments, similar to how the second-generation Guild Master had convinced him to take over.

“It seems I still have a way with words; it’s too easy to win you over!” Makarov exclaimed proudly once he regained his composure.

He believed his swift victory had resulted from his superior intellect compared to the second-generation Guild Master.

He had thoroughly understood Jerry’s weak spot, which made it easy to persuade him, unlike his own prolonged struggle when he had taken on the role of the second-generation Guild Master.

“Alright then, starting today, you are the acting Guild Guild Master. Go with Mirajane to the secret library room and borrow all the magic books you need. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask me. As for me, I’m going to enjoy some drinks!” Makarov hopped down from the desk, humming a tune as he headed downstairs to the bar in high spirits.

In just two months, he could step down as Guild Master and enjoy a more leisurely life.


“It’s amazing how sometimes the solution to a problem can be right at your doorstep without much effort!”

Watching Makarov leave, Jerry couldn’t help but smile.

He had anticipated a more complex negotiation, but Makarov’s agreement seemed to have resolved the matter smoothly.

Not only did Jerry gain access to the Fairy Law and other powerful magics, but he also had the opportunity to explore the extensive repertoire of magic left behind by the Guild’s three generations of Guild Masters.

“Jerry, Makarov asked me to take you to the library’s secret room. I didn’t expect things to wrap up so quickly in the office. I thought it would take much longer!”

The door to the Guild Master’s office swung open again, but this time, Mirajane entered, not Makarov.

Makarov had informed her about Jerry’s succession before asking Jerry to come to the Guild, although she hadn’t anticipated such a swift resolution to the matter.

“Very well, Miss Mirajane, I appreciate your assistance,” Jerry replied, somewhat puzzled by Mirajane’s choice of words, but he didn’t dwell on it.

Instead, he nodded and followed her down to the Guild’s library.

The second basement of the Fairy Tail Guild was dedicated to its library, housing a vast collection of magic books and notes left behind by numerous wizards.

However, except for a few bookworms within the Guild, most Fairy Tail wizards preferred to gain strength through practical combat rather than reading books.

After discovering the library at Fairy Tail, Jerry borrowed magic books to expand his knowledge.

He didn’t know until now that the library contained a hidden secret room housing the powerful magic books left behind by the predecessors before Jerry.

“This is it. The Guild Master said you can take these books to study and that you can always ask him if you encounter any difficulties. However, he also wanted me to clarify that most of the magic books here are unfamiliar to him. Your progress depends entirely on yourself alone,” Mirajane explained.

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