Jerry surreptitiously pulled out his wand in the kitchen and used it to cast a Transfiguration Charm on a freshly poured cup of pure milk, transforming it into a cup of coffee with sugar. Aisha drinks coffee, but according to the law of Transfiguration, the coffee will quickly convert into milk in the stomach.

The issue will be completely resolved in this manner.

Jerry occasionally believes that if it weren’t for getting a tiny red star, even if he isn’t a superhero, he could use the various magical spells he has learned to lawfully create a fortune and achieve the heights of life.

The Transfiguration Charm, for instance, is essentially the gospel for dieters.

The Transfiguration Charm may transform simple water into various types of good wine and coke, as well as those tasteless coarse grains, boiled vegetables, and other diet foods into tasty and high-calorie hamburgers, fried chicken, cakes, ice cream, big fish, and meat.

You won’t put on weight in this method. You can start a weight loss business with this opportunity and earn a consistent profit.

Putting the wand away, getting the coffee, and leaving the kitchen. Jerry approached Aisha, who was seated on the sofa in the living room, with a smile on his face.

“It’s time to get up and drink, so hurry. You can stand up and enjoy your coffee now, sister.” Aisha took a drink of the coffee and smiled joyfully as she did so.

The more you resist giving him something, the more he wants it, and the easier it is to obtain, the longer it takes, the less you like it. Children are like this, or people will always be like this.

It’s not always true that coffee tastes better than milk. The refrigerator at home has a lot of milk, which Aisha must drink every morning despite the fact that she rarely drinks coffee and has become weary of doing so.

“You’re not old enough yet. You’ll realize as you become older how crucial it is for your body’s future nourishment that you supplement your diet while you’re young by drinking milk.” Jerry shook his head and prepared to spend some time reading the magic book.

He has recently been reading the “Improving Black Magic” book that was returned from the Room of Requirement. There are numerous black magic theories in it. It significantly affects how effective black magic like Sectumsempra is.


The family sat on the sofa to watch “Friends” being played at nine in the evening. Jerry and Haas were watching TV, but nobody else was paying attention to it besides Aisha.

Jerry is now switching on “Refreshing,” summarizing some information from the day’s reading of magic books. Haas was still having trouble that day with the wizard’s voice.

He has had the uneasy feeling that something is amiss ever since the fire event. He didn’t understand why the wizard’s voice seemed so familiar to him until he got home that evening after handling the situation.

Because Jerry, his own kid, had a voice that was practically identical to it.

However, children’s speaking voices will sound substantially similar before they go through the voice-changing stage. This does not appear to show anything in full, and when he returned that day, he also questioned Aisha about the fact that Jerry never left the house alone in the afternoon.

However, after reflecting about it, he occasionally found it difficult to accept Aisha’s assertions. She did, after all, appear to give his brother Jerry more attention than his father.

The fact that his son Jerry has in fact always been different from other kids his age and that the two share a striking resemblance in terms of their height and body type made him suspect once more.

In reality, Haas was mostly concerned that it would be too risky to go out and battle criminals every night if Jerry was actually the Wizard who knew magic.

You must be aware that many criminals own firearms. What should he do if Jerry gets hurt?

“Jerry, I need to talk to you about something really important.” Haas ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be best to ask directly.

“A very important thing?” Jerry withdrew from reading, and was momentarily surprised before being consoled by an epiphanic insight.

“We all know that I’m under no psychological pressure, and Aisha and I are here to support you, Dad.”

“What? Do you know anything? What kind of mental pressure do I experience? also, why do you support me?” When Haas heard Jerry’s response, he was filled with uncertainties.

Jerry asked as he puzzledly stared at Haas, “Dad, don’t you want to inform Aisha and me about the plan that you and Mrs. Bailey are going to be together?”

When Haas heard the words, he was startled and his countenance changed to one of confusion. This policeman, who typically engages criminals fearlessly, stumbled when he tried to speak.

“No… no, you… how do you guys know about me and Mrs. Belle being together? In fact, this… this matter…”

Haas had developed a fondness for the courageous and attractive Mrs. Belle ever since the day of the last school bus hijacking incident, and Mrs. Belle also desires to see Haas in a different light as a result of Jerry.

It is evident from the father’s character, Jerry Haas, that he is capable of instructing a child with a similar sense of justice. Haas is about forty years old, yet he has the appeal of a mature man and his body is in good form.

But neither of them intended to inform Jerry and Aisha of this development, primarily out of concern that the two kids wouldn’t accept a new member into the family.

Mrs. Belle still has a solid grasp of the psychology of kids because she used to teach at an elementary school.

However, how could this stop Haas from getting taken off guard now that Jerry informed him straight up that he and Aisha already knew about it?

He had entirely forgotten what he had just been about to ask Jerry.

Jerry gave Haas a shoulder pat after his heart was stirred by what he heard “Dad, we noticed you enjoying coffee with Mrs. Belle at the cafe this evening when Aisha and I went to buy the same suit as the Wizard. Be at ease—we all adore Mrs. Belle and support your union wholeheartedly.”

He finished speaking and then stood up to go to his room. “It is now 9:00. I’m going to bed, look!”

“Dad, you said previously that you would take me and my brother to the playground, stop talking nonsense, or the next time I see Mrs. Belle, I will tell her that you kissed Aunt Mary on the first floor last Christmas thing,” said Aisha as she yawned and slapped Haas on the shoulder.

Haas was quieted. First-floor resident Aunt Mary is a widow in her thirties. Without notifying Jerry and Aisha, Haas had been spending time with this widow for some time. However, he later discovered that she didn’t appear to enjoy children very much, so he abruptly ended things with her.

As he noticed Jerry and Aisha returning to their room to sleep. Haas rubbed his head and then exclaimed, “In this way, it looks to be good.”

But soon he understood that he didn’t appear to have time to ask as to whether Jerry was that Wizard. Haas was going to stand up when he immediately sat back down. He reasoned that even if Jerry were, he probably wouldn’t admit it, so he might as well sneak into his room at night to see.

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Published On: March 8, 2023

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