The stone fist hit the transparent barrier above Jerry’s head. Similarly, the fire column hit Jerry, but the transparent barrier completely blocked it, and not even a single hair on his body was burned.

“Not bad!”

Seeing that the barrier of the Protego charm appeared, there was hardly much change due to the attack, and Jerry nodded with satisfaction.

The Protego Charm on the armor is definitely not as strong as the Charm he personally cast, but the good thing is that it can be triggered actively and passively.

As long as he wears the Virgo armor, even if someone completely attacks him, the Virgo armor will cast the Protego Charm the moment he is attacked.

Moreover, because the time to get the armor is too short, there are still many things on the armor that he has not had time to transform.

According to his plan, he will also engrave runes on all the places of the armor so that all the armor can collect the surrounding magic power and reserve it when they are idle.

If he really runs out of magic power when he fights, he can use the reserve magic power stored on the armor to activate the various magics engraved on each.

In the future, there will be essential differences between the golden armors after Jerry’s magic transformation and those magic armors owned by Erza.

Erza’s armor can only exert its power when she wears it on her body, and Jerry’s golden armor, even if an ordinary person wears it, as long as they can trigger the magic rune, they can use the backup magic power inside, releasing a variety of powerful magic.

He spent some time coming up with the twelve armors he made by combining his own alchemy, his item-making magic, and top-level magic materials.

After all, at his current level, every bit of improvement in strength is no longer so easy.

As a person who has watched all Marvel movies, TV, and comics, he deeply understands that every little trump card prepared in advance may become a lifesaver at a certain moment of crisis in the future.

Eternals, Mutants, and even more powerful gods like Zeus and Kang the Conqueror. Not to mention several ones on the multiverse.

There are many, many powerful and dangerous beings in his main world.

If he really wants to live a peaceful and stable life, at least he must become an existence on the same level as theirs.

After all, the development of the movie world must also rely on comics, and there are still many existences in comics that are stronger than the gods of the universe. Therefore, while creating all kinds of self-protection trump cards, his main goal is still to study magic.

Only by learning and mastering as much magic as possible can he get closer to the true meaning of magic so as to understand the essence of power and reach the realm he wants.

Even breaks through some kind of barrier and figures out the truth of his appearance in the main world and the fact that he can go through various worlds.

This is also why, even if he has determined his strength in this world, he may already be the strongest one here. He is still spending time collecting and researching various magics.

He has always believed that the most important thing is knowledge. Only by mastering as much knowledge as possible can he reach the end on this road, instead of coveting temporary power, being stuck in the middle of the road and unable to move forward.

There was no problem with the Protego Charm on his left hand. Jerry changed his posture and touched his right hand. Immediately, the barrier of the Protego Charm was directly transformed into a mirror.

Totomaru has been inciting magic to continue attacking him and then added six other colors of flames, trying to break through Jerry’s barrier in one fell swoop.

At the moment when the barrier turned into a mirror, the mirror was refracted to the other side, and Sol was preparing to cast his strongest magic. He quickly wanted to use his magic to control the flame to turn.

However, Jerry wouldn’t give him that time.

After refracting his magic attack with mirror magic, Jerry once again experimented with the magic he carved on the Virgo armor.

He saw his hands clasped together, runes on his forearm activated, and the sky was covered with dark clouds instantly. A purple flame fell from the sky, blasting Totomaru into the snow in one fell swoop.

Sol never expected to be attacked by his partner’s strongest magic. The flame also hit him hard because he didn’t have time to protect himself.

Since then, all of the 4 S-class mages who tried to kidnap Lucy have been defeated.”

“I have only tried three sets, and I will continue it when I have the chance.”

Putting away the Virgo armor, he used another spell to stun the four S-class mages who were severely wounded and then used the Mending Charm to restore the city. After that, Jerry came forward to Lucy.

“Take these four Phantom Lord mages to the guild. I will go to the guild master to see the situation.”

After speaking, he opened the portal and left Magnolia.

The space restraining magic is a very powerful magic, especially when it is used as a trap. If the trapped person is not strong enough to cast a spell, it is basically impossible to break it by force.

If you want to break the spell, you can either be proficient in it and analyze it slowly or defeat the person who set it. Then, the spell will be automatically broken.

Levy has not cracked the spell yet, and Jerry has already defeated Sol, who set the spell.

“There it is.”

After opening the portal, Jerry looked towards the Phantom Lord Guild on the top of Oak City. The scene there at this time was completely different from what he had expected before.

Originally, even if the four S-class mages were all at the headquarters, they should have the upper hand with the overall strength of the Fairy Tail guild.

What’s more, there are four less S-class mages now.

But the real situation is that the Fairy Tail guild is now completely at a disadvantage in the battle against the Phantom Lord guild.

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