Although Gajeel looked like nothing, the others knew what he could do and his full power. The strength of Dragon Slayer is no worse than any of the Element 4 members.

“The speed is quite fast.”

Jerry looked at Gajeel, who rushed over, moved his feet, turned his body, avoided his attack, and then grabbed his calf. Jerry spin Gajeel around as if it was a windmill. The armor of the Taurus is mainly used to increase strength. After wearing this armor, he feels that he can kill Deliora with his fist.

The moment he was caught, he was doomed. After more than a hundred consecutive times, Jerry threw out Gajeel, who was completely dizzy. Because the power was too much, the walls and ground on the second floor were completely destroyed, and all of them fell on the first floor.

“He’s so strong!” Watching Jerry deal Gajeel, the other three were stunned.

Sure enough, this guy hides his strength. Not only did he know some auxiliary magic, but he learned magic similar to an S-class mage they knew. Fortunately, the guild master had expected this, and the four of them were sent to deal with Jerry. If it were Gajeel himself, the task would have failed now.

“Juvia, I’ll let you take care Gajeel. Sol and I will get the target.” Totomaru put away the katana he originally planned to be drawn.

It is possible to defeat an S-class mage like Gajeel. The armor is obviously an armor that greatly enhances the strength of the person. Although his swordsmanship is good, it will not work if he tries to make a move.

So he let Juvia deal with him.

Juvia was not talking nonsense and directly launched an attack. A stream of water burst directly from Jerry’s feet, forming a huge water pool enveloping him in it.

“You lose. My water can trap you. After a long time, you will suffocate and die. It is purely physical, and you cannot break free of my water flow..” Juvia said lightly.

Standing in the water, Jerry’s right foot moved hard, and he instantly rushed out of the water. He then punched Juvia. However, Juvia saw that she was better not to dodge and let Jerry punch her.

With a loud noise, Jerry’s fist created a big hole in Juvia’s chest.

Looking at the chest pierced by his fist, there was no blood, but all of them were water. Jerry’s face showed some interest. At this time, Juvia completely turned into a pool of water and landed on the ground. She re-condensed her human form, and the big hole in the chest disappeared.

“It’s useless. I can turn myself into water. Physical attacks can’t hurt me at all. Also, my water can constrain you. You won’t get away so easily.” As her voice fell, the big water followed Jerry’s footsteps and enveloped him again.

“Since there is no way to attack you physically, then I’ll just use my magic.”

Jerry didn’t care about being wrapped in the water again. He didn’t care about some water magic. This is no problem for him. He would not die so easily if he had been wrapped in the water. It’s just that he is quite interested in Juvia’s magic about turning her body into water.

After coming to this world, he discovered something crucial in this magic world. As long as he could grasp the basics of it, he could learn the magic wholly.

As soon as the golden light flashed, Jerry’s armor was instantly replaced with a bottle. At this time, Sol and Totomaru were about to get Lucy. When she saw Jerry changing his armor, she had a bad feeling.

Pointing in the direction of Juvia, Jerry smiled and quickly activated the magic array on the bottle. The bottle was added with a magical array of snow magic. The more magic the input, the stronger the snow.

Yesterday, he engraved “Snow” and “Wind” magic symbols on the bottle, which greatly strengthened the power. After Jerry chanted it, the bottle spurts out immediately like a surge. A large amount of snow surged and rushed towards Juvia.

She saw that immediately and controlled her water flow around her to form a vortex, trying to resist the snowstorm.

The scale and intensity of Jerry’s snowstorm were far greater than the water in front of her. Juvia tried to stop it, while Totomaru and Sol tried to help her. But in the end, all of them were trapped in the snow.

As Jerry’s magic continues, the scale continues to increase. His snow also washed away the entire hospital and a large number of houses. They were trapped in the snow. They did not seem to have encountered normal snow magic at all, but more like an avalanche attacked them.

“Oops, it seems that I’ve done it too much.” Looking at Magnolia, which was half submerged by heavy snow, Jerry quickly put away his magic.

He just wanted to try the magic and didn’t expect it to end like this. He entered one-twentieth of his magic power at once, almost covering the entire city.

At this time, Juvia put away her water and lay blankly on the snow, “I ran out of magic power and only you guys are left.”

It turned out that she resisted the snow herself and expanded the water to save Sol and Totomaru, causing her magic power to be depleted. Although her magic can resist physical attacks, it also consumes a lot of magic in the face of magic attacks. After the magic is exhausted, her magic can no longer be used.

“With such a powerful magic, his magic power should not be much left. Let us finish him!”

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Published On: October 28, 2023

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