In the entire guild, Jerry was the first to know Lucy. But from the start to now, Lucy doesn’t seem to show some of the characteristics of a royal lady at all. Rather, she looks like a low-level girl who has always endured and worked hard for her dreams.

There were several missions that were actually very dangerous for her, but she was always going for it.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hide my identity.”

Hearing that her identity was revealed, Lucy immediately apologized with some guilt. As soon as her words came out, Levy’s expressions were even more startled.

If they were surprised by Sol’s words just now, but there were still some doubts in their hearts. They were shocked when they heard Lucy admit it and confirmed it was true.

A friend who is as poor as herself revealing her real identity that she is actually the daughter of a royal family is simply unbelievable.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone has their own secrets. To be honest, Lucy, you hide it very well. The way you talk behave, especially your temperament, are not exactly what those kind of daughter of a royal family would like.” Jerry smiled comfortingly.

Lucy couldn’t help but twitch her mouth when she heard the words. It doesn’t feel like a comforting words.

“Although I don’t want to disturb you. What I want to say is that we are going to take this Miss Lucy out of here. As long as you don’t resist, we won’t hurt you.” Sol adjusted his monocle, but there was a hint of treacherousness in his eyes.

Gajeel, next to him, clearly understood the meaning and walked directly towards Lucy, “Don’t do those silly little tricks. I’ll take down the others if they were to do anything.”

He knew that Sol was a sly person. He wanted to deceive the target first and then kill them all. But he didn’t think it was necessary. It was a complete waste of time.

“We won’t let you take Lucy.” Seeing Gajeel, who had wounded them yesterday, Levy immediately took a defensive posture.

Jet and Droy followed.

“You suddenly attacked us yesterday and today, I’ll show you how good our team is.”


Lucy was also moved and took out her key, ready to fight.

Jerry had no choice but to wave his hand, “Levy, go outside the hospital to see if you can undo the thing that restrains my magic. After taking care of it, I can take you to leave with my space magic. Jet, Droy, and Lucy, the three of you, go protect Levy. As for these guys, I’ll stop them here myself.”

In Jerry’s eyes, Levy and the others are probably not enough to fight against the enemy. They would be a hindrance to staying here, so it’s better to find a reason to send them away.

“You alone?” All of them looked worried.

There are four S-class mages on the opposite side, and Jerry wants to defeat them all.

“I recently learned Erza’s Requip Magic, and it should be able to hold them for a while. I may not block all of them, so you should do your thing quickly. Jet, Droy, and Lucy, if any of them break through from my side to interfere with Levy, it’s up to you to handle them. This is the only way we can get out of this situation.” Jerry pretended to be serious.

When the four of them heard the words, they were stunned.

There were four S-class mages on the opposite side. If they decided to fight to the death, then the winning rate was very small. Perhaps Jerry’s plan is the only way they can escape.

“We must do it!” Levy’s eyes were filled with determination.

“You think I don’t exist, right?”

Seeing that they ignored his presence and discussed the plan, Gajeel immediately shouted and punched Jerry, who was standing in front. Jerry glanced at Gajeel and calmly activated his Requip Magic.

With a flash of golden light, Jerry’s body was instantly wrapped in the golden and domineering Taurus armor.

“Get out of here!”

Jerry’s power exploded. The Taurus armor’s own power magic array blessing and Jerry put some magic runes on the armor before.

Jerry’s and Gajiru’s fists collided. With a loud bang, everyone was stunned.

Jerry stood still, but Gajeel was knocked out, smashing seven or eight walls of the hospital in a row.

“Go, leave it to me here!”

Levy and Lucy looked at Jerry, who was standing there in the armor.

Knowing that it wasn’t the time, Levy waved her hand to use her magic, and a staircase composed of words formed, leading directly from the third floor to the downstairs. They quickly ran down the stairs.

At this time, it was found that there was a battle on the third floor. The doctors and nurses of the hospital took all the patients and evacuated them. Evacuate immediately upon finding a fight. This is a rule that all people should know.

“I’m not going to let you go easily!” Seeing the target, I was about to run away. Sol was about to run away to hunt them down.

However, Jerry wouldn’t let him slide and clasped his hand.

Powerful airflow directly shattered the ground of the entire room completely, and Sol was forced to be shaken out from the ground. All of them landed on the second floor at the same time.

“Leave him to me!”

Gajeel was knocked away by Jerry, who had finally recovered from his state. He angrily changed his right hand into a great sword and charged towards Jerry again.

As an S-class mage, his body’s defense, attack, and speed are better than ordinary magicians. Just after being punched away by Jerry, he began to exert all of his strength.

His attack can be said to be strong, fast, and ruthless. Even his colleagues couldn’t help but take a step back.

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Published On: October 26, 2023

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