Another young man in a samurai uniform holding a katana patted the black-haired young man on the shoulder.

“Gajeel, don’t be like that. That guy is said to be proficient in space magic, if we don’t restrict him on his magic, he will just run away after we make a move. Besides, it’s in accordance with the guild master’s plan.”

“Totomaru is right.” The last girl was wearing a blue coat and rain boots. She had blue curly hair and eyes, held a pink umbrella, and said expressionlessly.

The mustache middle-aged man who emerged from the ground also explained, “The guild master said don’t underestimate him. Time, Healing, and Space are lost magic. Although it is not an offensive magic, there are many lost magic. The guild master said he would likely be a hidden S-class mage. This is why he sent us to take care of him.

“At least let me meet him first.:” Gajeel said coldly and walked towards the hospital.

The remaining others obviously knew the characteristics of Gajeel very well, so they didn’t say much, just glanced at each other and followed.

At the entrance of the hospital, Jerry and Lucy appeared out of thin air.

“They are in the room on the third floor.” Lucy took Jerry to a room on the third floor of the hospital.

She and Erza were the first to discover Levy and the others were seriously injured and hanged under the big tree in a park. It was also them who sent them to the hospital.

After finding the room, Jerry did not waste any time and cast a healing spell on Levy Lebby and the others. In the blink of an eye, all their injuries were healed. After Jerry’s spell was released, the three of them gradually opened their eyes.

“Levy!” Seeing Levy wake up, Lucy immediately hugged her happily.

She and Levy are like-minded literary girls. As long as there are no missions, they will discuss literature together. She also promised to write her first book and let Levy be the first reader.

“Lu… Lu… Lucy, I can’t breathe!”

Because Levy’s figure is small and Lucy is a bit taller than her, Lucy hugged her excitedly and almost knocked her out again.

“Since everything is done, I’ll go to the guild master and pick you guys up when they finish their fight.” Jerry coughed.


However, when Jerry stretched out his hand to draw the portal, he couldn’t help but let out a surprise because his portal appeared less than a second before it collapsed. This feeling reminded him of the special device invented by Hydra that could disrupt his magic.

It’s just that compared to that device, this one is obviously much stronger now. It’s not disrupting but directly reinforcing the nearby space, making it impossible for him to break through the space and leave.

Of course, if he goes all out to tear up the magic, he can still open the portal and use Apparated. It’s just that he didn’t do that right away because it was obvious that someone had done something right now, and he wanted to see who the enemy was.

“It’s a technique for restraining a certain type of magic.” Lebby observed the surrounding situation and immediately saw that someone had set up a space restraining magic near the hospital.

“It’s raining?”

At this time, Lucy looked out the window along with Levy. I found that it was actually raining lightly outside.

“Interesting.” The corners of Jerry’s mouth twitched slightly.

He felt four magic powers comparable to an S-class rank moving toward the room where they were.

“In order to prevent that person from escaping, we set up something in the hospital in advance. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sol.”

The ground of the room was wriggling for a while, and the middle-aged man with a mustache came out from the ground with a smile. Then, two men and a woman walked in from the door.

Sol still introduced them one by one with a smile,

“This is one of the Element 4, Miss Juvia. There is Totomaru, and right here is Gajeel.”

“Three of the Element 4 came here? And also Gajeel?” Lucy listened, and she was shocked.

Levy and her friends looked oblivious because last night, it was Gajeel who attacked them. Now Gajeel brought other friends. How can this not make them nervous?

“Strange, all of you should be the Phantom Lord mages. You guys came here instead of guarding the guild, which confuses me.” Facing them, Jerry was not nervous at all.

When he came to this world, he didn’t seem to have shown any strong abilities. But most of the mages already knew what Jerry was capable of.

“You are not our target. Our target is that lovely girl, Lucy Heartfilia. The only heir to the Heartfilia family. As for you, we’re just trying to prevent you from using magic to save her.” Sol pointed at Lucy and smiled.

“Lucy, you are the only daughter of your family?” Hearing Sol’s words, Levy and the others were shocked.

The Heartfilia Family was one of the most famous families in the Kingdom, and its wealth value was the highest in the entire Kingdom.

Lucy worries about her rent every month, and her family owns a lot of money. This fact alone shocks Levy, her friends, and Jerry.

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