“Jerry, what happened to the guild?”

At this moment, a few anxious and angry voices came from behind Jerry. He turned his head and saw that it was Erza, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy.

Since returning from the island, they formed a team to carry out the task because they were known as the “strongest” team. Erza and Natsu are the main attackers, Gray is the supporting attacker, and Happy and Lucy support from behind.

Happy can fly and bring something. Lucy’s Celestial Spirit are not very powerful in combat, but their talents and abilities can sometimes be helpful in some situations.

This team performed tasks efficiently and with a high success rate, but the destructive power was not small. This week, Jerry made two trips just to repair the building for them.

All the mages in the entire guild need him to do the finishing work this week, and they just accidentally damaged a house during the mission. As the strongest team, a small half of the town was destroyed.

“To be honest, I just came here after I got the news. I don’t know anything that happened.” Jerry shrugged.

At this time, Mirajane came out, “Erza? You guys are back. Jerry, you came just in time, and the guild master is asking me to find you to repair the guild!”

“Mirajane, who attacked the guild?” Natsu gritted his teeth, his body burning with anger.

For these mages, the guild is not just a place to find work but a home. Their home has been destroyed. How can they not be angry about such a thing?

Mirajane’s eyes darkened for a moment. She sighed and replied, “Although we are very unwilling to say it, we were indeed attacked by the Phantom Lord mages.”

“Phantom Lord?” Jerry’s heart moved. He knew this guild.

It’s one of the most famous guilds in the entire Kingdom. In the past few years, it has been tied with Fairy Tail. But in the past two years, its reputation has gradually been surpassed by Fairy Tail, and it has become the second.

Its guild master is also a mage part of the Ten Wizard Saints. He was called Jose Porla.

The two guilds seem to have had differences since their creation. He heard Makarov say that six years ago, Makarov and Jose were drinking at the meeting of the guild. They always compete on whose guild is better.

After that, the two guilds grew bigger.

“They attacked at night when the guild was empty, so no one was injured.” Seeing that Natsu and the others were all burning with anger, Mirajan quickly explained.

“No wonder, good thing that no one was hurt. I don’t care if the Phantom Lords are powerful and the guild master has a relationship with their master. I want to pay them back.”

Jerry was stunned and then smiled, “It would be better if we fix this first.”

After waving a Mending Charm, the guild returned to its original state again.

At this time, on the basement floor of the guild, Makarov felt the magic power fluctuations above, put down the beer in his hand, and shouted to the Fairy Tail mages.

“That should be Jerry, who came to repair the guild. Let’s go up!”


“Bastard, I can’t relax before punching them all with my hands.” Natsu angrily punched the column next to him in the guild hall into two pieces.

It turned out that after discussions, Makarov decided to hold back for the time being as if nothing had happened.

The number of mages in the Phantom Lord is several times bigger than Fairy Tail. Their guild master is one of the Ten Wizard Saints, and there are five S-class mages. Once war erupts, both sides will suffer.

Considering that the council strictly forbids any battle between guilds, they can’t just let this one slide.

“Okay, okay. The guild has been repaired now, and they only dare to do these things at night when no one is here. Don’t worry about it, we should go back to our own activities. Excuse me, I have to go.” Makarov comforted Natsu and hurried to the toilet.

“I’m mad!” Natsu punched the ground again and made a hole.

“Calm down, Natsu. The guild master is doing that for a reason.” Erza frowned and reprimanded him.

Natsu was about to refute when a hand suddenly placed on his shoulder, and then an emotionless voice sounded in his ear, “If you don’t calm down, I can try it by sending you tens of thousands of meters in the end. How does that sound?”

“No, no!” Natsu turned his head to look at Jerry and quickly waved his hand.

He didn’t want to be thrown in the air for hours like Laxus. Seeing that Natsu was no longer smashing things, Jerry nodded with satisfaction and waved his hands to repair the column and ground he had broken.

He had just finished repairing the guild, and Natsu began to destroy it again. That would only give him more work.

He actually had a little expectation in his heart. The guild masters of both guilds are The Ten Wizard Saints, and if they fought, it would be an interesting watch.

Ur herself said that although she has the strength of the Ten Wizard Saints, she is not in her pea condition now and far worse than Makarov.

“Mirajane, I have some knowledge about magic that I want to ask you.” For the time being, He put aside my miscellaneous thoughts. Jerry took Mirajane to the side and asked about magic.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Jerry was changing his gold armor in his ring world. He suddenly sensed something, appeared, and returned to the living room.

“Erza is seen by bringing a group of people to the door.”

“I see. Please open the door.” Jerry nodded, and as soon as he returned, he had already sensed a few familiar magic powers outside.

Sure enough, as soon as the door opened, there was Erza in armor carrying Natsu and Gray. Happy fluttered his wings and struggled to hold Lucy.

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Published On: October 25, 2023

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