A week later, in Ring World.


With a commanding gesture, Jerry’s right arm was illuminated with a vibrant purple magic circle.

His entire right arm underwent a dramatic transformation, morphing into a formidable demon limb.

He extended his index finger and casually flicked at a pre-prepared boulder.

Cracks immediately spidered across its surface, reducing it to a pile of rubble.

“It’s progress, but I still have much to learn. Perhaps I should seek advice from Miss Mirajane in the future.”

Jerry was aware that his current mastery of Take Over magic was partial, limited to transforming specific body parts like arms and thighs.

Achieving a complete body transformation remained beyond his reach.

Among all mages known for their expertise in Take Over magic, Mirajane Strauss of Fairy Tail held the highest rank.

Makarov, the guild’s master, had privately recommended her as the best mentor for Jerry to consult regarding his magic.

Mirajane, though haunted by a personal tragedy two years ago, remained the only S-class Take Over mage on record.

Her wealth of theoretical knowledge and her friendly demeanor made her a prime candidate for guidance.

Jerry nodded in satisfaction after conducting some experiments to assess his partial mastery of Take Over magic in terms of physical strength and self-healing capabilities in close combat.

Even in this partial form, Deliora’s demonic physique proved vastly superior to his natural one.

When combined with the “Force” magic, it promised explosive potential.

“Oh, right, I’ve got an appointment today to collect the magic armor!”

Jerry suddenly remembered that today was the day he was scheduled to pick up the twelve sets of customized magic armor he had ordered from the magic item shop owner.

In Ring World, Jerry promptly exited and Apparated directly at the entrance of the city’s magic tool shop.

Pushing open the door, the shop owner’s eyes immediately lit up as he warmly greeted Jerry, “Ah, Mr. Jerry, you’ve arrived just in time. The twelve sets of magic armor you ordered are now completed. Follow me to the backyard for inspection!”

Jerry couldn’t help but notice the enthusiastic reception, appreciating how valuable he was as a customer.

Unlike Miss Erza, who frequently paid for armor manufacturing and repairs in installments, Jerry had paid the full cost upfront for all twelve sets.

Furthermore, he had offered an additional 10% bonus on top of the agreed price, provided that the armor met his specifications upon delivery.

Jerry smiled and nodded, following the shop owner into the shop’s backyard.

There, twelve sets of stunning golden armor were neatly arranged.

“Mr. Jerry, these twelve sets of armor were crafted precisely according to the designs you provided. We’ve used the finest magical materials available in the kingdom. Additionally, we’ve incorporated the magical enhancements you requested.”

“Take, for instance, this Taurus armor. When you infuse it with magic power, it enhances your strength. The stronger your magical power, the greater the enhancement. When you clasp your hands and channel magic, the Aquarius armor triggers a pre-set ice spell, releasing a powerful blast of freezing cold air. Again, the strength of this effect corresponds to your magical power. And this Sagittarius armor…”

Jerry received a detailed rundown from the shop owner regarding each set of armor’s capabilities and their additional magical effects.

“While they’re not quite at my ideal level, they’re close enough. I’ll pay the additional 10%.”

Hearing Jerry’s response, the shop owner was overjoyed.

Earning an additional ten percent on top of the base price was a significant boon.

Creating magical items typically yielded just a 10% profit margin, factoring in labor costs, materials, rent, and other expenses.

Now, this extra ten percent was pure profit.

After making the payment, Jerry stored the twelve sets of golden armor within his Ring World.

These twelve sets of armor had been crafted to resemble the Golden Zodiac Cloth from Jerry’s previous life’s Saint Seiya series.

While the design might not be the most practical for combat, they held sentimental value and looked incredibly stylish.

During the ordering process, Jerry had also urged the local magical artisans to recreate some of the Ten Wizard Saints’ abilities to the best of their ability.

While their efforts might not have been perfect, Jerry viewed these as a foundation upon which he could build.

Upon his return, he would use his alchemical knowledge to refine further and enhance the armor.

Despite the widespread use of magic, the technology for creating magical items remained highly advanced, as evident in Erza’s magical armor.

Through the shop owner’s explanations, Jerry learned that all magical items shared a common characteristic: their effectiveness depended on the user’s magical power.

Jerry’s magical power, surpassing that of even the Holy Ten, would allow him to unleash the full potential of these magical armors.

Now that he had acquired Requip magic and Take Over magic, he would soon embrace his role as a true melee mage.

Until now, he prioritized safety, utilizing long-range magical attacks to minimize physical engagement with foes.

However, Jerry was at a loss when it came to the attacks the guild had sustained.

He had visited the guild just the day before, and everything had seemed perfectly fine.

Given that the guild boasted two S-class mages, Makarov and Gildarts, the audacity of attacking Fairy Tail was confounding.

Curious and concerned, Jerry asked the shop owner, “Why haven’t I heard about this? Is there something wrong at the guild?”

The shop owner hesitated for a moment before responding, “I just overheard some guests mentioning that your guild has been attacked. You might want to return and see for yourself.”

“Thank you. I’ll head back immediately.”

Jerry nodded in surprise and Apparated on the spot.

Upon arriving at the guild, Jerry found the place under attack.

Numerous massive iron pillars, each measuring twenty to thirty meters long, had impaled the guild hall, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Even the once proud “Fairy Tail” sign at the entrance lay in ruins.

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Published On: October 24, 2023

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