“What do you need?” Ultear retreated and moved to another trunk with a vigilant look on her face.

Could it be that Jerry had discovered her identity?

Jerry didn’t care when he saw this. He just smiled and handed the rice cooker in his hand to her.

“Although Deliora was sealed in the magic pot by me, I don’t think it’s safe to put it here. I want to hand it over to your council for safekeeping, just like the one before. Can you do that?”

When he first appeared on the top of the temple, he had already discovered Ultear was there. After all, the total amount of magic power in Ultear’s body is quite amazing, even stronger than Erza’s.

Even if Ultear changed her appearance, Jerry would still notice it from far away, as no one would have this much magic randomly.

Since he met Ultear last time, he has already remembered her magic capacity. So, he has always been aware of Ultear’s existence.

He didn’t understand why Ultear changed her appearance to be among Lyon’s group and immediately hid quietly after Deliora appeared. As for the answer, just now, to watch over the situation on this island, he definitely doesn’t believe it.

However, he doesn’t care what her purpose is. Everyone has their own secrets. Instead of spending time on it, it is better to focus on improving himself. He came to her because he wanted to let her act as in his part.

The rice cooker that sealed Deliora is in his hands. After the news gets spread out, multiple people will try to come after him to get the magic pot, and it would be a pain to deal with.

It’s better to take this opportunity and give it to the council like before, go back and report to the guild master so that he can continue his activities normally.

Seeing the magic pot in Jerry’s hands, Ultear twitched her mouth but took it over with a smile on her face, “You are right. I will give it to the council. Thank you. We will definitely keep this very well and never let Deliora have another chance to be released.”

She was 100% sure that there was absolutely no Deliora in the magic pot at this time, but now that she had said that, she could only take it with a smile.

“Thank you for your hard work, Ultear. I’ll go first.” After the matter was settled, Jerry didn’t stop, put away the same smile, and left quickly.

“Jerry is really hard to deal with. Since when did he know where I am?” Seeing Jerry leave, Ultear couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief and then quickly left the island.


“Okay, we can go back!” On the square in front of the village, Jerry waved his hand to open the portal to the Fairy Tail Guild.

After repairing the island and talking with Ultear for a while, Erza and the others returned to the village and found the root cause of why the villagers turned into demons.

It was because of the magic ceremony of the Moon Drip that caused a layer of energy to appear over the island, and this layer of energy caused confusion in the memories of the villagers.

They are originally demons, but they have the ability to transform into humans. This is an island of demons where demons live.

“Lyon, you must continue your practice at the Lamia Scale, and remember to visit me when you have time!” Ur waved to Lyon and the others and then went to the portal opened by Jerry with Gray, Erza, and other Fairy Tail mages.

Lyon’s goal since childhood was to surpass Ur, and now he realizes that he is still far behind. After the matter was over, he decided to join his three friends who used to be a Lamia Scale Guild to practice more.

Now that Ur is back, Gray sends an invitation to Ur for the first time to join the Fairy Tail Guild.

“We’re back!” The door of the Fairy Tail Guild was kicked open by Natsu, and everyone walked in.

After some time, Ur officially became a member of the Fairy Tail guild under the arrangement of Makarov. Jerry returned to his house, which was placed at a height of 10,000 meters.

After returning to the room, Jerry did not delay too much, directly entered his ring world, turned on the rice cooker, and released Deliora. Perhaps because of the time in the rice cooker, Deliora regained some strength from before.

When it came out again, it flew directly towards Jerry without saying a word.

“This one doesn’t know when to give up, huh?” Jerry looked at Deliora, who flew towards him.

A purple thunder that was not much more filial than Deliora’s magic descended from the sky, slamming Deliora directly into the ground, making it once again on the verge of death.

The Divine Thunder Spell is the strongest thunder spell that Jerry had learned and improved. Not only is it powerful, but it can kill demons and exorcise evil spirits. Against demons like Deliora, the damage is even stronger by three times.

In addition, he integrated the thunder magic of other major magic systems, and the overall power has been greatly improved.

Deliora has not fully recovered yet. Against Deliora at its peak condition, at most, it would cause Deliora serious damage. If he uses the Images of Ikonn to turn into thousands of clones at the same time, it is estimated that Deliora will disintegrate instantly.

“I advise you to think carefully about your move now. Otherwise, it will not end greatly on your part.”

The flute monster had been watching the situation from a distance, shook his head, and then walked over to pick up Deliora from the pit. He handed it to Jerry with a flattering face, “Master, you can start the contract with it.”

Jerry nodded and quickly drew a contract circle.

Deliora is in the hands of the monster, who obviously still doesn’t know what the situation is now. Seeing that the monster, who was also created by Zeref, had turned like this, Deliora roared.

“Why you!”

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