As a result, a dramatic scene appeared. Deliora’s terrifyingly powerful black energy emerged directly from the top of Deliora’s head the moment it passed through the portal in front of Jerry.

Then, it hit into Deliora’s own head.

Space and time have always been the two magics that Jerry values ​​most. He even thinks that it is more powerful than any basic magic elements in the world, such as earth, fire, wind, and water.

Even a simple portal is just an auxiliary magic used to transport and facilitate, but the effect can be terrifying if used well. It is especially effective against mages who have no research on this type of magic or against enemies with strong powers like Deliora.

The black energy dissipated. Deliora was perfectly hit by its own magic and died in the giant pit. If it were the first magic, Deliora’s body wouldn’t stand a chance even for a bit.

But Deliora had just been pierced through by Erza before, fallen from a height of tens of thousands of meters, and was seriously injured, and this time the magic Deliora used was not as effective as before.

“Can he really do that?” At this time, everyone was shocked by Jerry’s actions.

This space magic was really used to the limit by Jerry. They fought hard for a long time, all the magic power was used up, but Deliora was only slightly injured.

Jerry just used his portal magic, which he usually uses to transport, and has no offensive power. He barely uses any magic power and easily beats Deliora to the brink of death.

Seeing that Deliora was half-killed by his own magic, Jerry took out a rice cooker, Apparated above it, and easily sealed it with sealing magic.

“Jerry, didn’t you say that this magic pot is your one and only family’s magic tool? Why do you have another?” Lucy saw Jerry appear holding the rice cooker.

Jerry smiled, “Oh, I have mastered the technique of making this kind of magic tool. What I have is a newly made one.”

“It’s been a few days since the last time you took out this thing.” Lucy muttered to herself.

Ultear was really gnashing her teeth. When she saw Jerry take out the magic pot again, she already fully understood that she had definitely been tricked before.

The one she got was the fake one, and the one right now is the real one, which explains the reason why Hades scolded her for bringing that to him.

She saw that Jerry seemed to be collecting the demons created by Zeref, just like her guild. This couldn’t be a coincidence because the monster was sealed last time, and he also sealed Deliora.

“It seems that after I go back, I will take time to report back to the guild leader and let him focus on this mysterious mage named Jerry. This guy will definitely affect our great plan in the future.”


“Anyway, it’s finally over!”

Jerry returned. But seeing that Jerry finally sealed Deliora, Lucy breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the ground. The others were equally relieved.

It was really too stressful to battle with Deliora just now, whether it was Erza fighting or Lucy and others watching nearby. But when they came back to their senses, they discovered a new problem.

Although the battle was won, the damage was quite serious. Looking around now, except for the temple that has almost completely disappeared, there are big pits everywhere, the trees have been plucked out of the ground, and even half of the island is destroyed.

“Jerry!” Everyone looked at Jerry again.

There is nothing they can do about this situation now. Only Jerry’s magic can deal with it.

“All of you go back to the village to rest first. The amount of work will be relatively large, and I need some time.” Jerry didn’t delay. Compared with everyone who was exhausted now, he did not since he only Apparated and used his magic portal a handful of times.

When everyone heard the words, they all supported each other and walked towards the village on the edge of the island.

Jerry can use space magic, and when he is done, he can teleport back to the village by himself. So they don’t have to wait for Jerry to be with him.

After everyone had left, Jerry flew into the air and cast a Mending Charm, restoring all the damaged parts of the island to its original state, including the temple. It’s just that after using the Mending Charm, he didn’t directly Apparate back to the village.

“Oh, isn’t this Ultear? Why are you here? Taking a vacation?”

Ultear was hiding behind the big tree. A voice suddenly appeared behind her, making her almost fall to the ground.

Jerry did not return to the village but appeared on a tree not far behind her.

“I received information that there may be a powerful demon on this island that threatens the security of the kingdom, so I came here to investigate. Your Fairy Tail guild can seal the demon this time, and you did a good job.” Ultear immediately made up a reason for herself.

Jerry is proficient in space magic, and if she hadn’t specially set up traps, even with her strength, she couldn’t do anything to him.

Her status in the Alliance is still very useful. Of course, she can’t end like this, so she has to find a reason to deal with it first.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Jerry’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a smile.

Ultear didn’t want to entangle more on this issue. After explaining, she would turn around and leave, “Since the matter has been resolved, then I will leave first.”

“Wait, Ultear. I have something to ask you to help me with.” At this moment, Jerry Apparated to block Ultear’s way.

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Published On: October 23, 2023

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