Jerry took Aisha outside of the neighborhood and to Lina’s Magic House after shutting off the TV and getting the keys.

Because he will receive a certain sum of money for each good deed he performs, which could be anything from a few dollars to as much as $100 or $200. He even steals the entire amount from some criminals on occasion.

He now has deposits totaling tens of thousands of dollars, and among his peers, he is undoubtedly regarded as wealthy. Aisha’s purchase of a wizard outfit and a magic broom requires more than just a light sprinkle of water.

“Good afternoon, what do you two want to buy?”

The store’s proprietor, a woman in her thirties named Lina, grinned at Jerry and Aisha as they entered and handed the family’s arriving wizard suit and magic broom.

Lina once had a fondness for magic. She created a modest shop selling various magic props after graduating from college since she had always believed in the existence of magic.

However, due to poor management, their business has not been very successful, and they even overstocked, which led to the capital chain breaking and the company being on the verge of bankruptcy.

There had previously been a “stealing” incident, but thankfully the person had been a good thief and left enough money that she decided not to notify the police. But her store’s business took off just two weeks ago.

Because the magic-wielding firefighter who rides a broom wears a wizard suit that is identical to the one she sells in her store. Her stockpiled items were likewise instantly sold out as a result of this. Many adults, in addition to children, came to purchase them.

Lina, who possesses remarkable commercial acumen due to the success of wizard suits, hurried to locate producers of magic toys in an effort to order a batch of broomsticks and wands in the wizarding aesthetic.

Those individuals who produce magic toys are undoubtedly smart businessmen. They promptly modified their production lines and began creating the same magic brooms and wands as wizards not long after the news spread.

They are all made identically, even in terms of look. In actuality, Jerry had anticipated this scenario.

Real heroes weren’t there in the previous existence; only Marvel movies existed. The most well-liked unisex spider bodysuits, iron suits, and captain shields were all created by numerous companies.

How is it possible that no merchants are making his gear now that he—a wizard—appearance as a real hero—and profiting from it?

The equipment of the wizard is far less technically complex than the Iron Man model suit, which first gained popularity, and it is simple enough for modest manufacturers to build.

His physical type as a child makes it the simplest to identify him. It’s still extremely risky because he hasn’t mastered advanced magic like Disillusionment Charm and Apparition.

But now, so many young people his age have purchased the same kind of wizard costume, magic broom, and wand as him. He can completely pass like an everyday youngster as long as he doesn’t actually fly and use magic.

The likelihood of identification being found will be significantly decreased in this method.

“Bring me two identical outfits and the best possible wizard-specific costume!” Five hundred dollars were taken out of Jerry’s pocket and placed on the table.

“No problem, no problem, wait a minute, I’ll pack it for you right away!” When Lina noticed this, her eyes glistened.

“Wizard, I adore you more than life itself!”

Lina is extremely appreciative of the Wizard from the bottom of her heart because he is the main reason her modest shop is flourishing. As a magic enthusiast, the Wizard is her hero.

Jerry and Aisha were walking with a mock broomstick in their right hand and a bag with a wizard costume on their left. As they walked upright down the street, countless children watched in jealousy.

“Jerry, is that our dad there?” Aisha abruptly pulled Jerry’s arm and pointed to the glass of a coffee shop on her right at this point.

When Jerry heard this, he turned to take a look and couldn’t help but sigh. In reality, Haas is drinking coffee while sitting in a cafe with other people. A gorgeously dressed young woman with a great shape and long, golden hair was seated across from him.

If you look closely, isn’t it the same Mrs. Belle from his and Aisha’s primary school who once stood up on the school bus?

Jerry had a sudden insight as he saw the two conversing and joking while maintaining a really loving gaze.

It seems sensible that, in the wake of the most recent school bus hijacking, Haas insisted on inviting Mrs. Belle to dinner. It turned out to be intentional. But he considers it to be fairly good for this.

First off, these years have not been easy for Haas. Being a single parent, he has to take care of his family in addition to working on the police investigation. Jerry could take care of himself, but he pretty much took over the housework.

In addition, Haas won’t be 40 until next year. He needs to look for a new companion immediately. Jerry also thinks Mrs. Belle is pretty good, but her look is unmatched, largely due to the strength of her character.

The previous time, you may see it on the school bus. While Mrs. Belle entirely sacrificed herself out of fear that the children would be hurt, he dared to step up since he felt confident enough to deal with those criminals.

In this regard, Mrs. Belle is far superior to him.

He won’t have to worry about some housekeeping if Mrs. Belle weds Haas. Even when employing magic to complete chores faster, don’t stress about it. There will be more time for him to study magic and acquire red stars.

“Jerry, I’d also like some coffee.” Aisha promptly swallowed as she observed her father sipping coffee inside.

“What type of coffee do kids consume? Your health will suffer as a result. I’ll make you some chocolate milk when you come home.” Without even giving it a second thought, Jerry vetoed it.

Aisha is too young to be drinking coffee, and if they enter now, they’ll ruin Haas and Mrs. Belle’s romantic evening.

Two reasons are given. First, it is bad for one’s health. Second, he worries that Aisha won’t be able to sleep after drinking and will cause a scene at night.

After hearing this, Aisha pouted, “I hate drinking milk!”

Jerry calmly stated, “Drink milk to get taller.”

“But I simply don’t enjoy drinking milk.” It was clear that Aisha didn’t want to give in.

Jerry pondered for a while, feeling his heart moved, before turning to face Aisha, “Alright, it is okay to consume coffee, but we can’t do it here and we must go home to do so. Dad is talking, er, dating, with Mrs. Bailey. It’s bad for us to bother them.”

“Okay, I know, it’s just a kiss. They won’t kiss when we go over!” Aisha’s mood changed instantly when she learned that there was coffee available to drink.

“That’s not what I meant!” After being momentarily surprised, Jerry shook his head.

Aisha is only ten years old, yet due to her regular exposure to TV networks, she is well-versed in numerous subjects you might assume she would not be familiar with at her age. Jerry escorted Aisha away from Haas and Mrs. Belle and into the neighborhood.

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Published On: March 8, 2023

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