“In the legends of the magic world, there are two magics that can destroy cities. They can wipe out the enemy with their fingers and voice, which is an extreme type of magic.”

“After years of research, I finally combined these two magics. As long as I cast it, I can instantly turn you into pulp. Are you ready?” Jerry was next to Deliora with his hands behind his back and exuded an extremely terrifying aura.

Deliora was shocked by the aura Jerry exuded at this time and stood up slowly. Deliora was no longer calm just now because it felt a tingle of death coming.

As for Erza, Lucy, Ur, Natsu, etc., and Ultear, who was hiding in the dark. Her eyes widened at this time, and she was afraid that she would be affected by the magic as well.

They know that Jerry is good at studying magic and knows many kinds of magic. Even his several lost magic and his magic power is very good.

But they didn’t expect that Jerry would actually have the kind of super magic that can destroy a city, merging the two into a more powerful magic, which was simply too unbelievable.

But thinking about it carefully, although it is a bit unbelievable, he may know how to do it.

“Impossible. No magic can’t kill me. The power of my body is beyond the imagination of you human mages!” Perhaps frightened by Jerry’s aura, Deliora subconsciously put its arms in front of its chest and took a defensive posture.

“If that’s the case, then I shall give you a taste.”

He slowly raised his right hand, stretched out his index finger, and then placed his left hand under his right arm. Under everyone’s expectations, he shouted at Daliola.

A gust of fresh wind blew. Deliora and the others found that nothing happened.

“Could it be that the magic failed?” This thought resounded in everyone’s mind at the same time.

The more powerful the magic, the more difficult it is to release. Sometimes, it fails, which is understandable.

However, as soon as their thought came up, they heard Jerry laugh and waved his hand, “How could there be such a powerful magic? I just feel that the atmosphere was a little tense. I was just joking to ease the atmosphere. I didn’t expect you to be so serious.”

Everyone was speechless.

Jerry was just joking.

The magic that can destroy Deliora is just too good to be true. They were shocked by Jerry’s action just now.

“You dare to play with me? I’m going to tear you apart!” When Deliora heard Jerry’s words, its anger was instantly filled up, making it even more angry than when his heart was pierced.

When facing Jerry, who just floated in the air, his heart really shook, and he even felt a little bit of fear. Daliola grew its claws in both hands, jumped up in the direction of Jerry, and wanted to tear him to pieces in mid-air.

Jerry shrugged and then Apparated.

“I’ll send you thousands of miles away from here without you knowing it.”

Deliora jumped into the air and fell to the ground. Suddenly, Deliora heard the humming voice of Jerry. Before it could react, a huge ring of fire appeared under it. It turned out that Jerry opened a portal in the direction it landed and teleported away.

“Jerry, where did you teleport it?” Seeing Jerry reappearing in front of them, Erza and the others asked curiously.

Jerry smiled and pointed to the sky, “It’s about tens of thousands of meters high. If he can’t fly, it might be interesting to see it try.”

“Deliora shouldn’t be able to fly. I haven’t seen it fly, and no one has seen it fly from what I’ve known.” At this time, Ur interjected.

With the size of Daliola, falling from a height of tens of thousands of meters would definitely cause some substantial damage. At this moment, Natsu, Gray, and Lucy shivered at the same time.

Jerry didn’t show any powerful magic, but his strange use of space magic made them feel a little scary. They suddenly remembered that Laxus had been transported to the sky and fell for more than ten hours. It would be best they didn’t mess with him.

Similarly, Ultear frowned when she saw this, “It seems that if I want to deal with this Jerry next time. I must arrange a spell that can restrain space magic in advance. Otherwise, it will be really troublesome.”

After a few minutes. While everyone was waiting eagerly, a black spot finally appeared in the sky. The black spot enlarged at a speed visible to the naked eye, smashing down toward the island’s location like a meteorite.

Deliora smashed into the island’s depths with a loud bang, causing the entire island to tremble for a while.

“It seems that the injury is pretty big.” Sensing Deliora’s breath smashed into the depths of the ground, Jerry stroked his chin thoughtfully.

With Deliora’s physical strength and recovery ability, it is definitely impossible for it to die just from a falling damage like this.

“I will kill you!”

An angry roar came from the depths of the smashed hole, and Jerry found that Deliora’s breath was approaching the hole at a very fast speed.

In just two seconds, he was covered in blood. He looked at Deliora, whose arms and legs were twisted, and appeared in front of everyone again.

This time, Deliora didn’t talk nonsense and directly used its magic with maximum strength. It wanted to attack and kill Jerry instantly before he could use his space magic to escape.

However, Jerry had expected this for a long time and had prepared. When the huge black energy shot towards him, he quickly drew a big circle of fire in front of him.

At the same time, a circle appeared above Deliora’s head.

The portal that Jerry opened in front of him was set above Deliora’s head.

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Published On: October 23, 2023

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