As expected of a city-destroying demon, not only strong in defense but also surprisingly powerful. Its speed and reaction are not comparable to the monster Jerry had dealt with before.

After a battle, the entire temple was destroyed by both sides’ destructive power. Even the ground of the island was cracked open. Those mages who are not strong enough have lost their combat effectiveness.

Although Jerry didn’t make a move, he also used his magic to send those mages who couldn’t fight and those who couldn’t deal damage to Deliora at all to a safe place one by one. In the end, only Ur, Gray, Lyon, Natsu, and Erza were the only ones who stayed there.

Erza and Natsu fought in melee combat. Ur, Gray, and Lyon had long-range magic, and they cooperated tacitly. According to Jerry analyzation, it can only be said that they were tied in terms of strength.

The main reason is that Ur uses her magic, which restricts Deliora’s actions, preventing many powerful attacks from being implemented. Otherwise, the battle is probably over long ago.

However, this balance is still very dangerous. Because now Deliora always lunged a physical attack and did not use its magic. In comparison, Ur and the others have been continuously cast magic, which consumes a lot of magic power.

“It can’t go on like this. We must give it a fatal blow that causes enough damage, or we can’t kill it completely.”

Ur looked at Deliora, who broke her magic, and there were several wounds on Deliora. It completely returned to normal in just a few moments, knowing there was no chance of winning if this continued.

It turns out that this Deliora has an amazing recovery ability. The damage they put so much effort into Deliora returned to normal almost in the blink of an eye.

“Give me time.” Erza replied while flying in the air to avoid Deliora’s attack.

Obviously, Erza has the confidence to hit a fatal blow, but it takes Ur and the others time to trap Deliora.

“Leave it to us!”

Ur and the others looked at each other. Once again, she cast an ice magic on Deliora. Ur casts magic as fast as she can, using the strongest and most consuming magic.

They saw countless ice roses and thorns, instantly wrapping Deliora. Not only restricting its movement but also deeply digging those ice thorns into its body. However, after just holding on for three seconds, all the ice roses and thorns were forcibly shattered by Deliora.

Following Ur, Lyon also used his own magic.

A huge ice ape not much smaller than Deliora appeared behind Deliora and hugged it by the waist. It’s a pity while the body size is similar, but the strength is very different. The ape only lasted for less than a second. Deliora broke the ape’s arm directly and punched it to pieces.

The moment Deliora smashed the ape, Gray’s magic was activated. A huge rectangular ice prison rose from Deliora’s feet, locking it firmly in it.

The restraints caused Deliora’s anger to skyrocket. They saw it roar loudly, grabbed both sides of the prison with both hands, and tore it with force. Fortunately, the ice prison also works for a second.

Ur’s magic buys time for three seconds, Lyon’s Ice Ape buys time for one second, and Gray’s Ice Prison buys time for one second. It gave them a total of five seconds.

What did Erza and Natsu do in these five seconds?

When Ur restrained Deliora, Erza pulled up Natsu and quickly retreated. She instantly changed her armor.

The bright yellow armor that can increase the strength to the greatest extent appeared on Erza’s body.

“Natsu, I need all your firepower!”

Natsu was still a little dazed. Erza raised her spear over her shoulder and poured all the remaining magic in her body into the spear.

“Leave it to me!”

Natsu immediately understood. He gathered all the magic in his body into his right fist, prepared all of the flames in his fist, and punched the back of the spear. The powerful fire instantly filled the entire spear. Erza also used her maximum strength at this time to throw the spear toward Deliora.

At the end of five seconds, Deliora just turned around. Before it could react, the spear with all the power of Erza and Natsu combined can be seen, and it was precisely targeted into the position of Deliora’s heart.


Blood splattered everywhere, and the spear finally penetrated Deliora’s heart in one fell swoop with the help of all the magic powers from Erza and Natsu. It leaves a hole in Deliora’s body.

“We won!”

Lucy and the others jumped up and cheered when they saw Deliora had punctured a hole in its body.

Jerry shook his head, “Its power is really strong.”

He could clearly feel that, although Deliora’s slowed its movement, it was still far from death.

Daliola, who was pierced through his chest, did not fall down as everyone imagined. It just knelt on the ground on one knee and touched the big hole in its chest that was constantly squirming.

“I never thought you would hurt me to this extent, but little did you know that my heart is not here.”

After speaking, it raised its head and opened its mouth. Deliora shouted at Erza and Natsu, who had exhausted their magic power at this time, “Time for you to go to hell!”

An extremely terrifying magic power wave emerged, and then countless magic powers gathered in Deliora’s huge mouth. Deliora was finally completely provoked and was going to use its extremely destructive magic.

“Be careful!”

Ur saw Deliora’s movement, her eyes shrank suddenly, and she used all her remaining magic power to create a huge ice shield in front of Erza and Natsu.

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Published On: October 22, 2023

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