“Both of you do kind of look similar to the ones I’ve taught before.”

Looking at Gray and Lyon, who were full of tears, Ur subconsciously put away her magic circle and then took a serious look. At first glance, they really look very similar to her two disciples.

Gray and Lyon glanced at each other, flicked their hands, stripped their clothes, and simultaneously cast ice-making magic.

Ur looked at Gray and Lyon. The ice-making magic was exactly the same as hers. Her eyes suddenly stared and recalled the first time she taught them magic.

The two small figures and the two figures in front of her instantly overlapped, allowing her to confirm their identities, “Gray, Lyon, finally! How come you’ve grown so big all of a sudden?”

“It’s not that we have grown up. But it’s you. It’s been ten years since you sealed Deliora.” Lyon and Gray hugged Ur again.

Ur did not kick them this time but hugged them, patted their backs, and sighed, “Ten years have passed?”

When she noticed Sherry and Lucy, she seemed to think of something and raised her hand to slap Lyon and Gray’s head, “Didn’t I tell you not to undress in front of girls? How come after ten years later, your habit has not changed?”

“It’s not our fault. It made us develop this bad habit!” Gray and Lyon covered their heads and replied in unison.

Finally, the three looked at each other and suddenly laughed together. Time seems to have returned to the past.

“Although I don’t want to disturb your reunion, but now, it seems that it is not the time to relax around.” At this time, a voice came from above, and it was Jerry.

Everyone looked in the direction of Jerry. It turned out to be the demon finally regained its senses and opened its eyes.


Seeing Deliora behind her, Ur’s eyes instantly became dignified, and she started to cast her magic, “Both of you run. I’ll deal with it alone.”

“No way. This time, I won’t let you fight alone.” Gray took a step forward and stood on the left of Ur.

“Don’t underestimate us. It’s time for you to see my strength ten years from now.” Lyon wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, regained his previous confidence, and stood on the right side of Ur.

Natsu is covered in flames, Erza wears gorgeous Armor, Lucy summons a Celestial Spirit, Sherry summons a rock giant, and her other friends start to prepare their magic. One by one, the mages who lost their homes and families because of Deliora stepped forward together and stood beside Ur.

“You’re no longer alone in this battle. This time, we fight together.”

Ur felt the surrounding magic fluctuations, especially the armored female mage over there. Several mages around her also get her attention that they have a lot of magic power. Maybe, this time, they can really win.

At this time, Deliora started to move, let out a loud roar, and rushed towards their side with an extremely terrifying momentum.

“Let’s go together!”

Ur showed her magic first, and the ice and snow white roses stretched under Deliora’s feet, meandering on it, and tightly stopped Deliora in place.

Gray followed, creating an ice cannon that hit Deliora’s head with an avalanche. Lyon created a powerful ice dragon behind Daliola, biting at its neck.

At this moment, except for Jerry, everyone’s magic was directed towards Deliora.

Due to the shackles of Ur’s magic, Deliora could not avoid it for a while, so these magics hit all parts of Deliora’s body precisely one by one. However, just as everyone was about to cheer, a terrifying voice came from Deliora’s mouth.

“All of you just ants, and I will kill you all.”

They saw that Deliora was almost unscathed at this time, and with one force of its whole body, it shattered the white roses that wrapped around its feet. It reached out and grabbed the ice dragon that was biting its neck, pinching it to death and crushing it instantly.

It turned out that those magic attacks just now could not break Deliora’s defense at all.

“Don’t underestimate it!”

Jerry’s eyes lit up while recovering his magic power. He is not afraid that Deliora is too strong, but he is afraid that Deliora is not worthy of the name because he can contract the demon itself for something else if it is really strong.

You must know that any city will have guilds, and some cities will have seven, eight, or even a dozen guilds at the same time.

Deliora can destroy several cities without suffering any damage. In the end, even Ur can’t beat it, and she has to rely on her life to seal it.

In this group of mages, except for Ur, only Erza is S-Class. While Natsu, Gray, and Lyon are at close to S-Class. Defeating Deliora in its peak condition is not that easy.

Of course, it’s not impossible. Erza’s melee output is not weak, and Ur’s ice magic can also damage Deliora and limit its movements. Natsu’s magic also serves as a big additional damage to Deliora.

In the end, he still waited. If they can’t beat Deliora, he might have to go down and help them with a little something up his sleeve.

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Published On: October 21, 2023

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