As Jerry activated his magic, a huge magic force burst out from his body. The masked wizard hiding in the dark feels the magic power emanating from Jerry’s side.

“Who is this guy?”

His figure changed, and he grew a long and straight black hair with a charming figure. It was Ultear.

“I knew that something was not right with that guy.” Thinking of this, Ultear gritted her teeth.

It turned out that when she saw Jerry for the first time, it was determined that the magic that Jerry cast was not the same Arc of Time as hers, a magic that only works to repair buildings.

Although Jerry repaired the entire city of Oshibana at that time, he showed good magic.

However, when she took the magic pot that sealed the monster and gave it to her guild master, she found that there was no way to open that seal even with the help of her guild master, who knows a lot of magic.

At that time, she began to feel that Jerry might not be a typical mage.

Later, she used the Arc of Time to reverse the time when the magic pot was used to seal the monster so that the powerful and mysterious sealing magic was erased.

However, just when Hades opened the magic pot to release the monster, the magic pot burst out a very powerful energy. Although Hades was strong enough, he was seriously injured by such an unprepared surprise attack and is still recovering from his injuries.

Hades scolded her because of this.

At that time, she realized that Jerry might have played her, and Jerry was not as harmless as he appeared.

She thought that Jerry might be a typical mage at the time, using Fairy Tail and the guild’s influence to threaten her never to hand over a powerful magic item that can seal monsters.

Now, she saw that Jerry was a skilled mage, and the powerful magic power that erupted in the magic pot and the time magic fluctuations that were far more complicated than repairing the city before made her even more convinced that Jerry was not a typical mage.

However, she still does not believe Jerry can really rewind the time on Ur and Deliora to ten years ago. Time magic cannot affect creatures. When she learned the Arc of Time, Hades told her about this principle.

However, with the passage of time, her firm heart began to shake gradually.

Because the solid ice made by Ur really changed gradually under the action of Jerry’s magic, and the parts that were affected by the Moon Drip actually began to recover. This is something her Arc of Time can’t do.

At the same time, what shook her heart even more was that her mother might really be saved.

“Forget about it. When she abandoned me, she was no longer the mother who loved me. I need to let the era of great magic, and I need to perfect the Arc of Time. Only by perfecting my magic can I go back in time to when my mother still loved me, and I can find true happiness.”

In Ultear’s mind, she kept repeating her obsessions over the years, but her eyes looking towards the temple were already filled with tears.


The night has passed by, and the light has returned to the world.

Erza, Lyon, and the others stood inside the temple looking towards the miracle being performed. Yes, in their eyes, if Ur can really be resurrected and saved, then Jerry is really performing a miracle.

As it approached eight in the morning, Jerry had been floating above Deliora’s head with his eyes closed and opened his eyes abruptly.


As the magic power in his body surged instantly, the magic shrouded Deliora, and the solid ice also accelerated at the same time.

After ten hours, the ice that Deliora and Ur turned into has finally returned to the condition it was sealed ten years ago. Now, what Jerry has to do is to remove Ur from there and take care of her.

Hearing Jerry’s loud shout, everyone’s breathing tightened.

Because at this moment, the ice finally began to dissipate or to be more precise, it was transformed from solid ice to magic. Those magic powers began to condense again, becoming a foot, calves, thighs, waist, chest, neck, and head.

A short-haired woman wearing a jacket and trousers appeared in everyone’s eyes in just a few seconds.

“It’s finally done!” Seeing Ur’s return to human form, Jerry put away his magic and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

He relies on his magic power to maintain ten hours on Ur and Deliora. It has consumed him a lot of mental and magic power.


Seeing that Ur really recovered, Gray and Lyon’s eyes suddenly teared up, and then they opened their arms excitedly and ran towards Ur.

“This is so touching.” Lucy was very emotional and couldn’t help wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Sherry, the red-haired woman from before, rubbed her eyes in the same way, “This is the lord’s unexplainable love.”

The moment when the master and apprentice, who had not seen each other in ten years, were about to meet again, they saw Ur shouting loudly and raising her foot. She directly kicked Gray and Lyon and slammed them to the wall.



Both Erza and Sherry were dumbfounded when they saw this.

“Who are you people?” Ur’s hands moved as if she was ready to cast a magic, and there was a vigilant look in her eyes.

She clearly remembered that she faced Deliora before and then cast her magic to save her two beloved disciples.

“Ur, it’s me, Gray, Gray Fullbuster!”

“I’m Leo Vastia!”

“We are your disciples.” Gray and Lyon got up, wiped the tears from the corners of their eyes, and came to Ur again.

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