“Poor Laxus, I forgot about him!” Jerry silently apologized to himself.

It turned out that he had a nagging feeling that he’d forgotten something and that something was Laxus.

Laxus was still suspended 10,000 meters in the sky above the guild, caught in an endless loop of falling.

The truth was Jerry had originally intended to give Laxus a light punishment by letting him fall for an hour.

However, his intense focus on learning magic had caused him to completely forget about it.

If Erza hadn’t brought it up, he might not have remembered until several days later.

“That’s right, we’re all companions in the guild, and we should get along well,” Erza said, patting Jerry on the shoulder.

She nodded in satisfaction, then turned and headed home.

As Erza’s figure disappeared from view, Jerry quickly Apparated back to the guild, opened a portal, and finally brought Laxus, who had been suspended in the sky for over ten hours, back to the second floor.

However, just as he was about to Apparateaway again, he caught a glimpse of Happy hurriedly scurrying out of the guild’s window, carrying something.

“Jerry, I… I’m going to annihilate you!”

After over ten hours of falling through the air, Laxus was finally back on solid ground, his anger reaching a boiling point.

His body emitted an incredibly intense aura of lightning magic.

Meanwhile, Jerry, who had teleported back to his house once more, observed the ominous surge of lightning magic from the guild in the distance.

After a moment’s thought, he began a series of magical transformations aimed at his villa.

In the midst of today’s incident, even though Laxus was initially in the wrong, the punishment he’d received—hanging in the sky at a 10,000-meter altitude for over ten hours—was rather severe.

So, if Laxus sought revenge later on, Jerry couldn’t easily defend himself or retaliate directly.

Therefore, the wisest course of action was to hide for now and wait for Laxus to cool down.

Ten minutes later, consulting the guild’s records, Laxus arrived at Jerry’s residence, crackling with thunder and lightning, determined to exact revenge.

However, what met his eyes was not Jerry’s house but an empty square lot.

A large sign stood in the open space, its words etched in bold:

“To study magic in peace, I’ve relocated my residence. If any guild friends need to reach me, please leave a note in the box beneath this sign. Thank you!”

Next to the sign stood an iron box resembling a mailbox.


Reading the message on the sign, Laxus felt as though his lungs would burst.

After a furious shout, he had no choice but to leave.

At that moment, high above 10,000 meters, Jerry watched Laxus depart through a powerful telescope he held by his window.

He let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness I acted swiftly.”

After applying an activation spell to his house, he engraved a floating spell rune on it, enabling the house to remain hidden at that staggering altitude.

As far as Jerry was concerned, he could fly and teleport, so the location of his house was irrelevant.

He wouldn’t be bothered if Laxus couldn’t find it.

He could Apparate, and if he truly wanted to disappear, Laxus would never be able to track him down.

After a while, Laxus’s anger subsided, and the incident blew over.


Two days later, at night, inside a house suspended 10,000 meters above the city of Magnolia, Jerry was engrossed in practicing the rapid summoning of various magical weapons he had purchased.

He continuously summoned and swapped between them.

“Sword, appear!”

The twelve sets of armor he had custom-ordered from the magic tool store at great expense were still in production, and it seemed unlikely they’d be completed anytime soon.

Thus, for the past two days, he had been honing his skills in using the purchased magical weapons and perfecting his ability to summon and switch between them.

“Master, Miss Erza has arrived!”

Just as he was amid swordplay, the gentle voice of a young lady echoed in the room.

It was the smart housekeeper he had created with the activation spell two days ago.

Fortunately, this time, the housekeeper’s persona wasn’t a rude and brash character from the Three Kingdoms but a well-mannered young lady drawn from memories of housekeepers in various anime series he had watched in his previous life.

“It’s quite late. I wonder why Erza is looking for me?”

Jerry was puzzled as he advanced towards the door.

Thanks to his Dressing-Up Magic, only Erza, the Guild Master, and Mirajane knew his house was floating at a 10,000-meter altitude.

“Jerry, the Guild Master wishes to see you.”

Erza, donning her distinctive black-winged armor and high ponytail, flapped her wings outside the door, her expression serious.

“Let’s discuss it inside.”

Jerry stepped aside, curious about the reason for Erza’s visit.

“Is Laxus still causing trouble in the guild? If the Guild Master can’t handle it, he should come talk to me, and I’ll have a chat with him.”

Jerry suspected that Laxus, feeling wronged, had been causing turmoil in the guild over the past two days, hoping that the Guild Master would reveal Jerry’s current residence.

In Jerry’s opinion, if Laxus continued his behavior, it would be necessary for him to teach Laxus a lesson, showcasing the difference in their strength.

Thunder Magic, after all, was one of Jerry’s strong suits.

“That’s not the issue. When I returned to the guild today, Laxus had already been reprimanded by the Guild Master. He then took his Thunder God Tribe on an S-rank mission. I doubt he’ll bother you again anytime soon.”

Erza explained.

Jerry nodded, “That’s good to hear. Since it’s not Laxus, could it be another guild member who needs me to fix something? This is usually the reason the Guild Master contacts me.”

Typically, when the Guild Master sought Jerry’s assistance, it was because someone in the guild had damaged something and required his magical skills to mend it.

Erza shook her head, dispelling any misconceptions. She went straight to the point, explaining the real reason behind her visit:

“Two days ago, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy violated guild regulations by privately taking an S-rank mission from the second floor without permission. Gray was dispatched by the Guild Master to retrieve them, but so far, there’s been no word from him. For safety reasons, the Guild Master has requested that you and I proceed to the mission’s location. Our task is to retrieve them immediately and return them to the guild for punishment.”

S-rank missions were incredibly perilous, and Makarov was concerned for their safety.

He believed that time was of the essence and the lives of several guild members might be in danger.

Hence, he had dispatched Erza, who possessed S-rank strength, and asked Jerry to open the portal door to reach the destination instantly.

Their mission was to locate and bring everyone back to the guild as swiftly as possible.

“It sounds quite like Natsu’s style. No problem. Where is the mission location?”

Jerry didn’t hesitate to accept the sudden and urgent mission.

After all, for him, it merely entailed opening the portal twice, a task that would take just a few minutes.

Erza produced a map and pointed to an isolated island off Hargeon Port.

“The mission is located here, on the accursed Demon Isle – Galuna Island!”

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Published On: October 18, 2023

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