S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters,

Director Nick Fury calmly listened to Agent Maria Hill’s report while standing near the window.

“So, at Culver University in Virginia, the Hulk in the form of Dr. Banner completely beat the capture team led by General Ross?”

“Yes, Dr. Banner has abducted Dr. Betty, the daughter of General Ross, and vanished from Culver University.” Hill gave a nod.

“Have you learned his next destination?” After turning over, Nick Fury enquired.

Hill gave Fury the report, “The technicians of our logistics department have discovered that Dr. Banner has been in touch with a man by the name of Mr. Blue via his email communication records, and that he appears to be using this to find a way to return his body to normal. As a result, we determine that in order to get Dr. Betty, we must locate Mr. Blue.”

“Mr. Blue? It’s Dr. Samuel Stern of the biological cells department at Grayburn College in New York. They’re traveling to New York.” Nick Fury scowled as he studied the details on Mr. Blue on the document in his fingers.

“Yes, General Ross has set up an ambush near Grayburn College after receiving information from us with the intention of capturing Dr. Banner and returning him to his studies in a single blow. Do we want it to occur?” Hill’s face took on a perplexed expression.

After some thinking, Nick Fury responded, “We can’t get too involved in General Ross’s operations because he is a member of the military, but based on the current circumstances, it seems unlikely that they would be successful. This is how. Visit New York on your own. If Dr. Banner manages to elude capture, try to figure out how to hunt him down and then avoid alarming him once more.”

“Yes, Director!” Hill nodded before getting ready to go.

Nick Fury called Agent Hill once more after appearing to think of something. “Find time to contact this boy when you visit New York this time, find out about his identity, and discover who he really is.”

Hill accepted a document that Nick Fury had handed him. Photos of Jerry riding a broomstick into the fire scene while donning a wizard’s hat and costume were included on it, along with pertinent details about his valiant deeds at the time.

Shortly after Hill had departed, a female agent with an explosive physique, wavy reddish-brown hair, and black combat tights unlocked the door and entered.

“How is the situation on your end, Natasha?” Fury asked without being surprised as he saw the person approaching.

The individual in question turned revealed to be none other than Black Widow or Natasha Romanov, a versatile S.H.I.E.L.D. operative who is skilled in disguise, infiltration, hacking, and combat.

“He is currently assimilated into Stark Industries and is serving as Tony Stark’s temporary secretary. However, based on my observations, Tony appears to have several physical health issues, and his state is not in the best of shape.”

Fury received an honest report from Black Widow on the mission’s status and the data gathered during this time.

“Palladium element poisoning? I see. You keep seeing Tony Stark’s body and mind from a distance. Please let me know as soon as you run into any issues.” When Fury heard the Black Widow’s report, he didn’t appear surprised.


“What do you think of the recent wizards that have appeared?”

“Wizard? I have viewed the fire rescue live stream. Whether he knows magic or not, I really admire the guy. He is a hero in my eyes. Yeah, that’s who he is!”

“He may be a dwarf, a small old guy, or he may have shrunk due to the curse. I don’t believe he is a child at all. You see, this is how all the wizards in the story are!”

“I believe he is a young child attending a magic-focused school. In fact, I’ve always thought magic exists, and I even created a webpage to prove it. Wizard, if you are able to view this report, please visit our website at…”

“Oh what a weirdo, what a magic clown, I don’t believe in magic, we have to believe in science!”

“Do you imply that Wizard, who saved my life and whom I like or even love, is a young child? Regardless, I’m open to brotherly affection.”

“By the way, Wizard, my sister is quite wealthy and can support you. When you have a moment, call me. Here’s my number.”

“That concludes today’s interview, all right. Wizard saved more than 20 people at the scene of the fire, and it appears that the majority of our citizens still approve of him. I’m Lucy, your reporter. See you tomorrow!”

Jerry was content as he sat on the couch and watched the TV reports about himself. The majority of people recognized him, especially those who had been saved by him, despite several people in the interviews expressing their hate and mistrust of him.

No matter how great a person is, he will never win everyone’s approval. Jerry is extremely aware of this. His goal isn’t to win over the residents, he just wants to be recognized and have a good reputation.

After all, he saved people for the red stars.

“Jerry, what do you think about the broom the Wizard is riding? I seem to have seen it somewhere!”

When Aisha said next to him, Jerry’s heart abruptly clenched. He forgot that Aisha occurred to seen the broomstick he was holding in his hand when he arrived two weeks ago. He then said that he had purchased it to use for sweeping the floors at home.

The broomstick may resemble a broom, but after years of refinement by wizards, it still differs slightly in appearance from regular brooms. Wizards who are familiar with magic are now frequently seen on all major TV networks. Magic is Aisha’s obsession, thus she won’t be able to let it go.

Now her number one idol is the Wizard played by Jerry.

“Um, I think you need a new magic cloak, just like the Wizard, and a broom that is precisely the same as the Wizard, as the Ice Queen. I saw that Susan and Anne both purchased the identical item the day before.”

“What? Is it true that Anne and the others are purchasing fresh ones behind my back? That is disgusting, ugh!”

Aisha put the issue of the broomstick right now aside as soon as she learned that Susan and Anne had purchased the same tools as the wizard.

“That’s correct, I believe they must have lost to you the previous time they battled you, so they want to covertly purchase more potent equipment.”

“Well, it’s okay now, I’ll take you to Lina’s Magic House to acquire a better set than theirs.” Jerry swiftly nodded.

“Really? Jerry, you are better than Dad a thousand, no, ten thousand times over!”

Aisha leaped up on the couch in glee when she heard that Jerry was taking him to buy the same suit as the Wizard and quickly forgot about the broomstick.

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Published On: March 8, 2023

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