“Erza, Natsu just did something bad today! We had a fight!” Happy exclaimed while crying toward Erza.

Teaching continued until noon, when Happy wiped her tears and nestled into Erza’s arms, signaling a temporary pause in the lesson.

“What’s bothering you?” Erza asked as she held Happy.

In response, Happy began to voice her grievances about Natsu.

They had been fishing competitively, but when Natsu caught a fish, he used his dragon fire to cook it and devoured it in a single gulp.

“The master is hungry. Since it’s time for dinner, let’s invite the family to join us. Don’t cry, Happy. You’ll get plenty of sashimi later!”

Jerry rose from his seat and observed the room. It was already past one o’clock, and he patted Happy’s head with a smile.


As soon as Happy heard the word “Sashimi,” she happily spread her wings and flew toward Lucy.

Lucy and Gray rushed to join them upon hearing Happy’s announcement that Jerry had invited them to a free meal.

Natsu hadn’t made much money lately, and his wallet was empty.

The same was true for Lucy.

Although Gray had some savings, he couldn’t resist the offer of a free meal from the local rich guy.

“Let’s go, let’s go! I’ve been craving sashimi!” Happy eagerly urged her family to hurry to the city’s restaurant, with saliva practically dripping from her mouth.

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Natsu’s expression mirrored Happy’s excitement.

On the other hand, Lucy stared at them and complained, “Idiots, you just ate that fish, bones and all!”

“No worries!” Jerry chuckled, unphased.

Erza took a sip of her drink and suddenly froze.

Then, her stomach rumbled loudly.

Gray pointed at Erza and teased, “Erza, your stomach just growled!”

“No, there must be something wrong with my hearing. I must have misheard,” Erza retorted, drawing a magic sword and giving Gray a serious look.

Gray could only gulp while staring at Erza blankly.

“In my haste, I forgot to mention that I’ve learned some special cooking magic during my years of traveling. So, today, let’s go camping!”

Jerry unrolled a super-sized picnic cloth on the ground, then gently snapped his fingers and chanted silently, “Fra Dimension!”

In an instant, the once-empty picnic cloth was laden with plates of exquisite food and various unheard-of drinks and dishes.

“Magic exists in this world!”

Seeing Jerry conjure so much food and drink out of thin air, Erza, Lucy, and Gray widened their eyes.

Magic was real, indeed.

While there were many types of magic in the world, no magic could create food and drinks out of thin air.

Otherwise, mages wouldn’t need to work to earn a living.

“Ah, it looks delicious!” Natsu’s joyful voice snapped everyone out of their astonishment.

Natsu, never one to waste time when food was involved, grabbed a roast lamb and a plate of top-quality sashimi and dug in with relish.

Seeing this, Erza’s stomach rumbled, and she rushed to the dining table.

After everyone had eaten and drunk their fill, Lucy, Gray, and Natsu left to return home while Erza continued to teach Jerry a few more magic lessons.

And so, the day continued until six o’clock in the evening as the daylight gradually dimmed. Today’s magic lessons officially came to an end.

“I’ve made excellent progress today. For the remaining content, we’ll continue once your customized armor arrives.”

Erza was very pleased with Jerry’s progress. He quickly grasped any new knowledge she presented, much better than when she had taught Gray.

“It’s quite troublesome. Let’s head home after dinner.”

Jerry waved and opened a portal to his house, inviting Erza to join him for dinner.

After a tiring day of tutoring, dinner was well-deserved.

Considering their magical lunch that afternoon, Erza swallowed her hesitations and accepted the offer.

After all, Jerry’s house was located in the city and was quite far from Jerry and Lucy’s place.

Besides, she planned to return home and rest after dinner.

“Oh, I almost forgot something!”

Just as they were about to step through the portal, a thought suddenly crossed Jerry’s mind, which was promptly interrupted by Erza’s exclamation.

“Alright, what is it?” Erza asked.

Jerry hesitated for a moment, then finally remembered what he had forgotten.

After they closed the portal, a thought suddenly crossed Jerry’s mind.

“Okay, so what Mirajane said about my home is true.”

The Fairy Tail Guild had heard from Mirajane that Jerry’s home was imbued with space magic, and it was deemed unique and beautiful beyond their wildest imagination.

“The place where I learned magic. Because I miss it from time to time, I build it to reminisce my past…”

Now, Erza realized that Mirajane’s description had been quite conservative.

In fact, it was far more than just impressive; it was beyond belief.

Who could boast of a house with a castle and a lake like this?

Jerry gazed at the Black Lake, reminiscent of Hogwarts Castle in the distance, a hint of nostalgia in his eyes.

For some inexplicable reason, he suddenly yearned for the life he had once led in that castle.

This yearning prompted him to use the Extension Charm to expand the space inside his home, effectively replicating the Black Lake of Hogwarts Castle.

Perhaps it would be fitting to return to Hogwarts after spending some more time in this world.

After they finished dinner, Jerry walked Erza to the door.

Erza hesitated for a moment, then turned to Jerry and said, “Laxus may have been a bit hasty earlier, and I hope you won’t hold it against him for what he did before…”

She recalled her experiences when she first joined the Guild, bonding with fellow mages like Natsu, Gray, and Cana.

Many of the prominent members of the Guild now had their own children as well.

Erza understood that Laxus, who had already attained S-Class magician status, was a few years older and had matured. He also displayed more consideration and understanding in his character.

The only exception was Laxus’s father, Makarov’s son, Ivan Dreyar, who had been expelled from the Guild for reasons unknown.

This experience seemed to have altered his temperament significantly.

He had become irritable and often made rebellious remarks.

This led to frequent disputes with the Guild Master, and he often mocked some of the Guild’s powerful allies.

Despite these changes, Erza believed that Laxus still deeply believed in the Guild and cared for every member of it.

She wanted Jerry, who had recently joined the Guild, to understand this background and not hold any grudges.

Jerry’s expression looked peculiar as he listened to Erza’s words.

Suddenly, he remembered something he had forgotten.

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Published On: October 18, 2023

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