The collective gasp from the mages in the hall echoed through the room as they heard Jerry’s words.

They were well aware of Jerry’s proficiency in space magic, allowing him to open portals to various locations.

But they hadn’t expected that Jerry would employ life magic in such an unconventional manner.

The thought of being transported to an altitude of tens of thousands of meters without the ability to fly was indeed a terrifying prospect, especially for those wizards who lacked the means of aerial mobility.

The truth was not all wizards possessed the capability to fly, and this unconventional use of magic was particularly unnerving for them.

Makarov couldn’t help but express his concern, but before he could continue, Jerry interrupted, assuring him, “Don’t worry, Master. Laxus won’t hold a grudge against his fellow guild members for long.”

Makarov contemplated Jerry’s words.

He had always found Jerry reliable, much like Natsu, and therefore didn’t press the issue further.

He suspected his grandson had underlying psychological issues, which might have led to his provocation.

Laxus, despite his strength, was just one of the many powerful wizards in the world, and there were still stronger mages out there.

“Wrong!” Elsa chimed in as she stretched out her arms, embracing Jerry.

Until now, she had always viewed Laxus as a role model within the guild, someone who prioritized the guild’s interests.

She hadn’t expected Jerry to take action.

A resounding “Bang!” echoed through the hall as Jerry’s forehead collided with the tough armor on Erza’s chest, creating an audible impact.

“Let’s head to the city earlier. The magic item shop will close soon,” Erza suggested.

After releasing Jerry, she noticed his expression.

The hug might have had unintended consequences if she wore regular clothes.

However, due to her perpetual armor-wearing habit, her body was unique, and it was unlikely that anyone could be harmed when hugged by her.

This kind of treatment had also been experienced by Natsu, Gray, and even Makarov, and Lucy decided to join in after hearing Erza’s suggestion.

“Can I come along? I’d like to see the shop that makes armor for Erza!”

“Count me in!”

“Me too!”

Gray and Natsu followed suit.

Thus, the Fairy Tail members left the guild together and headed to the magic item shop recommended by Erza in the city.

Half an hour later, after a brief discussion with the cooperative magic item shop owner, the Fairy Tail members returned to a meadow in the forest east of the guild.

Natsu and Lucy were fishing in a nearby river, and a bathing area had been set up along Gray’s section of the river.

Meanwhile, on Erza’s lawn, preparations were underway to teach Jerry her knight-changing magic, a magical creation of her own.

“Earlier, I noticed the shop owner seemed willing to help create magic armor,” Jerry remarked, recalling the friendly reception Erza had received.

“Well, the shop primarily deals with crafting magic armor, but I started using their services only recently,” Erza explained.

“Forehead…” A peculiar mental image suddenly crossed Jerry’s mind.

In his imagination, Erza entered the magic item shop and inquired about the possibility of crafting high-quality magic armor, and when the shopkeeper hesitated, she promptly knocked him out.

She then continued her interrogation until the shopkeeper reluctantly agreed to try making armor for her.

“Do you understand regular dressing magic?” Erza began to explain her knight-changing magic to Jerry.

Jerry nodded, “I purchased spellbooks on basic dressing magic from a magic shop in town.”

Satisfied with Jerry’s response, Elsa smiled as she explained further, “The essence of dressing magic combines space and contract magic. First, you use magic power to create a unique, specialized space within your body. You then store contracted weapons in this space, summoning them quickly when needed.”

“The principle of knight-changing magic is similar, but it requires additional attention to summoning normal weapons and addressing the issue of wearing armor. Let’s focus on that…”

Erza’s explanations allowed Jerry to gain a more in-depth understanding of dressing magic.

Initially, dressing magic was developed by magicians who favored close combat to conveniently carry their magical weapons.

Over time, it evolved into a comprehensive magic system.

A dressing wizard’s strength depended on the quality of their personal melee magical weapons, the space they developed, and the speed at which they could summon and change magical weapons.

Ordinary dressing wizards could store one or two magical weapons at most, while more skilled ones could manage three to five.

Erza, however, possessed the unique ability to store dozens of weapons and over a dozen sets of armor, making her exceptional among dressing wizards.

Jerry was concerned about one aspect: space magic, which was quite complex.

Although dressing magic involved creating a specific space within the body, the principles differed significantly from traditional space magic that focused on dimensional portals.

Moreover, this method of creating space within the body and storing weapons was similar to the Li family’s Item making method.

Drawing from his knowledge and experiments, Jerry quickly grasped the concept.

He opened a hyperspace within his body, covering several thousand square meters, allowing him to store not just dozens but hundreds of sets of armor.

He planned to learn to form contracts with magical weapons and armor and further refine his spiritual cultivation.

Ultimately, he aimed to summon and wear them instantly each time he summoned because he knew the principles were the same.

He just needed some inspiration to make it work.

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Published On: October 17, 2023

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