The entire hall turned their attention toward the yellow-haired man on the second floor who had called out his name, reacting with astonishment.

“This is another Dragon Slayer from the guild, the President’s grandson, Laxus Dreyar, an S-class Thunder Dragon Slayer – what incredible magic power!”

Like the others, Jerry also looked up to the second floor, sensing Laxus’s formidable magical aura.

Regarding sheer magical energy quantity and intensity, Laxus’s power exceeded even that of Erza, another S-class member, and approached President Makarov’s level.

“Laxus, come down and face me!” Natsu’s fiery enthusiasm reignited at the sight of Laxus.

However, Laxus glanced at Natsu with disdain and retorted, “Natsu, you couldn’t defeat Erza, and now you want to challenge me? You’re overestimating yourself.”

Erza furrowed her brow upon hearing Laxus’s words. As fellow S-class members, Laxus’s words implied he didn’t take her seriously.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

“Meaning, I am the strongest in the entire guild,” Laxus declared confidently, pointing to himself without a hint of humility.

Upon hearing this, Natsu’s anger flared up, and he jumped onto a table, shouting, “Come down!”

“Come up if you dare,” Laxus taunted, challenging Natsu.

“Come up!” Natsu jumped high, seemingly attempting to reach the second floor and confront Laxus directly.

However, he was halted mid-leap as a massive fist descended from above, slamming him back to the ground.

“On the second floor, only S-class mages are permitted. You are not qualified,” President Makarov declared firmly, having intervened to stop Natsu.

“Haha, he got told off!” Laxus chuckled, relishing Natsu’s plight as he leaned against the second-floor railing.

Laxus had known this would happen when he provoked Natsu earlier, goading him to jump to the second floor.

“Laxus, that’s enough,” Makarov admonished Laxus after dealing with Natsu.

However, Laxus appeared to disregard the warning. He gazed down at all the mages below in the hall and proclaimed loudly, “I won’t let go of the title of Fairy Tail’s strongest – whether it’s Mystogan, Erza, or you newcomers!”

To everyone’s surprise, Laxus fixed his attention on Jerry.

This action indicated that Jerry was on the same level as Erza and Mystogan.

Unlike the other mages, who assumed Jerry was proficient only in auxiliary magic, Laxus had glimpsed something more potent in Jerry’s sleep magic when observing Mystogan.

Jerry, noticing everyone’s attention on him, couldn’t help but feel perplexed by the sudden focus.

He had been contemplating how to acquire Makarov’s giant magic technique, but now he was under scrutiny for the title of the guild’s strongest, which held little interest.

Jerry raised his hands, then gave a thumbs-up to Laxus on the second floor, saying, “You’re the strongest, the best, and you can have the title!”

“Humph!” Laxus, sensing Jerry’s indifferent attitude, felt a pang of annoyance.

The magician’s dismissive tone did not sit well with him.

“As a magician, you don’t even possess the courage to ascend to the second floor. You’re not even as good as Natsu. I fail to see why the guild accepted a talentless individual like you. At this rate, the guild’s future looks bleak,” Laxus mocked Jerry, his words dripping scornfully.

Jerry’s expression hardened upon hearing Laxus’s taunts.

While he had no desire to vie for the title of Fairy Tail’s strongest mage, he couldn’t tolerate such insults.

Why had he studied magic? So that he could hold his own in situations like this.

He had hoped that, as a magician, he could gain the respect he deserved.

“I’ve heard that you have bad breath, but I didn’t expect it to be this foul,” Jerry retorted coolly.

However, before Jerry could proceed, he suddenly felt the ground beneath him vanish.

“Took you long enough, still trash is trash!” Laxus retorted as he vanished into the thin air.

The mages in the hall were dumbfounded as they witnessed Laxus vanish from the second floor.

Jerry maintained his gentle smile, but his actions had just demonstrated that he possessed more than auxiliary magic abilities.

Laxus had likely sought to provoke Jerry in order to test his true strength and discern the extent of his magical abilities.

With dark guilds lurking nearby, it was a prudent move to evaluate the potential powers of their new member.

As he plummeted, Laxus realized that he had no means of flight.

This absence of magical ability to soar was not a characteristic of any S-clas mage Jerry had encountered so far.

Jerry decided to teach Laxus a lesson in humility.

He had opened a portal beneath Laxus, sending him skyward.

Then, Jerry positioned two connected portals at specific locations, allowing Laxus to descend and then be sent aloft again repeatedly.

Jerry knew that flying magic was not a part of Laxus’s arsenal, so he kept him suspended in the air, rendering him helpless.

The hall watched in astonishment as Laxus continued his unending descent and ascent.

“Violence can’t solve everything. Laxus needed some fresh air. I’ll let him down when he wakes up,” Jerry explained with a friendly smile.

For Jerry, the title of Fairy Tail’s strongest mage meant little.

What mattered more was the respect he earned through his actions and abilities.

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Published On: October 17, 2023

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