Hearing Jerry’s response, Erza and the others couldn’t help but show admiration on their faces.

In their eyes, spending every day indoors studying magic could get quite dull, and not many mages would choose to improve their strength this way.

So, they couldn’t help but admire Jerry’s dedication.

What truly astounded them was Jerry’s ability to learn so many types of magic through research; it was nothing short of incredible.

Erza chimed in, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to meet the shop that crafts magic armor, and then I’ll teach you Requip Magic.”

However, just as they were about to leave, an immensely powerful magical presence suddenly swept into the guild.

Instantly, the eyelids of every mage in the guild began to droop, including Erza, an S-class mage who was momentarily caught off guard.

“Who’s there?!” Jerry exclaimed.

Jerry’s eyes sharpened, and he quickly activated his immense magical and mental power, dispelling the magic that had entranced all the mages in the guild.

He then cast a recovery spell designed to counteract sleep-inducing magic.

“Quick recovery!” Jerry’s spell spread through Elsa, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and the other Fairy Tail mages who had fallen into slumber.

However, Jerry couldn’t help but wonder about the masked mage’s strength.

The mysterious assailant had used potent sleep magic to hypnotize everyone in the guild, including Erza, without Jerry sensing any magical power from the culprit.

“I didn’t expect anyone to just go against an entire guild alone!” Jerry thought while warily scanning the surroundings.

Jerry realized that even Makarov, an S-class mage of the highest level, could roughly perceive the strength of another mage’s magical power.

“What happened?”

“This strange feeling…”

“Why did we just fall asleep?” Various questions and comments filled the air as the mages, now awake, glanced toward the source of the disturbance at the guild’s entrance.

At that moment, the masked mage seemed perplexed, one foot inside the guild and the other out, uncertain whether to enter or leave.

“Jerry, he’s not an enemy; he’s Mystogan, one of our guild’s S-Class mages,” Makarov finally spoke from his place at the bar.

“S-Class Sorcerer Mystogan!” Jerry repeated, recognizing the name.

Mystogan was a mysterious magician within the guild, known to only a few, including Makarov.

Each time he visited the guild to accept a quest, he would employ a potent sleep magic, leaving all the mages of the guild entrance.

“Have I offended anyone?” Jerry asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“It’s alright, Mystogan is a good person. He won’t hold it against you. But Jerry, you managed to undo Mystogan’s sleep magic. That’s remarkable!” Makarov reassured him, waving it off.

“No, I only know a bit about dispelling sleep magic techniques,” Jerry replied modestly.

The sudden appearance of Mystogan had stirred quite a commotion in the guild.

Most of the members were in awe of the mysterious S-rank mage, and many discussions about him filled the hall.

“I challenge you!” Natsu screamed as he rushed toward Mystogan.

With a simple sleight of hand, as Natsu approached him, Natsu fell asleep on the floor. This is the strength of an S-Class mage.

Witnessing Natsu, a prominent guild member, being swiftly incapacitated by Mystogan, even Lucy, who was well-acquainted with Natsu’s strength, couldn’t help but gasp in amazement.

On the other hand, Mystogan wasted no time.

He hastened to the second floor to select an S-level mission, departing the guild hall with an air of urgency.

As soon as Mystogan left, the guild hall erupted into chatter, with everyone discussing the enigmatic mage.

While Mystogan’s face was concealed by a mask, there was no doubt he was real.

Jerry promptly dispelled the remaining traces of sleep magic on Natsu with a wave of his hand.

Erza approached Jerry, her hand resting on his shoulder.

“Jerry, would you go on a mission with me?” Erza inquired.

From the time Jerry joined the guild until now, he hadn’t displayed much combat prowess.

However, Erza was certain that Jerry possessed the strength of an S-rank mage.

Without the power of an S-rank mage, Jerry wouldn’t have been able to break Mystogan’s sleep magic.

It wasn’t merely a matter of skill.

Erza’s invitation wasn’t based on Jerry’s fighting abilities but rather on the convenience of his portal magic, which allowed her to transport all her luggage during missions.

Jerry swiftly responded, “I’m not considering missions at the moment; I still prefer studying magic at home.”

Erza accepted Jerry’s refusal without further comment, understanding his priorities.

At that moment, a brash voice echoed from the second floor, “Mystogan is quite introverted, and I’d advise against bothering him.”

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Published On: October 17, 2023

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