Meanwhile, in Oshibana City:

After conducting a thorough search, the captain of the Rune Knights reported to the long-haired Ultear.

“Lord Ultear, we’ve located and captured most of the Eisenwald wizards. However, Erigor has vanished, and it appears he took the opportunity to escape.”

“Escaped? What about those wizards? Inquire about them,” Ultear demanded, her brows furrowing.

“Well, they seemed to have disappeared suddenly,” the captain explained helplessly.

It turned out that when Erigor couldn’t be found, they had immediately attempted to locate the Fairy Tail members to gather information about the situation.

After all, Erigor was their primary target.

However, after searching for a while, they could not locate even a trace of these individuals.

“Very well. Gather the Eisenwald Guild and activate the spatial magic device. We will return to the council,” Ultear ordered, waving her hand dismissively.

She had personally led the team primarily to observe the magician who could wield the same magic as her.

She didn’t particularly care about Erigor’s escape. To her, his departure was of little consequence.

So, he had fled. It made no difference to her.

“Yes, Ultear-sama!” the captain acknowledged.

Once the captain had departed, Ultear held the rice cooker in her hand and muttered to herself, “The monster created by Zeref will certainly pique their interest.”

She had no intention of handing over the invaluable magical tool capable of sealing the monster to the council. She would simply fabricate a fake and present that instead.

However, the Magic Pot needed to be given to the true leader of the most powerful dark guild in the world, Hades, the guild master of Grimoire Heart.

In the evening, in Onibus Town:

“Elsa, do you really need to bring so much luggage for a mission?” Jerry questioned, his eyes widening at the dozens of suitcases piled up in front of a large scooter.

Upon finding Makarov in Clover Town, where he had been bragging about his guild members to other guild leaders, they decided to return to the guild immediately.

However, Erza had expressed her desire to retrieve her luggage from Onibus Town before returning. She had temporarily left her belongings in Onibus Town’s train station to hunt down the Eisenwald mages more efficiently.

Jerry had been wondering why she hadn’t placed the bags in the vehicle, and now he understood.

“Too much? But these are all wonderful memories I’ve collected during missions. Of course, I have to take them with me,” Erza explained matter-of-factly.

“Alright,” Jerry conceded, choosing not to pursue the topic further. He had almost forgotten that Erza wasn’t exactly a typical individual.

He drew a portal, and everyone and the luggage entered it. They emerged on the other side in Fairy Tail’s guild hall.

After their return, Makarov went to draft a report on the incident, Lucy headed home to rest, and Natsu handed Erza a challenge letter for a duel the following day.

Jerry returned to his own home.

Late at night, within his ring world,

Under the bombardment of Jerry’s series of magic spells, the once-arrogant Erigor had been reduced to obediently teaching Jerry everything he knew about magic.

Earlier that day, while Erza and the others battled the cursed demon, Jerry had surreptitiously transported Erigor into his ring world.

Although Erigor’s strength paled compared to his own, his self-created wind magic held some merit.

Furthermore, Erigor had displayed proficiency in spellcasting, which enabled him to employ advanced spells such as the Magic Wind Wall.

Additionally, as a wizard who was closest to S-rank strength, his fundamental knowledge of magic should have been quite solid, making him a valuable resource for understanding the magic of this world.

Although Makarov possessed knowledge of various types of magic and was an excellent instructor, as the Guild Master, he couldn’t always dedicate his time to tutoring.

He also couldn’t detain Erigor indefinitely.

Thus, Jerry had decided to contain Erigor within his ring world, and for a week, he had been extracting magic knowledge from him while simultaneously dissecting demons.

During this time, Jerry seldom visited the guild due to his intensive study of Erigor’s wind magic and the dissection of demons.

He hadn’t even attended the duel between Erza and Natsu the next day.

However, when Lucy returned to the guild, Erza challenged Natsu to a duel and defeated him easily.

Meanwhile, in Jerry’s ring world, he continued his magical research.

He had sealed Erigor into a thermos cup, as his strength posed a minor threat to other creatures in the ring space.

After a series of experiments, Jerry was now prepared to extract knowledge from cursed demons.

With a flick of his wand, he released the seal and the monster, standing over 300 meters tall, appeared instantly.

“Where am I?” the monster wondered aloud, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings.

Upon noticing Jerry’s presence, it let out an enraged punch.

However, Jerry, now over 200 meters tall, effortlessly withstood the blow by enhancing himself with “Force” and “Fight” magic.

“You need to clearly understand the difference in our strength,” Jerry said while glaring at the demon.

He then used his considerable strength to throw the demon to the ground.

Jerry rained blows upon it like a storm without giving it a chance to unleash its demonic flames until the demon’s body was on the verge of collapse.

He proceeded to inscribe a contract circle on its forehead.

He hadn’t yet grasped the magic to summon cursed demons, but he intended to master it eventually.

He believed that defeating and capturing the demon beforehand would facilitate his study.

The demon was massive, and even if he dismembered it for research, it wouldn’t die.

Days of magical study passed quickly; before he knew it, a week had passed.

During this time, he had rarely visited the guild, his focus entirely on extracting knowledge from Erigor’s wind magic and dissecting demons.

“Oh! Erza mentioned that today she’d teach me her knight’s attire magic and take me to the shop where her custom magic armor was made. I almost forgot!”

However, Jerry recalled his promise to Erza.

He abruptly left the ring world and manifested at the entrance of the Fairy Tail Guild, interrupting his research.

“Jerry, you’re late!” Elsa exclaimed upon his arrival, pointing to the clock on the wall.

“Apologies, I’ve been deeply engrossed in magical research lately and lost track of time,” Jerry explained with a hint of embarrassment.

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Published On: October 17, 2023

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