“I heard that there is a mage who can do repair magic from the Fairy Tail guild. It seems that it is you. I just want to remind you, this is not half a port, but a whole city. It won’t be easy to do that.” The black-haired woman said as if she had expected Jerry’s ability to use the Arc of Time magic.

She appeared here today to see with her own eyes whether it is true that the rumored Fairy Tail has a new mage who knows the Arc of Time magic.

“I think it shouldn’t be a problem.” Jerry didn’t talk nonsense. He spread his two pairs of wings and flew over the city of Oshibana.

Oshibana is indeed much larger and more prosperous than Hargeon. In fact, it is, at most, the size of a county.

He can use Mending Charm to repair them all, although it will take most of his magic power, but it is not too difficult.

Moreover, the buildings here are generally two or three stories high and, at most, five or six stories high. Sokovia’s building is pretty much the same as theirs; it’s just more complex, given they’re more modern.

Of course, when restoring Sokovia, he used the power of the Infinity Stones to aid him.


He waved his hand to cast a Mending Charm, and under the influence of his spell, the entire city of Oshibana seemed to be reversed in time, and it completely returned to its original state within a few seconds.

“This is not Arc of Time!” She sensed the changes in her surroundings, and her eyes suddenly opened.

She knows the magic well since she also learned the Arc of Time. It is precisely because of the Arc of Time she became the head of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Arc of Time magic is not simple magic to repair buildings. It can work on anything except living creatures.

It can reverse the time of the magic attacking coming toward her direction, completely nullifying it, which is an extremely powerful magic. If you are strong enough, you can reverse the time of the whole world.

However, the magic that Jerry had used, although it had some time attributes and could repair buildings, was not the Arc of Time she used.

“It seems to be just another kind of magic, but it’s nothing to be afraid of.”

She is confident about it. If the Fairy Tail guild recruits a mage who knows the Arc of Time, it may greatly impact her future plans. This is why she came over here to confirm it herself.

“Very good. You did know the Arc of Time; your guild master will not have to have a headache in the future, and the Council will also be pleased.” Seeing Jerry falling from the sky, she clapped her hands and motioned for the Rune Knights to move away.

“We still have to go to Clover Town and report the situation here. Since the problem has been solved, let’s just go.” Seeing this, Erza takes Jerry and the others out of there.

However, she was stopped by her.

“You can leave, but the thing that sealed the monster must be handed over to us for safekeeping.” She reached for the rice cooker in Jerry’s hand.

Jerry shook his head, “This is my family’s legendary sealing artifact. It has an extremely powerful magic sealing formation and cannot be handed over to you.”

“That’s not up to you to decide. What is now sealed in your thing is a monster. The terrifying monster is too dangerous for the kingdom and must be held for safekeeping. Of course, our Council will also give you some monetary compensation.” She waved her hand, and the wands of the Rune Knights lit up at the same time.

“What do you mean? I think you’re just a person who is deliberately trying to find a reason here, and I don’t want to hit you.” When Natsu heard that she was about to arrest them, and now wanted to confiscate Jerry’s personal items. He became angry.

Gray, Lucy, and Happy were still more rational. They pulled Natsu’s scarf to hold him back.

“Natsu, don’t be stupid. She is a member of the Council. Attacking her only makes it worse, and the guild master won’t like it later.”

At this time, Erza was also angry. She conjured a sword, “According to the regulations, the council has no right to take away the private items of a mage without authorization.”

“That’s for a normal situation. But now it involves the monster created by Zeref, which the Council must keep. Mr. Jerry, you don’t want to make things bad for your group and your guild master, right?” She rolled her eyes and locked her gaze on Jerry.

Both sides are in a tense situation. Neither of them is giving up on the matter. She put the decision on Jerry, who seemed to be more rational.

Sure enough, Jerry looked dazed for a moment. He sighed, stepped forward to stop Erza, and handed her the rice cooker sealed the monster, “I can hand the magic pot to you for safekeeping. But I want to warn you that you must not open the lid. Otherwise, the sealing magic on the pot will be unlocked, and the monster will be released again.”

“You can rest assured that we will keep it in a very safe place and will never let it be opened.” After receiving the magic pot that was engraved with magic runes, she immediately assured them with satisfaction.

“Very well then.” On the surface, Jerry showed a somewhat reluctant expression.

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